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  1. Until ANYONE puts up the numbers Adkins did there is NO ONE better than him in SWVA!!!!!
  2. Hopefully they do give him a shot gonna be their loss. If not i hope someone comes calling before signing day that actually believes in him and will give him an opportunity
  3. This is the one thing that really really makes me scratch my head. Like dude's the 4th Highest Rated Recruit to ever walk thru the doors at Toledo and they wont even give him a shot to run the ball??? In the MAC i feel like he is very very Capable of running the ball in that league. You dont have the numbers he's put up and not be able to play RB at the next level imo. Havoc no doubt happy that they got that ESPN slot we will get to see in some MACtion. I will say tho he could have a longer future at Db especially if he wants to play in the League
  4. Yeah its its Official. Covid hurt his recruitment pretty heavy as well as having no film this fall has hurt. With this being a free year for all FBS and FCS Teams its made free Scholarships VERY Limited. Happy he has a place to call home at the end of the day even tho is not a P5 home like his talents project imo
  5. I will say this Covid & the Free Year that the NCAA gave out to all players has hurt his recruitment and the number of Scholarships available. I'm pretty sure he just put the Top5 out because he said he would. He planned on committing to 1 of those 2 teams that had officially offered.
  6. Boy that Boone vs Elizabethton game was well worth my money last Friday night!!! Who caught that on TV?
  7. To be real Crockett isn't to much but wirth coming to see Kollie. Go catch the Musket Bowl. For sure Elizabethton as well
  8. Definitely gotta see the Stone Castle its pretty dang cool. Plus you will get to see Jayden Keller and Prince Kollie and DC OL/DL Tony Davis. Definitely should catch DB when they play someone from down towards Knox that will be some good football. You have to go watch Elizabethton they have to most Talent outta any team in the area. I'd probably go catch them playing Boone or Greeneville
  9. Prince is a VERY SPECIAL talent!!!! Beem coaching him since he 1st got to the US when he was 6 family came over from Liberia. If you get the chance drive down to Jonesborough if they have a season it's well worth it. This is the most TALENT the Tri Cities and SWVA have put out in a LONG While. Tri Cities has about 3 or 4 guys who will sign D1
  10. This article just dropped about 10 or 15 minutes ago. Looking like Athletes may look else where for better playing opportunities this football season. You have to do what's best for yourself it's a Business Decision especially when Scholarships are on the line. https://www.timesnews.net/sports/ridgeviews-adkins-considering-transferring-to-dobyns-bennett-or-pikeville-ky/article_9f7c6e52-d1d3-11ea-84d3-e3e99c68402c.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  11. I'm glad some are putting their futures first but it's a shame alot are having their Senior year football season's ripped from them. Those are some of the best time and memories that last a life time. I can see those D1 guys and kids that are on the verge of getting that D2 or D1 offer moving to where they can play their Senior season an get game tape for coaches to see. Another option I'd use if I was in the situation relclass to 2022 and get a extra year of prep football which help increase your chances of getting offers
  12. What do you all think about all the D1 TALENT in the SWVA area right now? I'm not from here but I feel like this is best collective group of athletes the area has produced in a long time. You Got Martin Lucas committed to ASU Trenton Adkins will be playing P5 ball as well. Josh Herndon holds 1 or 2 D1 offers I can see him playing at the FCS FBS level easily. Then you have 2022 guys. Brody Meadows is a Top 100 Recruit in the Nation along with Zay Bradshaw who picking up P5 Offers as well. Sage Webb picked up his 1st offer from Morgan St I think this week or last. He got invited to the ESPN 300 ELITE Underclassmen Combine hes gonna really make a name out there. 6 guys from the area should be playing on TV on Saturdays so far and there could be a few more. That's not including all the talent Bluefield put out last year.
  13. Just picked up his 11th Offer from Purdue last night. He is in West Lafayette to Meet with Staff/Team last night & catching the Rivalry game vs Indiana today
  14. I kid you not I heard VT wanted to offer him a PWO because they already had to many RBs 😂🤣😂 Crazy huh??? I think he is pretty high up on OSU RB Recruiting Board and they seemed to show him heavy interest. Which is always great when a Program like that is showing you love.
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