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  1. I really don't see this either the O'Quinn kid is the by far the best qb in the area got it all height speed and arm also seems to have amazing knowledge and reads. No way in another offense he RB. He is why they talk about Beaver and Hill, him being able to move outside the pocket while always looking downfield until someone gets open is why they are so dangerous. Granted when he gets it there they can catch it but that because he moved to get them open.
  2. If you put both districts together who the best team out of the two is it GMen or Ridgeview is what I am wondering?
  3. so you have tazewll beating Ridgeview? and what the jv and 7-8 grade levels.
  4. I guess I should give mine first. 7/8 grade has to go with Central Jv according if sykes bostic and chandler kids play jv again i have to say union wins all the jv games varsity im going with ridgeview as long as oquinn and beavers come back over the GMen.
  5. Just wondering everyone take on which teams are the best in the southwest district and mt 7 in the following. 7/8 grade? Jv? Varsity?
  6. Didn't someone on here say Tazwell got a lot of good players coming up through the middle school division? Watched them play the G men on nfhs um maybe I am missing something.
  7. I am with you on this Tazewell will only beat the teams there supposed to be the others well they get smashed.
  8. Well is Richlands getting some new players from Ridgeview.
  9. Has anyone figured out what's going on at Ridgeview coach wise?
  10. Do you all predict Tazewell to go 5-5 or less next season?
  11. Be nice to see a mixture of something other than the wing don't know if the will have the personnel to run it. Maybe if they run a lot more mix direction and some backside plays might get away with it but not been that way so far.
  12. Central was not very good at stopping teams that passed the ball a lot except for Tazwell. They got destroyed by Central defensively they put up huge yards against teams they should have just like anyone could have.
  13. I am still going with O'Quinn as number 1 in southwest va no one even close to his ability to move, read, and deliver an accurate pass anywhere he wants. Second best Qb is Pendergraft from Lee county, Lee had no one mainly freshman and sophomore's on the team and he still put up the yards and for another freshman Qb he done awesome a lot of his passes hit players right in the numbers just didn't have many targets that could haul it in.
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