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  1. But again: Credit to us. 😉😉
  2. So was the one two weeks ago!! As for partners, if we had the magic scheduler where you could simply say "we choose you", here are the 3 -- yeah, three -- who I'd slot in for travel purposes: Radford, Richlands, Marion out. In comes the full return (and expansion) of the greater Bristol area -- (Battle, of course...plus) Virginia High back on the schedule, along with the rekindling of our brief affair with their rivals from the Stone Castle. And the piece de resistance...Sullivan East -- who I'm not sure we've ever played. Certainly none of those (even East) are necessarily close to cupcakes at this stage -- but like I said, travel would decrease considerably...and basically, Bristol would be your second home!! A little getaway cottage by the lake, if you will.
  3. Mars needs women!!! And apparently, from another thread -- Gate City needs games!!! So I'm pretty sure the M7 stays intact moving forward, which gives us the usual 6. It's pretty obvious any change likely starts with discontinuing Radford. But if the poster (SXSW) did indeed mean games plural -- then who else is going away (out of Richlands, Marion, and Lebanon)?? And just as importantly: Who are the most likely replacement candidates (schedule opportunities permitting)??
  4. So I was under the impression that hosting that D/C semi was a rotational thing. Not so??
  5. Especially if it's option football, as timing the pitch is everything, and if they're masterful at that, then it's gonna be hard to stop, if you got a fast, agile QB and a fast agile trailer at RB.
  6. Yeah, I don't know how or why that happened. I was pretty certain I'd seen it on the flyer in the office when I was getting tickets in August. Guess not. Unless they changed it. Either way -- I call 🐔 🐔 on that scheduling. Why have those girls out there in cooler weather for homecoming court?? Cause you felt a little too "confident" that Union could spoil our ceremonies -- and felt even more confident that Battle wouldn't. Last year setting it during a winnable (though barely) game against Lee was at least logistical based on the orginal schedule. Now it's just beginning to feel like you're setting up low hanging fruit. Be better, guys. If there does happen to be some honestly special reason why that later date resonated so well, I'd genuinely love to hear it. But from here, it looks a whole lot like selective scheduling. Ennnnaway: That shouldn't affect whether or not we can win the game. Which, from hearing the Bears are one-dimensional (though still skilled and speedy), gives me hope.
  7. Hard to predict week to week. Can the Blue muster up Homecoming fury and rise up to win?? (I doubt they could go all Carrie on the Bears, but guys -- just win the game, will you??) If so, we're 3-2 and staring down a trio of very winnable games afterward... Also: I'm gonna make #PitchforkNation happen. 😎😎 Just sounds right (and badass). 🔱🔱
  8. When does GC scrimmage (and whom)??
  9. Any chance we'll ever see serious consolidation talk around these parts??
  10. Speaking of 78 separate retirement checks -- where's Colobro at these days?? Still DB, right??
  11. Hey -- newbie on the boards, and Gate City alum. Any new word on the schedule?? Last (and only) thing I saw was purportedly we'd swapped out Boone for GW -- since apparently, Jeremy is of the "5 miles to school in the snow" school of thought.😓 After all, why do that rough 27-mile trip down to Gray when we can get a much, much closer road tilt -- like, you know, Wytheville??🙄
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