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  1. i think there is more to this than just FB or snapchat,
  2. $10 is still high for high school basketball game,
  3. my bet that is for the days games, if you look there are 4 days so that would be $40, giving you a $5 discount to buy it up front
  4. is she the same young lady who just won state CC???
  5. The VHSL doesn't care, they're not going to do anything that will make them spend money, This transfer BS needs to be stopped and teams guilty of it held accountable,
  6. Just saw in the paper that he had surgery after being taken to ER from injury in his game against Lee, Lets all hope and pray for a speedy and full recovery!!! I hate to see these kids get hurt doing what they love..
  7. dont forget the flu bug had to impact the union vs GC game today, players got IV's but i'm sure they were drained after this game
  8. more egos in the bleachers at abingdon is more like it
  9. you can take Gate City out of that Wise/Gate City comment above, its Wise Central and everybody else in girls. Abingdon is young but will be improved also they are without seymour until after the first of the year, Union keeps having players quit, heard 2 more quit in the past week, I wouldn't count out Ridgeview, Jon Sutherland has brought a young group into their program that has been playing together and winning together and they will only get better!!
  10. was told today that possible 1/2 of Unions team could miss this game due to the flu, the honaker kid from abingdon, has been sick the past couple weeks with it as well, spreading like wildfire
  11. Just saw that they would not have a boys varsity basketball team this upcoming season, they do have a JV team and schedule and have plans to have varsity again next season,
  12. i am going with Lebanon, love what this team has done with their new coach,
  13. homefield advantage means everything, i have this as a toss up, 24-20 either or
  14. pocy didn't leave until the mid to late 90's, Rasnake's, Ratliff and Breeding competed with them for district championships a couple years, Pocy could have easily won the football the first year, Boys basketball and Softball are the only ones i was sure of,
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