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  1. I think it’s exactly the opposite. There’s a strong gang presence in NMB and MB that preys on the non-residents. Couple that with the drug trafficking, which is propagated by those who reside there, I have to strongly disagree.
  2. The ocean is the ocean, whether there’s 100 people or 1,000,000 people. Personally, I’d rather avoid places like Myrtle.
  3. I recall one game that was 56-0 at the end of the 1st. Not sure if that is one and the same.
  4. You reference the crime rate in Loris, which has admittedly twice the crime rate of Richlands. Then you suggest he should have taken a job in MB or NMB, which both have double the crime rate of Loris. I’m not sure I follow this logic.
  5. That’s half right, from what I’m hearing.
  6. Yeah, there is some atrocious football played in EKY. Teams are either pretty darned good or among the worst in America. Pretty strange at least to me. Lee needs to build confidence with some of those teams.
  7. Until you get your youth system back to what Mance and Co. built it to being.
  8. They need to get Jenkins, KY on the schedule.
  9. I’ve heard from multiple places that Rhodes is a quality person. And be mindful that not all losing records are created equal. Going .500 with the talent he’s had at Eastside is not a small accomplishment. I’m much more concerned long-term when the results of their broken feeder system start to show in a few years. Will the community be understanding, or will the community demand that it be blown up and to start from scratch?
  10. Was wondering why this took so long to break. Had been in the rumor mill for a while.
  11. I’ve never heard of a kid from Pikeview transferring to Richlands or vice versa. It shows unfamiliarity with the concept to use that as a meaningful argument. Schools with a positive program are going to gain, and schools with a negative program are going to lose, regardless of population measures.
  12. M*A*S*H* was a good show until Alan Alda decided to kill it!
  13. What if I told you that it’s not 1975 anymore and 16-year-olds have more things to do than watch reruns of M*A*S*H* on CBS? The more activities there are for kids, the thinner the numbers are going to be. As I’ve said repeatedly, it’s not better or worse that fewer kids are playing. It’s just different. Sorry, everyone over age 50, but ‘tis what ‘tis. You don’t really know what a micropolitan area is, do you? It’s a census block made up of little census blocks made up of other littler census blocks. It’s pretty much like making a line in Tetris (L-shape goes here, Z-shape goes here...). It contains the whole of Tazewell and Mercer Counties. That block serves 7 high schools (Richlands, Tazewell, Graham, Bluefield, Princeton, Montcalm, Pikeview). Tazewell County is going to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 40K people when 2020 Census numbers are released, +/- 1K. It’s roughly evenly split between the 3 high schools. Richlands has a little more, Graham a little less. Let’s assume for argument’s sake that Graham has a population base of 12K, which probably overshoots it by a hair. Lee County has 23K people, which will likely be 21.5K after the 2020 Census. Lee High serves about 2/3 of that population, which probably undershoots it by a hair.
  14. 29. Women’s S&D won this year.
  15. This is a generational rebuild, IMO. A coach who takes this job cannot be concerned with W-L records. The community also needs to look at this as a 10-year project. If a new coach comes in and his influence has the feeder system humming along, give him time to get the young men to high school. It’s going to have to be stripped to the studs, because you’re hemorrhaging kids to Union.
  16. Props to Thomas Walker for making a massive leap up in scheduling difficulty. Union’s certainly a bigger challenge than Possum Fart, KY. Iron sharpens iron. Not a bad schedule, though. Could be worse. The Graham game is “Game of the Season” type stuff.
  17. 0 NCAA team national titles since June 20, 1872. 0 is also the exact number of times VPISU has ever been ranked #1 in any AP, Coaches’, or other ranked poll in any NCAA team sport. A Hokie fan lecturing anyone about dominance is rich.
  18. I keep seeing the word “dominant”, but I’m not sure it’s being used correctly.
  19. Wilson Memorial is the 2nd smallest 3A school in the state, and is mediocre at best. Fort Defiance is the 6th smallest 3A school in the state, and is even worse. Galax blows out Carroll County every year. Color us unimpressed.
  20. There’s only 255 total enrollment separating the bottom and top of 2A now. By far the most parity exists in 2A.
  21. The Cumberland was absolutely dreadful for the last ~15 years before the 2011 reconfiguration. And it severely damaged the competitive balance of D1/D2 for years. 2003 was a great example. Rye Cove won the Cumberland with a 5-5 overall record, then got their doors blown off by Haysi in Round 1, while a 9-1 Honaker team that was a legitimate threat to win a championship sat at home. The format we have now is better by far, even if Shenandoah Valley and Central VA school districts get leaks from the VHSL.
  22. Yeah, that was discussed in a lot of detail last summer. I don’t foresee it fixing this problem. In fact, it likely makes it worse. You’d have schools like Graham forced to play down, which would put them in the same classification as Bland. It may give Riverheads 1-2 new “challengers”, but creates more problems than it solves.
  23. Riverheads may run up 8-10 state titles in a row unless something is done about school districts’ manipulation of ADM figures.
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