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  1. Anyone know how goochlands qb is
  2. Just wear a big trench coat and carry a cow bell under it
  3. Yes you can watch both the away side us the side across from parking lot
  4. My wife and I are coming in from staunton for the game on Saturday to support the gmen so hope many from swva will also
  5. Ok i have a question did anyone else notice the head ref in the white hat during the national anthem did not remove his hat
  6. Guess graham is the goats ass huh lol well if we bring home the title will gladly be that.
  7. Welli am in th stands on the 40 yard line with a Florida state jacket on flag side
  8. You should look me up so i can pester you more lol
  9. I been setting here in the handicap parking for 20 min what took you so long to get here lol
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