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  1. Wow y'all really know those area codes for each team. I'm impressed! I'll have to get out the phone book and study. Guess I've been occupied with other things.
  2. Shouldn't Giles be in the top 20 somewhere?
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. I know rosters can be inaccurate. The 8th grade players will probably be on the jv squad.
  4. I just saw a local high school varsity football roster listing several 8th graders. What are the VHSL's rules regarding age and grade requirements for varsity sports?
  5. They lost 4 fumbles just hiking the football. They are running some offensive set out of the shotgun but they may need to stick the QB up under the center. Agree...things do not look good a present.
  6. Martinsville Bulletin Staff Writers: "Morehead 32, Martinsville 0 Martinsville committed eight turnovers (seven fumbles) and lost 32-0 to Morehead High School on Friday in Eden, N.C. Morehead had 18 points on the scoreboard before Martinsville ran its second offensive play. Morehead's defense stuffed the Martinsville running game, and the Bulldogs struggled to move the ball with any consistency. For more on those games and other games around the district, check Sunday's edition of the Martinsville Bulletin." Anyone have any idea as to why the Bulldogs turned the ball over 8 times? I know they have a new coach, Orion Martin, and I'm sure he has installed a new offense. I know it's the first game of the season and it would be understandable to have 3 or 4 fumbles but 8!!! Martinsville is AA and the smallest school in the Piedmont District. Morehead, a small school in NC, is not really a football powerhouse. I was thinking Martinsville had a good shot at beating them and maybe have 3 wins for the season but now I don't think they will win a game. You can't be competitive turning the ball over 8 times let alone win a game. I hope Orion Martin can turn them around but at this point they have some major ball handling issues to address. It's going to be a long season for the Dogs in the Piedmont District..
  7. What will Graham have this year...are they in the AA category?
  8. 1. Goochland 2. Gretna 3. Richland 4. Floyd Co 5. Buckingham Co. Honorable Mismentions: Wilson Memorial, Martinsville, Grayson Co..
  9. http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/article.cfm?ID=36554
  10. Wow...Piedmont District would be totally obliterated but I guess that would be true of most districts. It will be interesting to see if this new proposal holds together.
  11. Highway 58 should be totally a 4 lane highway in 5 or 10 years. The Lovers Leap area is the final area to be completed. Shouldn't be a bad drive when it's all done.
  12. The big AAA schools like, Franklin Co., Halifax and GW Danville are the big winners in the new district setups. The smaller schools will have a hard time competing. The Piedmont Dist. might be a better fit for Carroll Co.
  13. Looking at the Piedmont Dist...what happened to the rule that the VHSL wouldn't form a district with more than 3 divisions? Martinsville will be AA, Magna Vista AAA, Bassett, and GW Danville AAAA and Halifax is AAAAA. That's 4 different divisions in the Piedmont Dist..
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