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  1. They might've just wanted to add a little spice to their story. Not that they'd do that on Facebook....
  2. I read on Facebook where a family was riding around on a golf cart in Cherry Grove and a car came by them and started egging them. They also had a 5 month old baby on board. When witnesses tried to chase the car down, they allegedly pulled an AR-15 on them. I'll stick to Surfside for now. Speaking of Surfside, swing by Bubba's Fish Shack and try the blackened Mahi. You're welcome in advance.
  3. We were walking out and some of their folks were standing along the fence and one said "if we had played the entire game like the 4th quarter we would've killed them". For those that remember OleTob, he had no filter or the strength to remain silent. So he said "yeah it's possible if we had played our 2nd and 3rd string all 4 quarters except for the 4th". One of them pulled it out of his coat as we were walking away but apparently he noticed the Scott County deputies at the end of the fence. Probably didn't help when my brother asked them "who do y'all play next week?". Good times.
  4. Magna Vista came to GC expecting to win and got smacked in the mouth also. First and only time in my life I've had a knife pulled on me trying to walk out of our own stadium. Bassett had no business being on the field that night. They were horrible. There was no way (without collusion) that Bassett could ever beat Magna Vista.
  5. Oh I thought he was referring to the DB crowd. Come visit my building sometime...lol
  6. Ridgewood is the devil...but only because y'all have me craving it at 7am.
  7. With China getting this second wave, I have a feeling things may be in trouble for the fall.
  8. I'm not sure I could pick just one, but that '97 GC/Graham game would be hard to beat. It's the only time I can ever remember fans from opposite teams shaking hands and patting each other on the back after a game. It was incredible. There are many others, but that one will always stand out to me personally.
  9. You're comparing getting an occasional role player that transfers 8 miles away to this? Every high school gets transfers. This isn't a "transfer" deal. You might want to look into what actually is going on.
  10. I'd rather play hard and get beat than to have a trophy handed to me. Just my 2 cents. Proud of the GC kids! Edited to say ..... it's no fault of the other schools and athletes. It is what it is. They all had great seasons.
  11. I hope we’re finished with McAmis. Not for fear of losing, but for fear of hearing him cry over another phantom call.
  12. Looked more like a 2-step dive trying to draw a foul call.
  13. We rented a house in Surfside last year and rented a golf cart for the week. One of the most relaxing weeks that I've ever had. Myrtle's too hectic for my tastes, especially with a 5 year old. It's also very dangerous these days.
  14. He was too busy whining about the officiating being different in Virginia than it is in Florida or at the Arby's.
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