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  1. Looking for youth tournaments in SWVA, East Tennessee or KY
  2. Big Creek played a home and home with Musselman in 79 and 80
  3. Graham has fed off a weak SWD for years. They’re down and they’ve played a decent schedule so far but not a killer one. If Richlands, Marion and Va high can really improve while playing 1A schools , one of them might knock the G Men off.
  4. I agree after seeing WVVA slow the play down , it was definitely a block in the back . Even if it wasn’t targeting
  5. I don’t think that you can count out Graham just yet. Turner and Meadows are returning standouts. Throw in Connor Roberts, Zach Blevins, Jimir Blevins and a few contributing players, they have something to build on. If Tazewell is going to take that step forward, they have to beat Graham and Richlands. Losing by a combined 80 plus points to your rivals shows that even with all their talent they don’t believe they can win. And beating 1A teams may fluff up your record a little but it won’t carry you through the playoffs. Richlands may struggle next year especially with a tough schedule. But they may surprise too. I think Wise and Ridgeview will be front runners, with a nod going to Wise.
  6. Coverage was blown when the DB’s were having to come up on the run. I’d say Appo ran for close to 200 yards. Even with a limping QB.
  7. Appo outplayed them today. Well coached Raider team that over come their penalties and turnovers. Graham has a fast QB and a great WR corp but their lack of discipline was their undoing. The fake PAT was obvious when the holder kneeled inside the 5 to take the snap but no one was alert. Joey Dales made some big plays on offense and with his foot today. Appo had 2 90 yard TD drives on Graham even when Dales pinned them deep. The kid has put that defense in a position to look good and today they let him down.
  8. Appo has historically not been a 2nd half team . If Graham can correct some things they can win it in one half. If not for the speed of their WR’s and Lawing being hurt, they could be down 4 scores right now
  9. Injuries are also another result of a tough schedule. In Union’s defense , their schedule was much tougher after the first meeting.
  10. Saint Tony? For not running up the score? Does that sainthood carry over to the offseason? 😂😂😂
  11. The SWD is weak and Graham has benefited greatly from it just like Richlands did earlier in the decade. The Mtn 7 is stronger as a conference because they develop talent from within and compete even if they don’t put a dream team together and dominate. The SWD is unbalanced due to the fact that there’s not enough talent to go around for more than 1 team to load up with.
  12. That goes to show how weak the SWD will be if no one else can develop talent but Graham.
  13. Hype is an easy commodity to come by nowadays.
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