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  1. Phoebus does have a beach a few blocks away. Buckroe Beach. Kind like where the Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roadstead (aka Roads), and Atlantic Ocean meet just north of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. To be honest I would avoid the Phoebus area and Buckroe Beach for the crime.
  2. If they do then they do. This is more wishful thinking than it is a prediction. I guess we should take the word of a guy who claimed Central was a football school.
  3. Well considering they have about 5 girls basketball state championships, calling them a girls basketball school isn’t far off. Considering their 53-63 program record in football, it’s safe to say they’re not a football school .
  4. Wise is a situation you’ll avoid if you’re wise.
  5. I would rather lose fair and square than lose with home cooking. Home cooking is what you get when you are a Virginia team playing in Kentucky. I remember the PV/Breathitt County games. Who can forget the Union at Middlesboro debacle in 2013? Ridiculous.
  6. Personally I am done with Kentucky teams. If you’re going to play out of state, play Tennessee teams. Decent ones. Ones that we could beat at least 5/10 times. Don’t want D-B, Science Hill, or West Ridge. I wouldn’t do Elizabethton either. Just keep them as a scrimmage Cherokee on a good season would be good. Thing is Cherokee has been horrible the last few years. Volunteer we would win 8-9/10. We would beat Cocke County 10/10 times. They’re awful. Greeneville would slaughter us 9/10 times. Tennessee High would be back and forth. We had a couple of thrillers against Morristown-West. PV used to play Seymour, which is in Sevier County. That series kind of reeked. If we wanted a Battle of the Bears then why not play Sevier County? Lol Didn’t we almost play Science Hill.
  7. Was it not good? I mean, Nick Saban coached at Michigan State 10 years before he coached at Bama and MSU was mostly middle of the road at that time. Look at him now. And as a Tennessee fan I can’t stand the man. Belichick coached the Browns in the early 90s and the Browns didn’t do that good.
  8. Hence: very possible. My post was pointing out the hilarious irony of a Riverheads fan calling 2A soft.
  9. Who cares what Giles begged and cried for? Who cares what Riverheads asked for? Riverheads conveniently lost numbers when they were redistricting. You made THIS post. You were calling 1A and 2A soft. Then, I pointed out the fact that Riverheads couldn’t win state in 2A when they competed as a 2A school, which is probably where they should be right now anyway. Would they win 2A right now? Very possible. But that’s not the point.
  10. Yet Riverheads failed to win state in 2A when they were 2A.
  11. Wise fielded decent teams. But since the 80s, good or great seasons were few and far between. They’d have a 2 or 3 year cycle of decent seasons and then fall back down.
  12. I didn’t realize a successor had to meet his predecessor. Wheeler got ripped off.
  13. I would imagine that most are essentially the same, just home and away switched.
  14. 96 was loaded. Their only blemish was state semis against Brookville where they lost 13-12. 99, 10-0, lost to Brookville in state semis. 00, 10-0, lost to Rustburg in state semis. 01, 8-2, dropping opener to Richlands 28-0, losing 41-35 to PV. They avenged the PV loss in the playoffs and lost 17-3 to Floyd County in state semis. 02, 10-0, dropped state semis against George Wythe. 08 and 09 they went 8-2 and 9-1 respectively and lost to Lebanon in second round of playoffs both seasons.
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