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  1. I think JR1 sports could broadcast the game...they did the first Beaver/Princeton game.
  2. Sounds like you are talking about the WVSSAC...lol.
  3. Apparently, Fairmont Senior thinks they have already won the game.
  4. The precedent has already been established...even a VHSL state championship game has been played there.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up...I forgot about Nicholas County.
  6. Is it also true the reason they have a hard time picking up some local AAA teams like Beckley is because they are banned from playing teams that were in the conference that they dropped out of for five years?
  7. I believe it is because they don't play enough AAA schools. The WVSSAC mandates that you must play at least six teams that are in the same classification or higher as you. Princeton has five AA schools on there schedule this year. The AA schools are Bluefield, Oak Hill, Tazewell, Graham, and James Monroe.
  8. My friend was making a reference that the only way Princeton can host a playoff game is when other teams use there stadium. Princeton went 1-9 last year so they didn't make the playoffs, and on rare occasions that they do, it is always on the road due to their low seedings in the playoffs.
  9. This is why Princeton is a losing football program among other issues. I recall in 2017 I believe, when during the WVSSAC football playoffs their was a possibility that Bluefield was going to have to play their game at Princeton due to Bluefield College having a scheduled game at Mitchell at the same time. Fortunately the issue was resolved and it didn't happen. I had a friend on Facebook say that Princeton almost achieved their ultimate dream of hosting a home playoff game. I thought that was funny.
  10. I can't take credit for it...I just did what Ed Forsey told me to do. Ed is the man.
  11. This happened to me back in july...try deleting cookies from your computer or phone and resign in.
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