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  1. You're comparing getting an occasional role player that transfers 8 miles away to this? Every high school gets transfers. This isn't a "transfer" deal. You might want to look into what actually is going on.
  2. I'd rather play hard and get beat than to have a trophy handed to me. Just my 2 cents. Proud of the GC kids! Edited to say ..... it's no fault of the other schools and athletes. It is what it is. They all had great seasons.
  3. I hope we’re finished with McAmis. Not for fear of losing, but for fear of hearing him cry over another phantom call.
  4. Looked more like a 2-step dive trying to draw a foul call.
  5. We rented a house in Surfside last year and rented a golf cart for the week. One of the most relaxing weeks that I've ever had. Myrtle's too hectic for my tastes, especially with a 5 year old. It's also very dangerous these days.
  6. He was too busy whining about the officiating being different in Virginia than it is in Florida or at the Arby's.
  7. They're playing University School. University High would be a slaughter. Two different programs. I stand corrected...it IS University High. Woof o.O
  8. Central definitely has the components to beat Gate City. With that being said, I'm not usually one to be critical but the rest of that mess makes it appear that you're on acid.
  9. GC_Quincy

    M7 champs

    GC was down by 25 with 6 minutes left last night and had the ball with the lead with 6 seconds left but lost on a 3 at the buzzer to Boone 65-63.
  10. Yeah they moved it up for some reason.
  11. I've tried watching the feed from that lady, but goodness that dude in the background is annoying.
  12. Good luck G-Men and safe travels. If you’re a civil war buff you’ll love that area. We passed through on our way to and from Buckingham.
  13. 2019-2020 Gate City Basketball December 3 Eastside (Benefit) 6 Oak Hill Red (Benefit) 10 @ Daniel Boone 14 @ Sullivan East 16 @ Dobyns-Bennett 17 Union * 20 Science Hill 27 Charlotte, FL (Lemon Bay, FL) 28 Port Charlotte FL (Lemon Bay, FL) January 3 John Battle 7 @ Abingdon * 10 @ Ridgeview * 11 Dobyns-Bennett 14 Wise Central * 21 @ Lee High * 24 @ Union * 25 Sullivan East 28 @ John Battle * 31 Abingdon * February 1 @ Science Hill 4 Ridgeview * 7 @ Wise Central 11 Daniel Boone 14 Lee High
  14. We also had a negative punt. That's the coldest I've ever been in my life. It snowed up there again in 2010 but thankfully wasn't nearly that cold.
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