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  1. Whats the schdule for saturday at UVA Wise
  2. I was texting with a guy from Appomattox and he said she may not be at the game if she doesnt make it back out of town from a Thanksgiving get together. Hopefully she makes it back.
  3. I can with everything you are saying. I was just responding to the one guy saying our schedule was weak. No one can control how other teams are going to play.
  4. I had a post written up and deleted it because I didn't want to give his stupidity the satisfaction of a response. No one can help weak schedules because they are made out a few years in advance.
  5. The only teams they could drop would be Fort Chiswell and Princeton. All others are District games except for Bluefield and Union and you cannot fix that over night. Also the SWD is down right now and we cannot help that either. You just have to play who is on the schedule and try an work on it when you have openings.
  6. Union keeping starters in is a joke!!
  7. Looks like the rain may be out of the way by kickoff.
  8. Wow!! I dont even seen that. The rain will slow us down a little and I really dont know what to expect. Graham is capable of a blowout but it is Union. Maybe 10-14 points at best Graham but I expect closer.
  9. Yes he did. Threw the pick 6 to #43.
  10. Hopefully nothing to heavy. Field was in good shape last year with all the rain so it should be good I would hope. I think it drains well.
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