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  1. who is going to win the most games and which player will have a big potential?
  2. I feel like this has been a week with less cancellations. Who is all playing? Does anyone know a good place to find a schedule for the season games each week?
  3. Glad you see the future, what’s the powerball numbers next week?
  4. Harris was going up against a powerhouse of team. He did very well. The kid has freakish athletic ability and you still have to be able to make catches from the quarterback who is a freshman and doing a wonderful job by the way. There is more work than just catching the ball. I am sure he gets double teamed as well. And yeah Tazewell can parade down any street they want to. I see a lot of jealousy from people that are trash talking high school kids. Get a life! He is a baller and va tech has every right to look at him. Also if they player is open, throw him the ball. Coach Harris talks more about the other kids than his own son in the interviews. Great coach and a cool guy to be around. Can’t handle with the dogs , get off the porch.
  5. Watch Thad wells and uva football
  6. Who is playing this week? I can’t keep up with all the movements!
  7. Uva man is right. Railyard Giles county love that place but go slow through there.
  8. What is on the slate tonight? I know narrows and chilhowie, giles-GW, Tazewell-Mount View, Graham-Richlands… who else?
  9. So Blacksburg is traveling to Grundy? Is that right?
  10. I think it will be a high scoring game and think the dogs pull it out. Player of game Mr. Harris. Junior and has elite catching skills.
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