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  1. I "protested police brutality against rapists" by taking my family to the beach at the end of July. Magically protected from the 'rona in the process...
  2. I'll try to tone down my language I guess. I come from the "mean streets" (lol!!! I say this jokingly) of vapreps where I had a handful of people try to justify the rioting because "white people better learn!" to another guy saying that it was 100% okay that a county (of 150,000 people) out in Oregon only targeted white and asian people with mask mandates, threatened with steep fines, because "black lives matter!". I showed concern early on about how it seemed that numbers were being artificially inflated.. and got attacked and had the post removed because a certain Salem fan said I was a conspiracy theorist. Etc.. etc... etc... blah blah blah The same ones complaining on here about my tone.. I watched them gang up on a James Monroe fan a few weeks back as being a "hick" so yea I havent held back on these same people.
  3. Yep. And that is what concerns me with this situation. Everything from the way it was politicized from the beginning to the obvious inflating of numbers to the blatant disregard when it came to rioting, etc..etc.. it all is just so.. off. Something about the whole situation just does not sit right with me. I've stated my fears that they'll target one race, religion or group at some point with this stuff. And just look at how these riots are going now. It's coming sooner or later.
  4. Well, no one is forcing you to read what I have to say. I do feel that the area I live in gives me a unique perspective on events here in Virginia. And, whether you like it or not, as this area goes so goes the rest of the state. I saw the mando-masks coming back in March as this area went full-on socialist. I held out and still hold out on masks. Being originally from western Virginia I do care about what happens there even now. So I will state my views on things related to Virginia. I was 100% correct on the coming mask mandates. I'm being proven right on the mandatory vaccines currently and I fear I'll be right on the coming repurcussions of a Trump reelection. And there is no "know it all" mentality involved. I've watched how my local government acts here and since Northam pretty much drinks northern Virginias bath water you can easily tell what is going to happen down the line. One of the biggest issues you and your cohorts have is you believe all these lockdowns are being done "for the good of the people". I see it for what it is, punishment. Punishment because "orange man bad". If you do not like that, feel free to press ignore button. Otherwise I'll just "annoy" you some more.
  5. I'm not the one whining about "the good ol' days when no one showed their political leanings". Not once have I ever demanded a post be removed because of someones beliefs. Can you say the same?
  6. Political leanings were always obvious. You just liked them more when those opinions only mirrored your own.
  7. We'll see dude. It was already announced the other day that once a vaccine is available Virginia would make it mandatory for everyone. Now will they go through with that? I do not know and I do believe they'd have quite a battle on their hands. But yea, I totally expect Ralph and Co. to punish Virginia hard once Trump wins reelection, or at least attempt to.
  8. Well.. our governor DID let people out of jail for COVID fears. And one of the people he allowed out went back and murdered his accuser here in Alexandria. As far as throwing people in jail for not following orders? Has not happened here in Virginia... yet. Has it happened in other states? Oh yea. Think Ralphie would never, ever follow suit? I'm sorry that concept does not make sense to you. I've tried to simplify my posts down to yours and HB7's level. I'll try even harder next time as it's obvious it went over both of your heads.
  9. If Trump wins, and lets be honest with ourselves, there is a very good chance that will happen... 100% expect Northam to come down hard on us. Especially if Virginia goes red.. now, if that happens you can expect a total lockdown. Expect fines, curfews, jail time, leftist encouraged riots across Norfolk and Richmond, etc.
  10. https://www.wric.com/news/virginia-news/virginia-commissioner-of-health-plans-to-mandate-coronavirus-vaccinations-once-available-to-public/ And there you go. Think something else might be at play here?
  11. In your minds you still havent lost 2016.
  12. Umm, pushing for universal mail in voting by the left is, as you say, A POLITICAL MOVE. In fact, your beloved idols were already pushing for it right after this virus flared up.. without supposedly knowing anything about the virus at the time. Yet, they were already politicizing it.
  13. The USPS has been a mess for years. Even your lord and savior obama pointed that out. Besides, we do not need mail in voting anyway. Just "wear your f'ing mask" and go vote in person. Seems to work for looting and rioting so just claim that you're going to a "George Floyd protest" and go vote. 100% safe from this virus as stated by multiple leftist rags.
  14. Since not one of you leftists care to discuss the hate crime murder of 5 year old Cannon Hinnant, perhaps you'd like to discuss this hate crime instead? https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1295237299916038145 This is what you get if you vote for democrats at this point. And the death of George Floyd? A leftist majority city, leftist mayor, leftist AG, leftist governor.
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