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  1. The 3 long pass plays turned that 2019 game. It looked like Graham spent exactly 0 seconds working on defending any sort of passing attack. Appo's far from a run-and-shoot team but they've shown enough competency to respect the pass. Apparently Graham's coaching staff didn't think so. Graham had the better athletes, Appo was better prepared.
  2. Yep, a truly bizarre trivia piece considering where their programs are right now. Lee was 8-2 that season, and Appo was 6-4. I don't think the script has flipped as decisively in SWVA history as it did with those 2 schools. That would end up being the last game Appo lost for over 2 years, and Lee has lost 25 straight with just 18 total wins in the last 6.5 seasons. That's also the only playoff game Lee has won since 1997.
  3. Nothing like a Lee/Appomattox game in Round 1!
  4. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Glenvar Christiansburg Union Patrick Henry Ridgeview Graham Grayson County Pick sent to Ryan4VT Chilhowie Eastern Montgomery Giles Grundy Tug Valley, WV Twin Valley Castlewood Thomas Walker Rural Retreat Virginia No. 16 Arkansas No. 9 Clemson No. 4 Oklahoma No. 11 Florida Virginia Tech No. 12 Notre Dame Buffalo Pittsburgh Arizona Denver Green Bay Game of the Week: Holston - 52
  5. Don’t let facts get in the way of that narrative!
  6. And yet…Graham emerged victorious still. Exactly the point I made Thursday night. Graham lost much more and still prevailed.
  7. About the same as Union winning last year’s game against Graham while Graham had multiple players out and coming off a COVID pause.
  8. You must have been thinking about basketball. 😉
  9. I’ve said all along that the individual ballots should be made public, like the college polls. If you’re dumb, we deserve to know that you’re dumb!
  10. The little secret here is that Tazewell’s defense is better than you’d think at first glance. They’ve held both Graham and Virginia High in the 30s, and they simply wore down Mount View as the game went along. Riverheads is an entirely different animal, though. I don’t think Riverheads hits the 60s like many around here think. Tazewell’s offensive gameplan is perhaps the lone weakness for Riverheads. They have had a little trouble at defending the pass. I think Tazewell will move the ball a little and put up a few points. But Riverheads is arguably the best team west of U.S. 29 (and yes, that includes Salem). There will be no tougher test.
  11. Stats are included with penalty yards unless the penalty is enforced at the LOS or behind. Three examples: (A) Offensive Player A rushes from the 50-yard-line to the opponent’s 20-yard-line, but Offensive Player B commits a hold at the opponent’s 30-yard-line. Presuming the defense accepts the penalty, Offensive Player A is credited with a 20-yard gain to the spot of the foul, and the penalty is assessed and added to the overall penalty yardage. (B) Offensive Player A rushes from his own 20-yard-line and is tackled at his own 25-yard-line, but Offensive Player B commits a hold at the opponent’s 23-yard-line. Should the defense accept the penalty, Offensive Player A is credited with a 3-yard gain to the spot of the foul, despite the ensuing penalty creating a 1st-and-17. The penalty assessed is added to the overall penalty yardage. (And yes, this results in a wonky situation where you might have a 5-play “3-and-out”.) (C) Offensive Player A throws an incomplete pass on 1st-and-10, but Offensive Player B commits a hold at the LOS. Should the defense accept the penalty, resulting in a 1st-and-20, there is no pass credited to Offensive Player A. At least, this is how I’ve always understood it and do it.
  12. This was essentially what happened at JMU until the program became elite in the FCS in the mid-2000s.
  13. Keeping stats while doing PBP is no joke. I often double-check myself against the BDT or BHC (when I’m not the one supplying them myself), and I’m proud to say I come pretty doggone close. Never perfect, but close.
  14. I literally texted a group of friends…Union’s gonna go super conservative and Graham’s gonna hit a big play.
  15. When did Union hire Thad Wells?
  16. Hey, there’s enough Candace Cameron Bure for all of us!
  17. I will say that the carbon-gray is torture on us broadcasters, LOL.
  18. Abingdon Carroll County Galax Gate City COVID-19 Patrick Henry Ridgeview COVID-19 Ft. Chiswell Narrows Honaker Hurley Twin Valley COVID-19 Thomas Walker COVID-19 COVID-19 COVID-19 No. 8 Cincinnati Tennessee West Virginia No. 1 Alabama Marshall No. 10 Penn St. Virginia No. 19 Arizona St. Buffalo Pittsburgh New Orleans Seattle Kansas City Games of the Week Graham - 48 COVID-19
  19. The staff will find someone to plug in Week 11.
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