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  1. Exactly! Agreed. Appy looked like that after week three of practice haha. It is what it is. Like what @Union's hammer said, Choo Choo.
  2. No apology needed pal. You can’t answer for others actions. Let us not forget that, as best I know, there were no injuries to either teams players 🙏🏻
  3. No room for whistles in football stands. Every town has their way of cheering for their team, be it with train horns and cowbells or just setting and golf clapping. Graham’s band played hard and loud in spite of low numbers. They played all the time during our offense being at the line. And during the winning FG. But that’s football. If you want to play in quiet, play chess. Gesh, this is high school football. We have sons, cousins and nephews playing. Cheer for them how you cheer. I was shocked at this. And like I mentioned, the timing of it was eye raising. But let this not take away from the hospitality our boys were shown. Fed them some good papa johns after the game. Nice jester guys. Much respect for that move. I’m guess the ad wasn’t involved with that move😂🤣
  4. Yes sir. I was there when the three officers approached our fans with the air horn. The officer asked them to take it to their vehicle. I spoke to the officers at halftime. They said the ad told them if he hears the horn again, he wants them escorted out. The officers had to play devils advocate. Grateful they’re we’re cool about it and only has them take the horn out. This is happened right after we went up 27-10. Sounds like someone was butt hurt and decided to try and be somebody. In in the end, glad it didn’t ruin a good game. Check that, a great game.
  5. That’s how I understood it. After the first flags came out, a graham player was bobbing his head and walking towards a couple of our players. I’m guessing they weren’t swapping Snapchat handles lol. That’s when the third penalty came out. I wasn’t on the field obviously so I can’t say if that was the reason. That definitely hurt the two point conversion attempt.
  6. Ol Dawg

    Mance 200

    Respect and congrats to Coach Mance!!!
  7. What. A. Game!!! Tip of the cap to graham. They never quit. Kept their heads cool and came back at us. Well played g-men!!! Congratulations to our Bears!
  8. Would love to maintain that momentum the second half. Man, graham is fast. Impressive.
  9. In an act of cowardice, the graham AD wanted a Union fan escorted out for blowing an AIR horn. Not a train horn. The officers did a solid and asked them to take it to their car. Was really shocked. The first half of the game was awesome. Both teams are working and graham has the speed to urn as advertised.
  10. I don't doubt that one bit. I've never been a fan of the former coaches. I feel like this bunch may be somewhat of an upgrade.
  11. This young man has had an amazing start! No question. But Ridgeview has yet to play anyone that is a traditional power. I mean no offense to Central with that. This years team may very well be the best they have ever had. If Adkins can put those numbers up against Abingdon and Union, then hold the phone because he could really make alot of noise. Looking forward to when we play them. But for now, I'm ready to head to WV and see what Mr Lester and co do this year.
  12. Im not drinking this Kool-aid. Sorry pal. They have a couple solid players. But I don't think they have a more talented roster than alot of teams. I'm no Burton fan, but they layed the lumber to a very bad Lee High team.
  13. That was the interpretation I got from a post a week or so ago. I could have easily misunderstood the posters comment. My post was going off how I thought it read. I’ve not watched them live or in film, so I’m not pretending to know haha. I hope it’s a good game and everyone is safe. No injuries would be a blessing.
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