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  1. Since my short game is the bane of my golf existence, I always prefer playing from the farther tees. I'm really strong anywhere from 150 yards or further. And completely useless everywhere from 150 into the green. As per high scores... Have I ever told everyone about carding a 117 in a regulation match at Fincastle back in 1986? I missed a six-foot putt for 116.
  2. I really don't know but I can offer some observations. In the 1950s Ernie Hicks began to outfit his teams in uniforms that closely resembled the Detroit Lions (with silver helmets and light blue jerseys). I don't know if Coach Hicks was a particular supporter of the Lions or not, but given the success and popularity of that franchise in that decade the it is unlikely that the emulation by RHS was simply a coincidence. Not sure whether it happened with Bill Peery or Jim Hammond, but silver was dropped altogether in the late 1960s. The primary color was still a light blue (although it was a shade or two darker than the Columbia Blue version that Hicks had favored) paired directly with white. Helmets were either blue with a white stripe or white with a blue stripe. Pants had the same arrangement. And jerseys were blue with white UCLA-type shoulder stripes at home (with the reverse being used on the road). Shortly after 1970 the football uniforms had switched to White and Navy Blue with red accents of various types. The light blue uniform that I posted began to be rotated in around 1973 or so-- even though Navy Blue and red were also worn more often than not. One of the more confusing outfits was a road uniform featuring the light blue pants paired with white jerseys that had Navy Blue primary numerals, red numerals on the sleeves, and red cuffs -- all topped with a white helmet featuring Navy/White/Red/White/Navy stripes. But other sports, cheerleading uniforms, and letterman's jackets continued to be produced in the light blue color that emerged in the late 1960s. (That particular shade often varied widely from a very light Columbia Blue to a greenish hue almost resembling Aqua.) Todd Heldreth standardized Navy Blue and White when he arrived in 1979 and applied it across the board. Dennis Vaught introduced silver as a secondary color when he arrived, but I think the official colors have been Navy and White effectively since 1979.
  3. In case anyone else is remotely interested, here is a shot of a Richlands player from 1974. The jersey is light blue with red numerals and white cuffs. The pants are light blue with a red/white/red stripe. The helmet is obviously white -- both the stripe and the 'R' logo are red.
  4. Yep. I remember the light blue pants with red and white stripes that we sometimes wore on the road even though jerseys usually had navy accents. A lot of light blue/red foolishness back in the 1970s all around.
  5. There are often exceptions within certain systems based on a variety of factors -- including attaining certain ages. In SC it looks like an individual who has worked at least 8 years can receive an unreduced benefit at the age of 65. Without knowing a lot about Mance's personal financial plans or status, I imagine that he could live pretty well on his combined benefits from Virginia and South Carolina along with Social Security. I've started paying a lot more attention to these kind of details since attaining a certain age myself. North Carolina has a particularly solid public retirement system that occupies a significant role in my contingency planning. But I've also given a lot of thought to SC
  6. If SC is like most other states he probably only needs 5 years to be fully vested in the retirement system.
  7. Earlier this month we had a family emergency which required me to rent a car and drive a considerable distance on short notice. Given the circumstances I was pretty agitated, I was in a hurry, and I probably drove a lot more aggressively than I normally would. Once I reached the destination and resolved the issue, it never occurred to me to even check the license plate until the next day when I had to return the car. Sure enough....Ohio tags. So I guess I need to own my own part of the lore associated with that particular state.
  8. Didn't post last night, but just in case anyone cares: Amherst 34, Liberty (Bedford) 0 After jumping out to a 3-0 start, the Minutemen may be hard pressed to win another game until the season finale against Jefferson Forest. My son didn't dress out because he's been fighting a sinus infection this week (not Covid -- we have proof). Which is a shame, because he would have seen a lot of playing time on the kickoff return team.
  9. Liberty(Bedford) 28, Staunton River 0
  10. Liberty(Bedford) 42, Fort Defiance 0 Nice win for the Minutemen. Got to clear the bench in the 4th quarter (my son made his first varsity tackle tonight playing linebacker). Marching band made their debut with their full show and sounded great (my youngest boy made his debut on the field there tonight). First time LHS has shut anyone out in a long time. This plus Hokies win and a victory by my grad school (Charlotte) over Duke. Pretty nice football night for me all around.
  11. All of the information in this thread is very interesting and somewhat useful. Unless you're Liberty Christian Academy. Then you can pretty much make up any number you want and nobody will challenge it.
  12. Pretty sure that John (his brother) is a poster here. Very sad indeed. He was a classmate at RHS (finished a year ahead of me). One of the funniest human beings I've ever encountered and just a great guy all around.
  13. I've lost faith in more human institutions over the past year and a half than I can recall. But the performance of the media (painting with a broad brush there) has been particularly dismal. The phenomenon of social media certainly has a key role in the rampant confusion attached to this pandemic, but "journalistic integrity" seems to be a term of pure nostalgia at this point. I also never thought I'd see the day (in this country at least) where fear and ignorance are actually guiding principles for public policy. The truth in all matters will reveal itself, but that will probably take a long time. And it's hard to imagine that those who write history in the future will view our contemporary society in very charitable terms.
  14. My understanding all along has been that the vaccines do not prevent anyone from contracting Covid -- but that the intent was to mitigate the most severe consequences (like death) associated with the disease. And the data so far suggest that they are all pretty darned effective when measured against that type of standard. So am I the only one who is a little bit perplexed by all of the "[insert name] was vaccinated but got Covid anyway" anecdotes?
  15. Liberty(Bedford) 33, William Byrd 28 Happy to see my son's team win in his first varsity outing. Liberty's lack of numbers is likely to be a problem in the long run (lot of guys playing both ways almost bit them last night). Byrd is small and quick on offense -- Hairston kid at QB is very hard to contain and can throw the ball well. Otherwise hard to say what the future holds for either team, but it was great to be back under the Friday night lights.
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