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  1. Not making excuses because I don’t know what happened to Central last night BUT the rumor mill is saying that McAmis talked to the boys terrible Wednesday and Thursday during practice after losing to GC. If you have someone a coach especially talking to you that way after a loss that I feel like Central wanted, then of course the boys aren’t going to play their best because everything that was said to them and about their game the past two days is continually running through their head.
  2. Central is a much better team than what was displayed against RV Tuesday. Hayes in most ways is a better player than Isaiah BUT when Hayes is taken completely out of his game as far as his drive and attack game and rebounding game by McAmis so that Isaiah can look like the better player on the court I think Central will continue to struggle. Again, it goes back to there is NO I in TEAM it takes every player on the court to win a game and everyone using their own strengths to help that team!! I think Central will come out ready to hopefully play the game that people got used to seeing and hearing about them playing in the Arby’s Classic.
  3. I agree with you #BBN 100%. There is definitely no I in TEAM but you would never know that from the stats of last nights game. I was also very disappointed in what McAmis put in the paper about the team minus 1!! He has a great team this year that could go farther than in the past two years but if the McAmis’ don’t quit playing (trying to play) a one person game it will not happen.
  4. Central doesn’t have Battle, they have Union and Abingdon!
  5. I realize this is an old topic but I just wanted to say, that yes it is very unfortunate of what happened to Isaiah and I hope he has a full recovery. Now, you can’t say that the other players haven’t stepped up to fill that void and played some really good games. Hayes has stepped in and filled the PG position very well scoring in double figures every game.
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