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  1. work has already began on the sports complex. we hold our summer farmers market there on that lot and we have had to move to the upper end for this year, buildings have been demolished, equipment is on site. looks like a great thing for tazewell, too bad there is nothing else there
  2. i would not be surprised to see players leave ridgeview now,
  3. GC assistant Darren Reed interviewed for the ridgeview job as well
  4. mike owens interviewed for the job as well
  5. i personally think this was more of we see the writing on the wall, the republicans had a stranglehold on the state legislatures in va for years, since 2016 the dem's seized control and it was their attempt to stop the bleeding of voters so they could try to hang onto power, i do believe that if the dem's had not won both houses in state of va that no republicans would have jumped on board to support Medicaid expansion
  6. JJ Gulley from pulaski, his dad played at Ervington and Haysi in the 80's
  7. not today i dont think so, with the direction programs are going nobody wants to put the effort in to try and build something back to the glory days,
  8. lebanon is not as good as people have said, they should win their district and prob the region though
  9. he gave the generic version of wanting to spend more time with his family, i dont think he was forced out, i think this was his decision
  10. Randall Martin has been promoted to head coach of the lady falcons as of today, Coach Martin has been an assistant at abingdon for years. I think this is his first high school head job back since stepping down from Council High in the 90's
  11. vhsl will do nothing, they will stay away from any controversy. the vhsl has shown they want no legal fights and will not do anything that will require them to have to face any legal challenges, the vhsl is about money and how much they can make, they care nothing about the kids, what is right, fairness or equal competition.. it is time for them to be replaced
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