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  1. my opinion his strength, skill level and basketball knowledge wasn't up to par at a bigger school!!! seems to be injury prone as well!!
  2. heard this week that he will be lacing them up at UVA wise next year!!!
  3. i think there is more to it than daddy ball, as long as the overall population continues to decline so will the athletics programs
  4. yeah exactly, when i was in school we would have had nothing but a practice of exhaustion or puking!!! why fire Brian though, he can't control what others do on their phones in their own time!! makes no sense
  5. I was told this afternoon there are some issues with the Baseball team!! I heard Brian Summers has been released as coach and several players will be suspended for several games. Something to do with text messages!! Possible Hazing. It should come out in the next few days!!
  6. I think Battle will take the District Championship as well!!!
  7. i would not be at all surprised if battle takes the M7 this year with Gibson out!!!
  8. https://roanoke.com/sports/high-school/radford-high-coach-calls-for-change-after-john-marshall-wins-state-title-by-57-points/article_8f280924-c0e3-11ed-aca5-e3238ed62913.html
  9. it will come down to pitching in that one
  10. also no charges have been file as of that article but the incident was under investigation and would be concluded by Wednesday!!
  11. I have heard that a complaint has been filed with the Richlands Police Dept. if this is true not sure a 3 game and 1 year suspension would mean anything
  12. somebody should call Tri-Cities Busted and tell them to double the copies in Richlands area next week
  13. I heard there was more altercations in the parking lot after the game, has anybody heard if there was a complaint for criminal charges??
  14. I can remember those lines, I stood in them in the 90's for the region D tourneys a bunch of times, Council and Twin Springs were top notch regional games back then, In the late 90's early 00's Council and Haysi had as good a rivalry as any!! Both were top 5 in the State and in the same district!!! I can still see Council Elem and Clincho Elem pack to the rafters!!
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