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  1. Believe Coach Compton was our DC down here on Wells staff. Not totally sure
  2. Could be wrong on that though
  3. I don’t know names so I wouldn’t be much help there but I’m pretty sure at least 2 did.
  4. As some that’s in Mooresville I personally have no idea if anyone here is going with him. If I was going to assume I would think the ones that came with him from Blacksburg May be in play to go with him to Richlands. But that’s just me purely speculating
  5. Congrats to Coach Wells. It’s always a special opportunity to be able to go home and lead the program you played for. Although your time in Mooresville was brief, the adversity you led our team and community through last season, with the loss of one of our warriors, we couldn’t thank you enough! Nothing but love and respect to you coach. Best wishes to you and your family up there. You’ll always be considered a part of the Blue Devil family
  6. Anyone heard anything out of the meeting?
  7. Ahhh yes Hough. We do not like them in Mooresville lol
  8. Got ya. To give you an idea of the conference Mooresville competes in... 2 seasons ago... there was a point as conference play began, 6 of the 8 teams were ranked in the state top 25. Lol.
  9. Is Richlands no good? Idk a thing about them
  10. There hasn’t been a single word of his departure in Mooresville. None that I have heard around town anyway.
  11. Random but should Wells get the Richlands job... would love to see a Mooresville/Richlands home and home series start up for football. That would be fun haha
  12. Haven’t heard anything down here in my neck of the woods. But if Wells does get it, seems like a good move from a family perspective.
  13. One thing I will say, in regards to our 2019 season...from the outside looking in he did a solid job keeping our kids focused through what was unquestionably the most difficult year of our football programs history. We kinda dropped the ball in the playoffs... but it happens. We took the current 4AA State Champs (highest class in NC) to a 20-14 OT loss at UNC Charlotte. We kept our head above water competing in the most difficult conference by a mile in NC. Should wells get this job back in VA, Mooresville will be highly sought after.
  14. Oh trust me there’s been loads of speculation down this way over the last 2 weeks or so. Wells is a tough one to project because he keeps his cards close to his chest.
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