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  1. Hats off to the Union Bears. Those kids played like gaged possessed animals yesterday. No quit in them and they really play with tons of emotion and intensity. That's a reflection of pride in their programs history (PV-Appy) and it's a reflection of their Head Coach. That game with Central is one I will surely watch. Should be a fantastic game. With only 12 minute quarters in High School Football, if you can stop the run and then run it well offensively, the game is shortened and it gives you a chance. Union did exactly that and they just clearly weren't going through the motions. That bunch came to Mitchell Stadium to play.
  2. That Calpreps projection is not yet updated from the games on Friday and Saturday (this weekend). Monday afternoon, the projections will be updated reflecting this weekends games.
  3. LOL, that's the kicker and funny part to me. Union fans have talked about how well it was executed (and rightly so), but that AGAIN goes back to Graham and mental toughness. Mental toughness is a certain character and concentration in ALL phases of the game, before the game starts and how you behave and during the game, preparation, etc. Mental toughness or LACK of it is putting on the new shiney uniforms which may scare Lebanon (no offense) but they don't scare Union or Bluefield. Worry should be in how you play and prepare, not how you look. The 1950's through 1980's are over, you can no longer "fake out" a team on your last play with the old pitch left or pitch right and win the game from 60 yds out on the last play on a run UNLESS you are playing a team that doesn't seem to like concentrating on every play. That's mental toughness. You clearly tell your kids on defense to set the edge. Those very under the table, little tiny letdowns in concentration that Graham is so prone to having caught up with them....again. It's that simple. You could see the emotion from Union's kids when they come out of the locker room. You could see it when they were down 7-0 and driving on Graham that they wanted the game more. Mental toughness or lack of it, the perfect example today on NFHS.
  4. Kind of.....it also matters that the winner will play Appomattox
  5. Ok, if that is your excuse, ok. Union also has lots of sophomores. You and I both know why they lost. We aren't fooling anyone by blaming youth.
  6. Graham has a problem with mental toughness I know, they won the state title two years ago and credit them, but they have a mental toughness problem. It starts with their star player not playing today because of Mental Toughness. It's why he made the decision he made that allowed him to not be on the field. You could see which team wanted more when Graham was u 7-0 and Union come storming back down the field. It was a GIVEN if you know football. 90 plus percent of the time, the mentally tougher team wins. Graham's ole nemesis, not Union, but lack of mental toughness jumped up and bit them again today.
  7. Bus Driver isn't in the picture. Union just ended their season exactly like I told you they would
  8. There is something deeply wrong with #44 from Union. Something just ain't right man.
  9. QB about to throw an INT, wait for it.
  10. Panic setting in with Grahams offense. Their offensive staff is completely shook.
  11. Major Mistake by Union right here. Should line up and go for two. You've gashed Graham on the ground and they are gassed and have no answer. If you go for two right there, you lead by 1 point.
  12. Absolutely gashing Graham on the ground. Graham has no answer for it.
  13. Wow, Union just got away with pass interference. I mean....clear as day the defender was early and simply no call by the official.
  14. About those bus driver jokes? What did I tell you at 7-7 in first qtr? Graham was in trouble and Union would win.
  15. Union's number 44 seems like a very tough kid by watching, but also a couple of beers short of a six pack.
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