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  1. At Holden Beach right now! In laws own a place on the island. Been coming here almost 25 years. Love it as a family destination. Close enough to get to Myrtle...without having to be at Myrtle!
  2. Wells, Davis, 3 or four other assistants, and possibly someone out of the Smyth County area.
  3. I grew up in Wyoming County, WV. I watched us go from 6 high schools in 1991 to two. Consolidation is never an easy decision. There are always pros and cons to it. Wyoming East and Westside have both transitioned fairly well and have had a great deal of success in all sports. The academic opportunities that consolidation provides are often a great aspect of such a move as well.
  4. I wouldn't call it Tazewell, Graham, or Richlands. I would opt for Clinch River High at one end and Clinch Mountain High at the other end of the county.
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