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  1. So there is word floating around out there the next GC head coach will come from Twin Springs. It isn’t that hard to figure out who it could be if you have seen some of the comments going on social media. In our opinion the next head coach to be hired will be able to bring in some big names for his basketball camps in summer and will have the boosters in his hip pocket. We all thought he was being groomed for the job when he was down here before on staff. I believe it’s a no brainer when it comes down to it honestly and he would be one of the four I would have chosen. With the talent coming up in a few years and the experience he has under his belt I n the postseason with the now former coach I think you should have an idea of who it may be. It’s all just rumor mill stuff but over here at work we think it’s a done deal. Then again we didn’t expect Dyer to get the job at The Ridge either so we could all be wrong. We actually thought McMeans might try to go back and get the job to tell you the truth. Take what we think as a grain of salt really. We are just laying down bets over here on who the next coach up here will be. Should be an interesting pick! We think we know already. Anyone want to lay down a bet on who it may be?
  2. Anybody know who is in the running for the job? Anybody know anyone who wants the job and has or will applied? Any idea on who people might want to get the job? Im curious as to who will be hired since coach is now the principal and one of the assistants is over the boosters. I’m sure they will have a say in it as well. Might be a little say but just as a well will have a say. I have an idiot computer that lets me posts things in 15 second increments. I hate WiFi sometimes. Lmao
  3. Getting candidates should not be a problem. The question will be who they want for the job. Ultimately it will be up to the school board. From them you will find out which direction they want to go with the program. If the coach is chosen from in house there are only two people I would know of that they would entrust the program to from what I have been told by others in the know and only one is a former player of his while the other was a teammate I think at CVC at one time. If it’s from the county as a whole then there are four people I know of that will most likely be asked from those in the know (3 former players and 1 former teammate). Outside of the county there is one I know of but whether they would hire him back is questionable. Other than this idk of anyone. So altogether, IMO, there are only 4 former players and one former teammate involved. Anyone else IMO doesn’t have the capability to run the program or have the credibility with the kids to get the job done. I can’t imagine them honestly wanting anyone else involved IMO. When it comes to that circle up there it’s a small one for a reason.
  4. When will the new classifications be out for Virginia? Will they keep what they have or are we really going to four classes? If so what will the classes look like in their makeup? What will 1A and 2A look like for schools in this region? Just looking for answers and seeing if anyone has them.
  5. No state titles for the Titans if they play like they did against us over at TNT. Big Blue opened a can on Big Red. I think some of the parents for the Big Red have these huge horse blinders on to the point that they can’t see that their kid isn’t Duke bound but more on the track to barely making the team at UVA Wise and the way that program is right now that’s not saying a whole lot either. You never know what can happen though.
  6. Provided we have a season, how do the standings look in football and basketball this year? Early projections on how everyone finishes? M7 Football 1. Ridgeview 2. Central 3. Abingdon 4. Union 5. Gate City 6. Lee 7. John Battle M7 Basketball 1. Union 2. Abingdon 3. Lee 4. Gate City 5. Ridgeview 6. Central 7. John Battle Lets year from everyone else.
  7. So how would an All Time Scott County team from 1990 to present day do against other all time teams out there? Maximum 15 players. If you can make a better team, then it’s a beast. If you count up the total points and rebounds these guys accumulated over their careers, the titans would be tremendous If Scott County had a consolidated high school, quite a few of these guys would have played together A day like that just might not be that far off with the way the enrollments are right now. If that happens, SW Va better hold on for a crazy ride G. 6’1. Mac McClung - GC 2000+ puts G. 6’3. Stacy Ervin - TS 2000+ F 6’5. Zac Ervin - GC 2000+ F. 6’9. Josh Shoemaker - GC F. 6’5. Jeremy Houseright - GC Bench G 6’2. Bradley Dean - GC 2000+ G 6’2. Jason Bishop - RC G 6’1. Chris Peters - GC G 6’5. Mark Dockery - TS F 6’7. Andy Arnold - GC F 6’4. Tony McDonald - GC F 6’5. Chad Beasley - GC F 6’5. Justin Seaver - GC F 6’4 Austen Arnold - GC F 6’7. Tyler Webb - TS
  8. I have heard from different coaches that Spotswood, Cave Spring, Northside among others will be in Class 2. Anyone have a projected look at what Class 2 looks like. I have seen Class 1 with Graham, Lebanon, Radford all down. I have been wanting to see Class 2 projections. If it were to go to four classes, Gate City. 652 TSHS. 187 RCHS. 206 Totals: 1014. 9-11 Class projections 720-750?? I would think that if Scott County loses anymore students they would not be far from a consolidation somewhere and they would still be Group 2. They wouldn’t be with today’s enrollment but maybe later on in a few years. Even with two schools they would for sure still be in Group 2. Only thing is which two schools do you combine? if it’s TS and RC definitely still Group 1! Any of the others with GC and they are still group 2.
  9. The hire should cool the rivalry? Anyone that we might know?
  10. The virus has thrown a lot of things out of whack. Will be hard to have things go like before right now. What kind of format will we see take place? Will teams in football play a limited schedule and then have top 2 team in each district go on to a region semi and final and then play state semis and finals? Lots of things are going to be different this year for sure. What is everyone hearing out there for school and for sports in your county?
  11. Congratulations to all the locals who have made the Single A All State teams. I haven’t seen AA yet. IMO Bradley Dean from Gate City deserves at least a share of the Player Of The Year. Any guy that can carry a team to another state championship appearance and go for 32 against the state champs need at least a share. If Robertson can get a share of it with Ervin and Ervin only go as far as the final four then Dean needs to share it with whoever from John Marshall IMO. Anyone agree or disagree leave it in the comments below.
  12. I watched the last play. The ball sits in his hands at 0.0 before he got it off. I wanted to see for myself. I ran it back like 20 times to make sure and the ball was in his hands at 0.0. If you want to see it, it’s on YouTube Actually all of Radford’s games are on YouTube. Kind of crazy they would put them up there but whatever floats your boat I guess. As for the fouls that may or may not have been missed at the end of the game, how many missed shots at the basket were they? How many offensive boards did a team get and score on that shouldn’t have been got? It’s easy to say what happened at the end of the game determined the end but if the team or teams had done their job on other things during the game then what happened at the end might not have mattered.
  13. So here is basically what that is saying. To keep from traveling to Region C, Blue Devil fans need to pull for Central to beat Radford at their desired locale on Friday so that we both can play each other for a fifth time here. When it comes to postseason play, Region C does it fairly well. No one has district tournaments. All the teams make it no matter what. The odds of meeting someone for a fifth time go down. Maybe three times at most. With the way it was this year you would probably have matchups like this: 1. Gate City vs 16. Bye 8. Lebanon vs 9. Ridgeview 4. Richlands vs 13 Bye 5. Union vs Battle 2. Graham vs 15. Bye 7. Virginia High vs 10. Marion 3. Central vs 14. Bye 6. Lee vs 11. Tazewell Might work out the same... might not May not be a viable solution would be a different avenue to try though. Wouldn’t have to play tournaments for seeding. Use the regular season as the base for points.
  14. Came early for this one. Glad me and the kids did though did or we would not have got a seat. All I have to say is that GC had a 6th Man with them tonight that I had not heard in quite some time. My kids thought they were at a rock concert when the students went crazy during intros! They were jumping and bouncing yelling at me why it wasn’t like this all the time! Then they yelled, “We love basketball!” I think I may have yelled and bounced with them after that. For three quarters, after the initial shock of Centrals run wore off and GC began fighting their way back, the crowd fought with them! It was, at times, an out of body experience. The student body was so lit from the floor bleachers to the back row bleachers at top in the intros that it was even hard to hear the starting lineups. That rocks! With support like this from here on out, I honestly can see this GC team going quite a ways down the road because you could tell everyone in that gym was so lit the players just kept fighting harder and harder and harder. If you didn’t get goosebumps during the starting lineups, you had to be either sick, dead or in the bathroom doing business because the crowd and most definitely the GC Student Body showed up and showed out tonight as to who is by far the absolute best student body in this part of the state. God help any of you guys down the road if you have to face that student body yelling, chanting and screaming going against you in playing the Devils. Again! Huge kudos to the GC Student Body!
  15. Great article! Have a question out of curiosity. Asking for a friend. With all the news about people taking new jobs etc., are there any rules about people coaching in one county in Virginia while teaching in another? Any info you can help me with is helpful.
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