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  1. Coach Carlock would not schedule any single A teams period. It did not matter if they were 5 minutes away and were 10 time champions.
  2. With todays numbers, it would be 791 total 9-12. By time school is built 725.
  3. If the Corp of Engineers is going to had you a check for 236 million, there should be thoughts of JOY!!!
  4. Johnson Central also from Paintsville playing in AAAA finals next week. Eastern Kentucky strong showing again.
  5. Buchanan County has FOUR single A schools. Put them together and you have 750 at the most🤦🏻‍♂️!
  6. Twin Valley boys did not play PH on 12/11.
  7. Who is complaining? Just made a comment. 2 of the 5 starters are not from Grundy.
  8. They had a darn good recruiting year from Wythe County and Russell County.
  9. Bluefield 659-326 would count as most by a city.
  10. All Vocational schools are Federal and State money . All the salaries are funded by state and federal, no local money. The only thing county is on hook for is the upkeep and utilities. Would be crazy to close it. The school should be generating money through their programs. Greenhouses, carpentry all are big money makers!
  11. Dickenson County got close to 100,000 million from the Core of Engineers for flood proofing, similar to the town of Grundy. The remainder of 15 million that Dickenson County had to come up with has crippled the county plus the operating expenses. On a side note Buchanan County has close to 60 million on table from the core to flood proof a couple of schools or build. Trouble is , politics can not decide to consolidate!!!
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