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  1. I like it when my neighbors all gripe about the costs of materials and wonder why they have to pay all kinds of fees and charges for school related programs. I want to say, "It's because you're clearly signalling to the 'conservatives' that you elected to public office that you'd prefer to pay more out of your own pocket than you ordinarily would in taxes -- and you're also willing to put up with substandard school resources as a direct result." But I don't. Because I'm nice like that.
  2. Not germane to the coverage area, but Liberty-Bedford's numbers are down. Freshmen through seniors reported for first day of practice today and I counted about 35 players total.
  3. My local PTSA is advertising the Commonwealth's sales tax holiday as a great time to purchase school supplies. Want to guess one of the primary funding sources is for k-12 education in Virginia? Yep. That's right. Sales tax. Am I the only one who questions the logic here (even just the smallest of smidgens)?
  4. Very true about Myrtle and its attractions. We enjoy the proximity to Wilmington and Southport as well. As part of our annual trip this time around we intend to speak with a realtor about the possibility of finding a place of our own within the next few years. Honestly I was hesitant to even mention Holden Beach and draw attention to it. IMO a big part of its charm the fact that it hasn't been "overdeveloped" the way some other areas have been. But since there isn't an abundance of open land available for building, I figure I'm in the clear there.
  5. We're pretty partial to Holden Beach. Been going there regularly for the last 10 years. Currently counting the days until our next weeklong stay, and we are very seriously considering investing in property there for the long haul.
  6. I spent the first five years of my life as a resident of Doran Bottom (corner of Kirby Road and what is now Mill Ave). I might have some influence with current owner. I mean, it's not waterfront. But still within reasonable walking distance if you cut through the old horse pasture.
  7. Not saying that Bluefield researcher's source is wrong (I mean, stranger things have certainly happened). But it would take some pretty complicated maneuvering on Mance's part to return to Virginia under any circumstances. But I firmly believe two things. First is that Tarter is an outstanding choice. Other is that his tenure will probably be relatively brief. Very similar to dynamic within the program in the early/mid 1990's. But hopefully a better outcome in the long run.
  8. This guy? ----> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Clark_(footballer) If so, that could be interesting. Kind of a whole reverse "Ted Lasso" kind of thing.
  9. That's really more of a Wednesday kind of thing in my place of work. But I digress...
  10. The Fox (and JB&B in particular) was my listening choice for my morning commute back when I worked in Uptown Charlotte. Many times I would laugh out loud at particular lines while stuck in traffic and notice several other motorists around me doing the same.
  11. Yep. First time I heard it I was passing through on my way to the beach. Thought it both funny and applicable to a variety of other interactions. When they first started talking about syndication, I thought JB&B would be very popular in the markets back home. Also had the same hunch about Taco Bell -- but I'm still waiting for the local franchise owners in SW Virginia to find a way to introduce cornbread into the offerings along with refried beans..
  12. Ad from WRFX radio station in Charlotte circa 1990: "The competition says we suck. We'd just like to thank them for listening."
  13. Major down side to this is that it will embolden FIFA and the continental associations. UEFA already apparently telling Real Madrid that they will be banned from European competitions as long as Florentino Perez is president of the club.
  14. You and me both, my friend. My family had begun to develop plans to become fanatical followers of the Scottish League. (And now that I have written that last sentence and look back on it.... we just ain't right.)
  15. OK. Whatever. Never mind. https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddawkins/2021/04/20/billionaire-roman-abramovich-pulls-chelsea-out-of-super-league/?sh=1601d8c51a7a
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