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  1. I must have hit pretty close to the mark. Then look at you, trying to once again be a keyboard gangster, after everyone from Union on her congratulated your team and wished them well. Then you do that. Heck, I even spoke to Lester after the game and told him how much fun he was to watch and wished him luck down the road and at the next level. I’ll PayPal you some lunch money young man. Sounds like yours was taken again.
  2. Graham came ready. Have heard nothing but good things about coach Palmer. Wish him luck down the road. The boys came ready. Obviously the horn didn’t bother them. Your false starts we’re by the player farthest from it. But I could see you being that kind of coach. Then get run out of town when your star qb or other player get injured and out (God forbid that happen). You need to quit being a b!tch and change your tampon. Your team was clearly the better team. If anything, it’s made those boys better playing in a loud environment. You are just a pathetic person. Jeez. We congratulate you guys and wish you well down the road. Your just a punk that prolly got his lunch money taken as a kid and now have the bravery of the internet to be a big man. Once again, congrats graham and Palmer. You can just crawl back home and look in the mirror and tell yourself “I told those Union people!” Next time have some testicular fortitude and come say something yourself.
  3. I go them from the gofan app. Had Union listed. At least they got the price right this week. Charged $10 last week stating that was the price across the board lol.
  4. That was 89. Appy beat TS on a kick the week prior. Billy Owens was the best kicker Appy ever had it could be argued. The Appy/burton game in 1990 was the brawl in the qtr. button lost state title game to king and Queen 21-20 on a missed two point conversion attempt. You’re correct about our kicking game haha.
  5. It’s the timing of it that runs most of us raw. Nothing was said when we were down 10-0. Once we went up 13-10 here comes the police on the ADs command. That was told to me by the officers themselves. I talked with them at halftime about it. They chose not to remove the fan, just have the air horn removed. It was a chump move.
  6. WOW. Just wow. Thanks @Union_Fan
  7. 2-0? I'd like to hear the story of that game. Defensive battle.
  8. Loud and proud. Home team AD has the final say. This come from the someone at the VH$L, not hearsay.
  9. We will just have our AD send the police and have them kicked out lol.
  10. Not sure of the season for Calhoun, but he had 14 yards on six carries Friday night.
  11. We had 110 yards in penalties. GC has just over 50. Wanna y’all about penalties anymore? Everyone feels their team gets hammered by the refs.
  12. I won’t disagree with most of this. Well layed out info here. I was just adding to the “my daddy can beat up your daddy” discussion lol.
  13. Correct. It’s a football thread. This whole argument is kinda moot. But going back to 1970 and looking at Richlands, Marion, graham, Tazwell, lebanon and Haysi (couldn’t remember if they were in the SWD). The SWD has 6 state titles. The M7 is a renamed LPD. Appalachia high school has 6 titles alone. Throw in PV’s 8, clintwood’s 4 and JJ Kelly and norton each with 1, that brings it to 20. These are rough state I quickly got from the four seasons page. Yes norton is the only one open still. But the history of the M7/LPD owns this little argument. It’s all for kicks and giggles. Safe travels graham. We will see y’all Friday night.
  14. So how is it fair that a college stadium is in the mix for best high school stadium. Were there others like that. Hardly seems fair to public school owned complexes to go against a college one.
  15. Not having key injuries would be a start. Lol. CJ played a tough gritty game last night!
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