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  1. I was surprised it took this long to hit the news. He told the kids in the locker room after the Appo game. As for timing, last year was supposed to be the state championship year but with the loss of 2 all-state and 2 all-region players to injuries, there just wasn't enough depth. They exceeded expectations the year before that. That group had dominated all through rec and JV. This senior class was pretty special but had several kids who decided not to play. I'm sure he wanted to see what he could do with and for them. Next year the team will have talent but will be really young. Matthew is a really good person and has been coaching for 30 years so I'm sure he has had plenty. Sometimes you just need a break. I'm concerned about who they get to replace him. I personally don't have much faith in the Radford AD.
  2. This really became hilarious as they had Radford scheduled which got cancelled and then Radford was available and they wouldn't play them even though it would be in district and could get points with a victory. I'm sure Richlands wishes Carroll would have played Radford.
  3. I thought the exact same thing. Multiple opptys to run with 10-15 yds in front of him and then throw a questionable pass. Don't know if that is what he was told to do. he was 10-25 on the day with 3 ints. He's got a strong arm but I don't see the accuracy to be a pocket passer. Radford couldn't get much pressure with 2 starting DEs not playing so he had lots of time. Richlands receivers also couldn't create separation which didn't help him.
  4. IMO Carroll County didn't want to risk a loss which might take them out of the playoffs. There is no logical reason they couldn't play. I'm glad Radford gets to have that extra game.
  5. Correct. Only lose Jon Woods (6pts and 8 boards/game) but will have the Prioleau kid back and 6-5 Mabry kid should be back. If they had the Prioleau kid this year, they would have made it to the finals undefeated. Probably still don't beat JM but would've been fun. The four Juniors (Cormany, Kanipe, Prioleau, McManus) have only lost 5 games since Middle School (4 this year and GC two years ago.) With Prioleau that would probably been only 2 total to GC 2 yrs ago and JM this year. The Radford JV only lost 1 game and has some talent. Should make a run next year, maybe have a down year then reload for a couple more.
  6. Even through Radford didn't make to the final, they lost 2 D1 prospects and 7 seniors total from last years team and still almost made it back to the championship. Someone said it before "Coaching means everything"
  7. Some mentioned that it was crazy that video of the Radford games was being posted on youtube and they thought it was crazy they did that. I was pointing out it wasn't Radford coaches but someone that is not part of the school or team.
  8. Those are videoed and posted by a relative of one of the players so coaches don't have control. I don't think they care for it but can't stop it.
  9. As a Radford fan that was probably a foul but they didn't call another 15 on Central earlier in the game so none of this matters. Central's #22 should have been ejected from the game for running through two screens and aggressively shoving both players. 32 should've have had a technical for the disrespect he showed the refs when called for fouls. the 2 fouls on #34 for Radford in the first half were terrible. I've watched the clock, light and horn on the end shot and it is close but I think it was right. If 32 makes that last free throw then this doesn't matter. One call doesn't decide the game.
  10. All the ones I saw on the video were flagged as they should have been but they were dirty plays and need to stop. It's going to take someone getting hurt and then the VHSL and schools getting sued before it is stopped.
  11. That flag was for too many men on the field and it the film confirms it should have been enforced. Floyd had more penalties than Radford and majority were late or blindside shots. Need to start kicking kids and coaches off the field when that starts happening. it was very bad.
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