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  1. When will the selections for 1st/2nd team conference and regions be announced
  2. I'm assuming both Lebanon and Va High went with their aces last night and if so will they be available for their first round game of regions
  3. Battle will host Ridgeview Union will host Lee GC will host Central, hearing several different sites for this game, heard it could be played a Grogan Park or Domtar Park in Kingsport.
  4. I heard if Central, Union and Gate City all finished the regular season tied it would be decided by a coin flip, but if they go by head to head like U Bear is saying. Wouldn't that make Gate City the 5 seed and since Central and Union outscored GC. and then they were even head to head so would there not be a coin flip between them. Not really sure on how the loss to Lee in the FCA tournament effects them cause it doesn't count towards conference play for Lee or Central. Central beat Lee twice in the regular season and Union and Lee play on Monday (May 13th)
  5. here is the Standings in the Mountain 7 conference for baseball per the Coalfield 5/3/19 1 Abingdon 9-0 13-2 Abingdon should be 10-0 14-2 with their win over Battle 2 John Battle 8-1 10-6 Battle record is 8-2 and 10-7 now 3 Central 5-3 8-7 Central record should be 5-4 and 8-8 with the loss on 5/2/19 to Gate City 3-2 4 Union 4-5 9-6 Union had a non district game against Eastside on 5/1/19 and their record should be 4-5 and 10-6 5 Gate City 4-5 8-7 Gate City record is now 5-5 and 9-7 6 Lee 1-8 3-10 7 Ridgeview 0-9 3-12 Hope this helps everyone, but looks like the 1 and 2 spots are set for the conference tournament and its a dog race for the 3-5 spot
  6. Union 5 Gate City 1 Central 11 Rye Cove 1 -Softball
  7. this tournament bracket is jacked up, you got 3 teams if they win they’ll end up playing doubleheaders
  8. yeah it’s Licking Valley. Central will play the winner of Abingdon and Licking Valley on Wednesday @7:30 at Abingdon
  9. just heard Central plays Looking Valley, OH not sure on the location though
  10. it was probably taken down due to the inappropriate comment that was made about Dockery.
  11. Central vs. Gate City game on Friday has been postponed due to the passing of Rick Mullins
  12. Has anyone seen a schedule for this tournament? I know Union, Central, and Va High are in this tournament just trying to see what TN team they will be playing.
  13. Any thoughts on how this game goes tonight in Coeburn?
  14. Looks like Union and Central will be heading to Bristol tomorrow to play Va High. hearing that Union and Va High will play start about 3:45 and then Va High will play Central right after in a 5 inning game
  15. Was told the scrimmage is gonna be played at Va High on Monday March 11th
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