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  1. buff's i do not know if any plan on playing at the next level
  2. grayson waddle, jadon booth, jonas lane for abingdon, sad for these three, they have worked hard over the last 10 yrs
  3. i spoke to a local AD this week and he is pretty sure spring sports will not happen this year at all
  4. my beef here wasnt as much with the kids picks as the coach's, but my point with the players is this, you should not be given a spot just because your a senior, that means nothing, it should be based on your performance during the season and your teams performance during the season, that is why i mentioned union players on here, they did a lot more than was expected and should have been rewarded, politics always plays a role in these teams, as far as the coach i can see the point of union girls coach winning the region d coy based that his team did actually win the region, but i think the state championship should have a lot of weight on these selections personally
  5. Kory did a great job at union this year but when you win a state championship you are coach of the year district, region and state sorry, peyton carter was player of the year in district by herself, no one else was even close to her talents sorry
  6. its a joke because McAmis is not the coach of the year, he didn't beat GC, he let abingdon beat his team on his home court and Vermillion made the championship game, this is a joke, Gavin Austin is better or as good as half the first team and didn't make first team and only one player from Union made the first team all region d, come on same thing goes for the all district team with union, , pure joke
  7. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/vhsl-class-boys-basketball-gate-city-s-scott-vermillion-questions/article_ef6aead0-64da-11ea-b608-8ba1a2d0b139.html
  8. how can someone cry and complain in national press about transfers and other basketball leagues when their own program has had transfers from local area next door to them for years and years and their own players have benefited from this same organization, you got your tail spanked live with it, single a didn't complain 20+ yrs ago when your double aa school dropped down so you could win state championships, only problem is you got your tail handed to you then also lol what a joke
  9. i think it is their year, i think they will cut the nets down in richmond, mcnulty came back from off season knee ligament surgery to play this year, remarkable
  10. GC benefited by having to go through regon c to the finals, until the vhsl changes this to a rotation the region d will always have a good shot at making it to the finals
  11. the winner of gc v union has a legit shot at bringing it home in my opinion, i doubt there is a league in va as tough as the M7 to compete in during this past year
  12. by not calling a foul in that situation the ref's did actually decide the outcome of the game, that awarded it to radford, the foul should have been called regardless of the time on the clock, the foul could have been the difference in the shot actually being released in time ref's in southwest va are horrible
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