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  1. In all fairness. Someone more qualified than me should be considered. I am just a fan who loves football and hotdogs from the concession stand. If I was a coach, I would run the annexation of Puerto Rico.
  2. No sir... I forgot my user name and password into my rooskie account.
  3. Has Richlands posted a opening for the position?
  4. Liked to see narrows get the W tomorrow and play riverheads eventually in state title. I think 1C will beat 1D whoever wins galax and narrows
  5. Had a conversation with someone who played for the single wing for Harry Ragsdale in Narrows back in 58 and he said the key to their success was the lineman and their blocking schemes. Great conversation.
  6. Since a lot of teams focus on the spread now a days, does the single wing or wing T play an advantage with giving less preparation?
  7. Have to be careful with bringing people from outside, tendency to jump ship. Unless some sort of ties to the area.
  8. I just wonder if Richlands will go with a veteran coach, or the will they go with another young offensive minded coach.
  9. A lot of times they don’t post positions.
  10. I wonder how soon of an announcement will come? I mean you start your season in around 10-11 weeks.
  11. I agree. He is a stud. He is tougher than me for sure. That is what makes a special football player, ones that get back up and succeed. I think his dad the coach has had a great impact on him too. Tazewell never gets no love.
  12. I think he will be. A lot of people have to adjust the first year.
  13. Rooskie has got them set up to be a legendary offense.
  14. Will that QB be starting next year for them @Gridiron60
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