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  1. Hurley and Grundy will play twice this season — October 8th at the Cliff and October 22 at Grundy. Those schedules were the spring schedules
  2. Buchanan County Public Schools numbers have declined for the past three months. In January alone they lost 15 students and they lost 6 in December and 6 in November Grades 9-12 Hurley has 190; Twin Valley has 169; Council has 95 and Grundy has 374
  3. The total enrollment for Buchanan County Public Schools High School's is 828 students as of January 31
  4. The board will be required to make a final decision by April. The vote was 4-2-1. Hurricane District board member abstained. Knox District and Garden District board members voted in opposition to it.
  5. VirginiaPreps.com has Grundy listed as the number 1 team in the State at Class 1 A. After watching them play several times this year including a 30 point dismantle of Honaker last night I have to agree. Who are your top 5 teams in Region D and C boys and girls?
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