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  1. Not sure anyone getting ejected, but I was leaving the stadium at the same time as that hit out of bounds and had a South cheerleader cuss me up one side and down the other just for walking to my truck. After I asked where her coach was she changed her tone. Ahh good times.
  2. Majority of those fumbles were inside South's 30 yard line when GC was running it down their throats. They just couldn't stop their RB.
  3. GC_Quincy

    Ab vs gc?

    They had 46 last year which is usually the norm, so the numbers weren't low. Any school that goes 1-9 for 2 straight seasons will see a drop off in participation. This is the smallest number of kids I've seen GC have in 47 years of watching them, but after it's all over they may have the biggest heart of any team I've watched. They're not back yet, but I feel the foundation is being put down.
  4. I couldn’t be more proud of the GC kids and coaching staff. That was old time GC football. We’re not back yet, but we’re coming.
  5. I agree with this. The basketball team was exciting and fun to watch and more kids leaned towards basketball. If GC can pull off a few more surprises this season, it could light a spark for more kids to want to move back to football. Wasn't that long ago kids played both. I'm not sure what happened there.
  6. I think folks are taking too much from the Hurley scrimmage. They flat hit Tennessee High in the mouth the week before and Richlands the week after. I'm not saying they're world beaters and I haven't even seen them in person yet. All I'll say is this bunch has confidence now, and still a huge chip on their shoulder. The town of Gate City has been starvin to death for a team that'll bust their hind ends for 48 minutes. I look for Legion Field to be rock'n and roll'n Friday night. Abingdon may win by 28 Friday night, but they could also run into a buzzsaw. Keep in mind, GC played them solid for the first half last year at Abingdon.
  7. Absolutely tickled to death for those kids, school, and town.
  8. All the comments, all the laughing, all the other BS plastered by the experts. Damn right we're gonna celebrate this one. Awesome job Big Blue!!!
  9. Old time GC football.
  10. Is there an online broadcast of this one?
  11. My entire last sentence must've not came across as I intended.
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