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  1. Want to know about football in Scott County now? Gate City has 33 players but started with 27 players. Rye Cove 7th and 8th together for football has as many players as we do. The varsity has 23 players Twin Springs has 22 players on their varsity not counting 8th grade. Altogether that is about 80 players for the entire county playing football. Gate City used to put out a team between 60 and 70 every year. You combine Rye Cove and Twin Springs together and they OUTNUMBER the Blue Devils in numbers. If you take how many GC started with (27) and TS and RC double our numbers. Change is hard to see but not in this case. It is right in front of our faces and not sure how people in the county plan to deal with it without trying to hurt peoples feelings or stomping on high society’s toes and hurting their feelings. So what will the future hold for not only the Blue Devils but the county in general? Ridgeview, Union, Abingdon are pretty much doubling our numbers. Who would have ever thought.
  2. I would think Abingdon would rezone itself so that it would allow more students to attend John Battle and lower Abingdon's enrollment to that of Class 2. Both JB and Abingdon would be Class 2. If you consolidate Holston and PH, you also would have another Class 2 school. That would make three good size schools for Washington County.
  3. I couldn’t agree more. With Coach McAmis Jr on the floor you will have Sr. yelling at his players from the bench along with Jr yelling at his own teammates as well while playing! Makes it 100% complete! Should be great games! Wise has 7 seniors? GC has Dean, Compton, Sallee, George, Mack and Hensley. Providing they all stay healthy out of football season, this could be a good group of seniors as well! Not to mention role players on bench like Reed, Gose and Starnes! Not sure how far this group can go. After this group of seniors graduate, there will be very few tough players coming in behind them from what I’ve seen the last few years from our younger groups. The past few groups that have graduated and brought us success had a different type of mindset than these guys coming up now! We have some Juniors who could be our really last good class of players with a lot of physical toughness and skill but after that? Going to be some lean years I believe. We will lose tons of rebounding inside after Reed and Gose leave in 2021! Going to be very very weak inside!
  4. There is not one player tougher returning for the Blue Devils than Luke Reed this year! Dude has power and can lay the hammer on people! Expect this young man to have a breakout year!
  5. Saw that he has been allowed back to support Union. Probably a great decision made by the principal. Union was about to become as well liked as Central is in Gate City. (If I may show sarcasm.)
  6. Saw this today. It was shared by a cousin of mine who attends Gate City and is friends with people from Union. I am pretty sure the deal with the Chris guy was made to cover up some very disturbing issues which occurred on a sports team of which a video was made as well? That is of course what is being told by my cousin who is very good friends with people close to the basketball team at Union. According to her, pretty much everyone out there knows what happened but nobody out there has the guts to admit it happened or take responsibility for it. Pretty sad sad if you ask me. If you want to know what happened don’t ask me. Ask the Union peeps. I have thrown up enough in my mouth already just hearing of it. Here is the post I read today though. Pretty sad. I have seen him at many games. To say he is a fan and supporter is an understatement. The decision made today by Union High School is honestly a disgraceful representation of the community of Big Stone Gap, Virginia; Today I stand ashamed of this decision as an Alumni of the first graduating class of Union High School and as Chris’s sister. Today we were informed by the new administration of Union High School that Chris Kelly will no longer be allowed to participate in school events at Union High School; nor will be allowed to assist with sports functions. This was only due to “changes being made within the school”. As many of you know many events have taken place over the past few years where Chris was targeted and bullied by students, of which were forgiven and put to the side because of our belief in forgiveness and that kids learn lessons from mistakes. But today, I am disheartened to know that due to administration failing to run a school properly that the victim is now punished as we never pushed any type of punishment towards those who wronged Chris. At one time, half of the football team took turns coming to our home, vandalizing our property, harassing Chris, calling him the “R” word, a word that we do not use in our home to define those with special needs. They filmed him falling down, yelled at him, and teased him. They ridiculed him; their punishment was simply running extra at practice. Chris forgave these boys; boys that he had watched grow from the time of Parks and Recs sports. Administration at the time, had the “boys will be boys” mentality because these were football stars and they were headed to state. As a family, we did not press charges although the opportunity was present as our property suffered damage, we had multiple calls to local law enforcement agents, and even went so far as to have the County Sheriff’s department mount cameras at our home to catch who was harassing and towards the end trying to enter our home. We never publicized this behavior, nor did we press the issue as the boys were at risk for losing scholarships and grants towards their education if we did. We chose not to act in a way that would jeopardize the lives and futures of young athletes and simply accepted apologies and moved forward. Many other events have occurred that led to more trips to the school to obtain apologies and attempt to have administration be more apt to correcting bullying within the school, not only for Chris’s sake, but for the sake of others with disabilities that could be placed in the same situation. I have to ask, what are we doing as a school and as a community in allowing people to treat others poorly. Instead of correcting the ills at hand within the system and enforcing discipline and teaching young people and preparing them in life on how to treat others, we take those that are defenseless and victims out of the picture to guard the reputations and guard against bullying from occurring. Instead of taking people with special needs out of the equation, why not equip students with the opportunity to learn to work with, appreciate, love, and support those with special needs; because I’m here to tell you, as a sister of someone with special needs, you won’t find more dedication or love within the hearts of those we call “special”. Instead, Union High School has set a precedent that if their students choose to treat others poorly, it will be the “others” that is taken out of the equation so that it doesn’t happen further. This is not how life works in the real world; the entire purpose of school is to teach young individuals to be adults, how to treat others, how to conduct themselves, and how to respect, love, and appreciate people from all different walks of life. It is a sad day when a community member who has dedicated their life to serving others within multiple sports programs; someone who has watched our children within the community grow from parks and rec sports programs to high school programs and served them throughout their lifetimes be told that they can partake in this no longer. It is shameful that someone who has required no pay, no glory, no honors, just simply a thank you is told that they can no longer spend their time doing what they love to do: serve others and see them succeed. You see, Chris is different, he isn’t like other people, he is special. He is special in a way that he doesn’t participate and serve in order to be praised and glorified; he serves because he loves others and he wants to see them win and love sports and he wants to see them be able to do things with their lives. He gets joy out of seeing your children win, and he’s there for them win, lose, or draw. The man who has mopped sweat off the floors, cleaned the gym, helped with fundraising, washed uniforms, carried water bottles, and did the job that most others would not humble themselves to do is punished because a school system has failed their students and community in their inability to safely and effectively run a school. Chris’s heart was broken today. He is confused, and sad; as he does not understand. You see, because Chris only understands love towards others, and helping others; he doesn’t understand why people treat others bad or choose to not respect others; he doesn’t understand that the world is cruel and that’s what makes him special; he sees through a different set of eyes, and if more people had this perspective on life, the world would be a much happier, more fulfilled place. So if you miss seeing Union’s number one fan this season; if you hear one less voice in the crowd, and see one less smile on the sideline, please understand that it was not our family’s choice; but the choice of Union High School.
  7. Any word on how everyone is looking in summer basketball camps right now? I know Gate City is at ETSU but no word on how they are looking. Any other local teams looking good elsewhere?
  8. Want to really upset your peoples in Lee County? Your good ole boys used to have a coach by the name of Jamie Hackney. He is one of our coaches now here at Gate City. He used to be the JV boys basketball coach at Lee High and I was told by some of his pals that he did have an interest in taking over the basketball program at Lee High had it been offered to him. They chose not to so he came back to Scott County and became a coach at Gate City and won a state championship with them. Sad though. Had he been able to coach some of those talented shooters that Lee High has now and with the "correct" support that he should have had as a coach it is really hard telling what kind of great program Lee High would have right now. It is really sad. A county that is so big and so beautiful with so much to offer and yet no one wants to settle there. No business would be caught dead there. No hospital wants to help anyone there. No one wants to coach there. No one I say really wants to teach there only because it is probably home for some of them and for others a job and you can make some money. All because you have some really grumpy old grandpas who cant get out of the 1940s and feel that Bobcats and Bulldogs are two animals that will never be able to co exist at all with each other from Darwin's Order of Natural Selection. Yet you have Bulldogs and Vikings just over the hilltop at Union winning state championships and region championships and going to all kinds of state tournaments by simply working together. And furthermore is one of the two sections of Wise County that people from Gate City can actually tolerate. We wont speak about the other section. We like Lee a lot but evidently Lee people who run the county and the schools feel that the universe ends at Powell Mountain and the Virginia state line near Kentucky. They cant get anything right at all in their choices and cant understand still yet why everyone else is winning and they aren't. Maybe its because they don't understand that outside of Jonesville and Pennington there are other kids in Virginia working for their school and really don't care what town they come from. I think it would make a great 30 for 30. What if I told you there was this county in Virginia that had five high schools. Two were great football powers. They came together and for a couple years were really good. Then the people couldn't figure which town the kids came from was better? So they fought and they fought and they fought. They fought to the point that instead of being strong together they acted like five year olds and said, "Hey, lets split our high school back up into two. That way we can have what we want. You know. Because we have the greatest athletes in the universe." And yet they haven't won a thing of significance in 30 years. Yet the county right across the ridge from them came together and two of those schools just across that ridge probably had a better sports tradition than they ever thought of having. And they came together and have won consistently ever since. Backward, I think so. In terms of tv shows, Union goes from Dynasty to Empire. Lee High goes from Game of Thrones to Married With Children and those four touchdowns in a single game way back when. Three cheers for Al Bundy!! That's my opinion and I welcome any doubters. Thank you and you're welcome. And to Jamie Hackney hope you like that ring boy! Shines bright from what I've seen of you coaches!
  9. Wofford's coach has left for Blacksburg. Here are some interesting scenarios. Mike Young from Wofford goes to Blacksburg after Buzz Williams moves from Blacksburg to College Station, Texas. Buzz Williams and staff did not want Mac McClung during his recruitment. McClung goes to Georgetown. Zac Ervin recruited by Mike Young from Wofford signs under him. Young goes to Virginia Tech. Mike Young, while at Wofford, knows all about Zac Ervin and Mac McClung as players after having both of them and the Gate City team at his team camp. Scenario. Virginia Tech has recruits back out of commitments because of Buzz leaving Blacksburg. Does Mike Young take Zac Ervin with him to Virginia Tech? Scenario: If Mike Young keeps Zac Ervin with him to Virginia Tech because of how he fits his system does that also allow Mac McClung to entertain the thought of leaving Georgetown and head south to redshirt a year and have three years left to play with his high school teammate in Blacksburg? I would be about positive that Mike Young would take a transfer from Georgetown who played in the Big East and was on the All Freshman team not to mention the teams third leading scorer. Blacksburg would definitely have a distinct Southwest Virginia flavor. Just some things to think about with the new regime being in Blacksburg now. It may seem a little out there to most of you but think about Mac and Zac playing together the past few years together in the Arby's. They held their own against some very good talent as young players. This could be something to think about.
  10. Who is everyone’s pick to win it all next year in Class 1 and Class 2? How many will Eastside lose off of this year’s team? Will the youth movement I am hearing about at Twin Springs be something the Cumberland has to watch for in the future? How will Gate City be now that the Big Three has been cut down to one? Is Union the team to beat in the Mountain 7 with the talented players they have coming up? Lots of things looking to change in the future? New coaches, teams on the rise. Sounds like some good topics to start talking about on here.
  11. If I was Mac I know what I would do. Mike Young has Wofford going in a great direction. He has Zac coming in next year. If Mac decided to ditch Georgetown and go join his former teammate in Spartanburg, South Carolina the whole city of Spartanburg might go ape you know what. Imagine having two players the caliber of Zac and Mac playing in Spartanburg for Wofford surround by big D1 caliber material. That would be a hard ticket to get for about two or three years. I could smell a NCAA Tourney berth or two. I don't think this would ever happen but if it did with Gate City just being a couple hours north? You would probably have to call Spartanburg Gate City#2.
  12. Abingdon, Lee, Twin Springs That means the coaching positions that are safe and not vacant in the Mountain 7 are: Gate City - Vermillion Central - McAmis Battle - Odum Ridgeview - McCowan Union - Moore Abingdon - Vacant Lee - Vacant Wonder what other positions will open up? Wonder why the Mark Dockery thread was taken down? Anyone else notice that?
  13. Everyone from Central is never wrong. Everyone from Gate City is never right. The End.
  14. You guys want an old system? Let's just bring back the old Southwest District. Marion Graham John Battle Tazewell Lebanon Virginia High Lee Union Central Ridgeview Gate City Richlands Abingdon We will play each team one time during the year. Home one year and on the road the next year. We will all have 9 non district games of our choice. Top eight teams off of points from regular season and tournament advance to the Region D tourney with top 4 seeds hosting. Top three teams get a bye to the Southwest District Tourney quarterfinals. This way you dont play teams three and four times a year but if you were play each other it will really mean something huge because that third time it's for something really big say a trip to the state tourney. Tourney sites would be: UVA Wise Virginia High Marion Lebanon In football just play a round robin every year like they do in the ACC or SEC. Play 7 district games a year and 3 non district. Top 8 make the Region D Class 2 playoffs and then just go with it. Even with this set up you are not even guaranteed to play someone twice either. How do you like that for old school?
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