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  1. I still wish they'd play the entire state tournament at one spot like Tennessee does or at least the Final Four like they used to do in Virginia.
  2. Should he have had a safe place and some crayons? Did you see his record at GC? If I don't do my job the way it's supposed to be done, my employer is going to be critical of me. If you're a football coach and you can't handle that, then that tells me all I need to know about you as a coach. Having said that, I do wish him luck in the future but it's going to take a lot of changing.
  3. Fixing the Little League program is already on the to-do list from what I was told. It should've never been touched to begin with. It's going to take time but it'll get there.
  4. Coaches have read these boards for years. OleTob was questioned about a comment he made on the old board at a game in the early 2000's by a coach...lol
  5. I'm glad they're FINALLY doing this. Imagine the games that would've been televised if they had done this 20-30 years ago.
  6. A guy that I work with at the Big E always refers to him as "our Akers". There's no doubt DB could become a monster if he ever made that decision, but I honestly don't think he will. He wants to be a Dad and that's very understandable. That's not to say they won't load up the Brinks truck and head that way in the future...lol
  7. Not sure what it means to have "realistic expectations against bigger schools". GC has beaten "bigger schools" more than it's share. It just happened that the bigger school this time has a pretty darn good team that was ready to play. It also doesn't helping playing said bigger school after playing 4 games in 5 days. GC will be fine. I think folks need to pump the breaks.
  8. I was told that was a "throw back" game.
  9. I was looking forward to watching him again this year. I hate to see this happen to anyone. Prayers for a healthy and speedy recovery.
  10. I saw nothing wrong with the sign, or the response. If that's considered bad, they would've hung us from the train tressel in Moccasin Gap back in the 80's. My problem lies with intentionally taking a player out while they're in the air. I get the mouthing off at each other, making gestures, etc....that makes for an exciting game in my book, but to intentionally try to injure another person like that is bs.
  11. Like Larry said, everyone was very positive on social media last night, including current and former players. I wouldn't be surprised if our numbers don't jump up quite a bit next year. If the kids stay this excited and will run through a wall for him like it appears, then good things should be ahead in the future. Wasn't long ago GC beat Graham 70-0. This week I'll be pulling for them in the state championship game. Hopefully the kids will buy in and stay positive.
  12. KTN's too busy with Rudolph and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" triggering folks.
  13. I'll be watching Greeneville vs Anderson County from in front of the fireplace. If anyone's interested, it'll be shown online. www.rivalrythursday.com
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