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  1. I've seen both Eastside and Lebanon play and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say whoever scores first will win the ballgame.
  2. What is everyone's thoughts and predictions on this game.
  3. Jamie Hackney has resigned as basketball coach at Central High School to take over the reigns as Head Coach at Lee High due to Honeycutt leaving.
  4. I think people will say we should have been like Northeast Tenn and went ahead and played. Cause Hokie777, I bet you got some SWVA football fans that are traveling over to Tn on Friday nights to watch some high school football. So TN has been playing football for what 2 weeks now and have there been any cases of the COVID19 from any of the players that are playing right now?
  5. Georgetown's Mac McClung told ESPN that he's requested to enter the transfer portal, immediately becoming the most sought-after transfer in the country. McClung informed Georgetown of his plans earlier today, and he also intends to withdraw his name from the NBA draft. He expects to appear in the portal imminently after completing the required paperwork this morning. "It was a number of different events that made me feel I had no choice but to transfer from Georgetown," McClung told ESPN. "I really wanted to stay, but things throughout my career made me realize that I couldn't. "I'm looking for a place I can call home. A place I can be a part of a family and help them succeed." McClung, a 6-foot-2 guard, was named to the Big East's all-freshman team after averaging 13.1 points in 26.4 minutes for the Hoyas. He was in the midst of a breakout sophomore season, averaging 15.7 points, 2.4 assists and 1.4 steals in 27 minutes per game, before a foot injury derailed his season after just 21 games. He suffered the injury in practice on Feb. 1 and was cleared to return to action after only three weeks. McClung played only 8 minutes against Providence on Feb. 21 before signaling to a referee that he could no longer continue and limped off the court to the locker room, marking his last appearance in a Georgetown uniform. McClung will be filing a waiver to play immediately, he told ESPN. He received a fair amount of attention from NBA teams during the pre-draft process, conducting 11 interviews. He was scheduled for five more interviews that he eventually canceled upon deciding to transfer, according to his agent Daniel Hazan. McClung received a significant amount of feedback from NBA executives on what they'd like to see him improve on, Hazan said, and felt comfortable with what he had learned during the pre-draft process regarding his standing in the eyes of teams. "Going through this process was really informative," McClung said. "I got a chance to speak to the decision makers and hear what they thought about my game. They shared with me things I need to work on to be successful at the next level. I'm very optimistic about the feedback I have received and can't wait to take that knowledge to my future home." Georgetown coach Patrick Ewing, appearing on a podcast with Andy Katz on May 5, said McClung would be returning to Georgetown for his junior year. Hazan said McClung never informed Ewing of such and was blindsided to see reports of him withdrawing from the NBA draft made public while he was in the midst of navigating the pre-draft process. "The podcast with Andy Katz was not the deciding factor to my decision to transfer," McClung said. "I think it affected my pre-draft process, and seemed to confuse a lot of teams." McClung has more than 730,000 followers on Instagram, in large part because of his explosive dunks, deep pull-up 3-pointers and fiery on-court demeanor. He achieved online celebrity in high school by eclipsing Allen Iverson's career scoring record in the state of Virginia, as well from several highlight-reel finishes that went viral.
  6. Well go ahead and consider this year a wrap on spring sports now, I was holding out and hoping there was a chance I would get to see my son play his senior year but I seriously doubt that it will happen now with there being 2 confirmed cases in Lee County. https://wcyb.com/news/local/t...d-19-confirmed-in-lee-county
  7. The ones in bold have signed their letters of intent to play in College along with the school they'll be attending Abingdon - Grayson Waddle, Jadon Booth, Jonas Lane --Stantheman do you know if they are going to be playing at the next level next year. Battle - Bowman- Milligan, Poe, Whit, Mayo and Cunningham-Bluefield Central - Bishop-Milligan, EJ McDaniel-Berea and Lucas Messer Gate City- Compton-Walter State Union - Cam Bartee, Mason Caldwell, Cole Mullins
  8. Ryan4VT. is the Osborne girl a senior this year or did she graduate last year? here are the Seniors on teams in the M7 that wont get to play at all if they cancel the rest of school, Abingdon - ?? Battle - Bowman, I wanna think Poe is. grandpaw_trojan you might know more about this than me Central - Bishop, EJ McDaniel and Lucas Messer Gate City- Compton Lee - Tabor Ridgeview ?? Union - Cam Bartee, Mason Caldwell, Cole Mullins Now this is just some of the kids I know from some of the teams, feel free to add any that you know to the list.
  9. Ryan4VT, I hope your wrong, I hope they go back to school and the VHSL allow the sports teams to start back practicing and start playing games and I know they would have to modify things to try and get a season in. I know some of the kids would be ok with playing the conference games just to get the season in and not worry about the non conference games. I have talked to several kids and they just wanna get out on the field and play ball and everything just get back to normal
  10. Dude you’re the one that’s a joke...This come straight from the Kingsport Times News
  11. don’t get where you think this is a joke, it come straight from the Kingsport Times News
  12. I talked with a assistant coach this morning and he said if they do allow them to play he thought that they would just play the conference games since they have pushed games back to the end of the month. now that was just his opinion on things.
  13. on the girls side I think it will go like this 1. Abingdon 2. Ridgeview 3. GC 4. Central 5. Union 6. Battle and 7 Lee on the boys side I think it will be 1. Union 2. GC 3 Abingdon 4. Ridgeview 5. Lee. 6. Central 7. Battle Now as far as for the regions like Hokie101 said Graham will be better and I think they might have lost maybe 2 Seniors this year and also Radford will be back and loaded for another run at a state title cause they only lost 1 senior and I think they had 11 juniors on their roster this year.
  14. Now I can see if the team was practicing together they could have to forfeit, But I don't see how they can stop kids from doing individual workouts. I know kids right now that have been working out on their own since Friday. My son has been doing the Driveline Throwing program at home to keep his arm in shape for this season if and when they are able to start the season.
  15. I'd say he's thinking ahead to when his son is playing sports in high school at Central. Cause he would miss his son playing ball if he was still a principal at Union, and he can't be principal at Central and his wife work there. so I guess he figured take a teachers spot and the coaching job and that way he would be able to see his son play ball
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