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  1. Just picked up his 11th Offer from Purdue last night. He is in West Lafayette to Meet with Staff/Team last night & catching the Rivalry game vs Indiana today
  2. I kid you not I heard VT wanted to offer him a PWO because they already had to many RBs 😂🤣😂 Crazy huh??? I think he is pretty high up on OSU RB Recruiting Board and they seemed to show him heavy interest. Which is always great when a Program like that is showing you love.
  3. I'm playing off Adkins because they are going to be keying heavy on him. I'm doing a good bit of fakes to Adkins let Phillip's keep it out the back door. He has Major Speed & should see some running room on the fakes also direct snaping to Phillips and let him run behind Adkins and Sproles. Gotta let him throw the ball enough to keep the D honest and Thinking. They could even throw Hill in the backfield with Adkins and Phillips for a wrinkle. Also I'm putting Adkins in the Slot to switch it up and let him go to work. He could be a Huge Threat in the Pass Game split out like that.
  4. No they dont make many quick adjustments that I've seen. Didnt make them against Richlands especially on D and Union this year they adjusted after half but it was to late.
  5. Its unfortunate that Crockett fell apart the last 3 games of the Season. They went from the 1 Seed to the 3 Seed in a matter of 3 games. Would of been hosting atleast 2 Homes games now have to go to Knoxville 1st Round. Greeneville and Elizabethton have the Best shots at Making it to Cookeville. They will be seeing each other again in the 2nd or 3rd Round
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure Martin Lucas is out tonight and the way he said it on Instagram he maybe done for the season. Does Abingdon still throw the ball alot??? RV still scares me in Pass Coverage
  7. No disrespect taken at all sir. I like hearing everyone's 2cents for sure always good to see other opinions. Jw what you mean you didn't think he showed out towards the end of the game?
  8. Yeah he plays like the Waterboy sometimes hahaha. I seen scrimmage against Elizabethton he about blew a gasket there lol. I've heard he was just a little crazy from multiple people lol. If Adkins acted out like that of would be different to me
  9. So I'm just wondering how throwing you hands up and getting frustrated because you've been getting blown up in the backfield up like makes you a bad person or something???? If you asked someone that actually knew him they would probably tell you he is very humble and a great kid. Its football it happens every Friday night any where you go you will see someone showing frustration. What about how #44 for Union acts out there on the field at times???
  10. If you go back and see if the QB would of been able to to lead it probably would have been 6. He was running behind the DB by 3 or more steps. It was underthrown went up over 2 guys (From what I remember) then almost was able to break it for a Merical
  11. BIG Facts your are keeping it real about that lol I wish play calling was better for the WHOLE team. I'm sorry Coaches put RV on bad situations on both sides with calling
  12. Regardless of Competition who's putting up those numbers if they play the same exact schedule?????
  13. Did I say that???? No C'mon man. Trenton Did have a good game I said that from the jump just not his regular crazy numbers. What I'm saying is Coaching and Play Calling on both sides lost the game for them. You saw what happened when RV went to a 5 man Front after Halftime and started actually setting the edge with the OLBs turning everything back inside to help. They were pretty successful against Unions O in the 2nd other than the Big Run by Polier if I remember right. They literally ran at #13 and #3 for like 3 Quaters and they didnt Adjust. Why dont you really run Zone Read with #2 or design plays for him to do what he does best which is run the ball??? I'm also splitting Trenton out Wide way more and getting it to him in Space. The last play of the game they played him 1v1 with no Safety Help that would of been there all night long
  14. Jonah I forgot you know it ALL not just football 😂😂. Actually if you really wanna know that my Family so I get paid nothing to promote anything he does. I dont know more than Rick Mullins but they seemed to always get out coached when it matters. You get 2 Weeks to Game plan for Union and they didnt look prepared to me.
  15. I'm seeing a whole lot of hate for Trenton it seems like. You can only do so much especially when the coaching staffs game planning and play calling as Horrible as RV had last night. He had 120 Yds rushing 1 or 2 TDs (not counting all the yardage taken away from penalties) had close to or over 100 Yds Receiving and atleast 50 Yds in the return game. Not his normal but you cant say that's not a bad night an still almost won the game for them in the last seconds.
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