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  1. Still -- never let it overshadow how good he is. 😉😉
  2. Can't fault them for having us in their head already. 😏😇
  3. Oh, lord -- how long you been banned from the county limits?? 😆😆
  4. Gate City holds on with a batdown on the final defensive play after mistakes, etc. helped spot the Jackets two touchdowns early: Blue Devils 24 Yellowjackets 18
  5. Also guessing they're gonna be pretty chatty. https://www.wymt.com/2023/08/21/mboro-ad-releases-statement-after-video-spreads-social-media/
  6. Do we need the CIA (well...I have thoughts on that by itself -- but that's another topic... 😏 ) -- but do we need them to get info on what the Jackets are like this year?? Haven't heard much other than they're not usually that much trouble in the modern day. Still, don't mean this year's squad can't be cagier than what we saw out of Richlands. So: If we play as well as last night (minus a key miscue or two) -- do we handle Middlesboro equally as well??
  7. Super awesome that we got an heir apparent. That's a major thing I was worried about if '25 was set up to be a memorable year, yet the beast don't have a head. T'was why I was so adamant for "recruiting" O'Quinn, cause I know he's a junior. Meanwhile, is our QB-in-waiting Kaden -- or does he play a different position?? And is said signal caller frosh or soph??
  8. What happened to Luke?? My apocalypse meter is alerted.
  9. Well he got a diploma*, didn't he?? * from Bishop Sycamore
  10. Has to be asked....: Do they whistle their fight song??
  11. Just did one out of my @$$, basically...
  12. So now I'm curious about the politics of Giles County: Who throws the fits??
  13. What's GC look like?? Same #s as last year??
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