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  1. 04 or 07 hands down . Both of those teams were built to play through injuries, none of the teams in Mercer could keep up wasn’t even close. Both teams defensively had the ability to take your best player/players out of the game stat-impact wise . In 04 the signature game was vs Weir at Mitchell winner goes to State vs Wayne the way the defense kept getting stops and turnovers consistently was one incredible display of defense executed to a T. 07 that team had a lot of underrated weapons, but when Will Cole chose to play for bluefield it was like his and Ansel’s chemistry just kept growing day by day. The 07 signature game had to be vs William Campbell or Richlands both of those games that year really came down to bluefields last drive, but each time Will and that offense did what great offenses do and thats move the chains and win the important downs when needed most. I would do anything to go back and sit in those bleachers just to relive it all over again and I wouldn’t change anything about either year/games mentioned.
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