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  1. It’s not a coincidence they scheduled a bunch of ACC teams. And they’re proving they can beat ACC teams. If not for idiotic playcalling, they’d be 3-0.
  2. It didn’t make a lick of sense then either. On very rare occasions, a school can overcome a 5x enrollment disparity. By matter of scale, it would be equivalent to putting T.C. Williams in the Southwest District. Once in a generation, you may be able to beat a school that size at something. But ethically, it’s a sham.
  3. So, you think it's fair that John Battle and Council should be in the same classification in terms of seeking VHSL championships? Likewise, you think it's fair that Charlottesville High School and Gate City should share the same VHSL classification? That's what you're advocating. And it makes literally zero logical sense.
  4. Eastern and Northern Virginia wants 4 classes, so that’s likely what will happen. COVID-19 may delay that issue, however.
  5. The economy, and especially the automobile market, is about to see a huge turn for the better in Loris, if history is any indication...
  6. The founder of Hooters is from Loris, SC, according to the Wikipedia, and that's the only "notable person" listed on the "notable people" section of their page. Could be worse, I suppose.
  7. Name 1 team other than Fairmont Sr. and Frankfort that poses a realistic challenge. In the land of the dwarves, the short person is king...
  8. Bluefield’s gonna win the state title this year, aren’t they? 🤣 They always seem to win a title when not at their very best, which is odd. Probably their weakest team in 4 years, but yet, the path’s wide open.
  9. #10 Princeton #2 Bluefield #9 Miami #16 Marshall #22 Liberty West Virginia Appalachian State Virginia Packers Panthers Ravens Bears Game of the Week: Seahawks - 58
  10. Richmond City and Arlington County have cancelled sports through at least the winter.
  11. Hard to believe the regular season would have already come and gone. The weather’s been absolutely glorious this fall too. It would certainly beat that which we’ll see in February. Sad times.
  12. George Washington James Monroe Summers County Webster County Sherman #21 Boise State #23 Michigan #22 Texas Virginia Tech North Carolina #16 Marshall Appalachian State #5 Georgia Tennessee Titans Chiefs Steelers Saints Patriots Game of the Week: Clemson - 44
  13. Strange decision, but I congratulate him and wish him the best!
  14. Princeton Bluefield River View Tolsia Meadow Bridge #14 North Carolina Liberty #22 Marshall #2 Alabama #6 Oklahoma State #19 Virginia Tech West Virginia #18 Michigan #11 Miami #9 Cincinnati Saints Packers Buccaneers Rams Game of the Week: Steelers - 48
  15. You’ve got ‘em. Smith has been a pillar of that community, and I pray for full, complete healing for him.
  16. Bluefield Hannan Mount View #18 Tennessee Liberty West Virginia NC State Virginia Marshall #23 Virginia Tech Titans Browns Packers Rams Cardinals Game of the Week: #3 Georgia - 52
  17. It’s not that Biden is “far left”. In fact, his record is centrist and contains a bunch of skeletons that would drive Democrats loony, if they could be bothered to care. It’s that Biden is feeble and entering senility, and that people who do hold the fringe left viewpoints will control him like a puppet.
  18. Princeton Bluefield Buffalo James Monroe Wahama #4 Florida #8 North Carolina Liberty Virginia Duke #3 Georgia Marshall Falcons Bills Browns Seahawks Saints Game of the Week: #1 Clemson - 52
  19. 4 years of working with grant funding agencies on local and regional projects in Southwest Virginia.
  20. There’s a bunch more federal money flowing into this area that was intentionally withheld from rural locales during the Obama error. Of course, that’s not sexy enough to make the news.
  21. People forget that Graham lost a TON from lat year’s team. You don’t just lose 17 seniors and pick up right where you left off. More likely that Graham would have started 0-2 than 2-0.
  22. Graham wouldn’t be 5-0, and would be lucky to be 3-2.
  23. For the first time in my life, I am eligible for that office. I will most likely vote for myself.
  24. It's as if Trump and Biden were competing to see who could do the absolute worst in a debate setting. Trump's strategy should have been to let Biden ramble on and allow his obvious fatigue and ever-increasing mental incompetency to show. Biden's strategy should have been to remain cool and collected; say as little as possible; and bait Trump with the softballs Matthews was giving him. What happened instead was a disgraceful, disgusting display by two men who are unfit for the Presidency.
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