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  1. The Bluefield New’s paper mentioned they are offering to seniors instead of selling to the public.
  2. It would be kind of cool if one of them used Varmints as a mascot, given the history of the Burke’s Garden Varmint.
  3. How much cooler would it be if people added another O instead of an S.
  4. I think you can scheme Bradshaw out by putting more in coverage. Tazewell was very effective with this. However, the hard part for Union will be scheming Fritz out. Graham is young but stout up front. I don’t see Union disrupting their running game. If Fritz makes it to the 2nd level he is a different type of back. The secondary will have their hands full bringing him down. I think if Graham scores 21, it’s gets the job done.
  5. In Bruno’s defense, I think 24k magic may cure covid. It was either that or aquarium cleaner. I will have to recheck Facebook.
  6. Penalties or not, Graham by 2 touchdowns. Watching Union vs Central, I think Union will struggle to move the ball against Graham’s Dline (similar to their last playoff contest). Now Graham vs the winner of Central/Tazewell will be a game.
  7. Good luck with that and if true, great strategy on making friends your first year. Especially since it’s highly unlikely either team gets past the first round.
  8. I heard from a reliable source (my imagination) that they were all going to let Richland’s in until Union reminded everyone about the Blue Tornados trampling their band in 2017. All the principals started chanting “Remember the Band” and changed their vote to Union. It was the classy thing to do.
  9. Appo would lose by three touchdowns. They should be favored over any Tazewell team but beating combined team is crazy. There is no team in 2A that could handle a mix of Graham and Tazewell’s lines. Not to mention you would have Webb, Bradshaw, and Jordan at wideout. Put down the pipe man, it’s to early to smoke the devils lettuce and make crazy posts.
  10. Good News!!! So we can all quit this arguing and move on to more important things (I suggest the Middle East peace crisis)I have devised the perfect way to settle this. Since Graham is the only undefeated team they should get a spot. The final spot should be decided on the field! I propose Tazewell vs Richlands at Ernie Hicks stadium on 3/13/21. Winner takes all.
  11. Easy to answer. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella isn’t a current pandemic in the US. The likely hood of catching it isn’t great even if you are unmasked and unvaccinated because of the level of vaccination in the population and their is virtually no pool of disease to spread from. The reason they still advise to mask even when vaccinated is because the vaccines were not studied to prevent infection only disease. We are just now getting data on if the vaccine prevents infection. Long story short when the vaccines rolled out there were no data of if vaccinated people get the disease and are asymptomatic. As they know more they will adjust the guidelines. They already adjusted the guidelines for COVID exposure if you are fully vaccinated.
  12. Graham has some tough kids. Graham’s oline is well coached as well. They move Meadows around on the oline to create match ups they want. Their guards always do a great job in pulling as well. I think the other thing to keep in minds is that Graham does a good job of rotating guys in and out on the D-line. If Tazewell’s linemen are playing both ways that could explain the drop off.
  13. I think if Tazewell and Graham meet again it’s a different game. Graham had a very young o-line playing against seniors. They seemed to get their confidence in the 2nd half. Graham’s Oline was dominant from half time on. Although Tazewell had good coverage and they schemed to take the big play away, they got no pressure. Blevins gashed them running it up the middle. I think Graham’s O-line is going to make it tough for anyone else to have success in the region for the next couple of years.
  14. The QB will be Brayden Meadows. I don’t know the difference in arm strength or accuracy, but would be an upgrade as far as running the ball. I think he has three rushing touchdowns this year.
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