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  1. Tazewell last won in 2003, 12-10, finished the season 1-9. Before that I think it was 2001 7-6.
  2. According to "The Scoop" it is due to NCAA changes and restrictions. http://hargravesports.com/news/2013/4/19/PGFB_0419130242.aspx Hargrave Military Academy will discontinue it's postgraduate football program at the end of the 2012-2013 Academic year. The Tiger's postgraduate basketball program will not be affected by this change and allows the basketball program to continue its success for years to come. The landscape for postgraduate athletes and football programs has changed. This includes: college's desire to have their student-athletes on campus by spring semester; NCAA changes and restrictions on colleges hosting postgraduate football teams on their campuses; and eliminating competition with the college junior varsity teams. Hargrave is excited about the future and it's growth and development emphasizing our core mission of academic, spiritual, and character development of young men in the middle and high school. Hargrave's Academic Postgraduate Program, anchored by our long association with the United States Naval Academy Foundation and with the West Point Scholars Program, will continue to provide academic development and experiences to prepare young men for attendance to our nation's service academies. The future is bright and our enrollment in grades seven through twelve is strong. For additional questions, concerns or for more specific information about this development, please contact Coach Tim Oditt, Hargrave's Director of Athletics, at 434-432-2690 or email odittt@hargrave.edu.
  3. Marion Greenbrier East Holston John Battle Central Ft. Chiswell Clintwood Eastside Honaker East Ridge, KY Northwood Tug Valley, WV George Wythe Lebanon Harlan, KY Union #13 Virginia Tech #1 Alabama Georgia Technical #9 West Virginia #19 Louisville #23 Tennessee #2 USC #10 Michigan St. New Orleans New York Giants Baltimore Pittsburgh San Francisco Game of the Week: Pulaski County-32
  4. Chilhowie Christiansburg Marion Tazewell J.I. Burton Castlewood Honaker Patrick Henry John Battle Grundy Northwood Grayson Co. George Wythe Sullivan Central, TN Sullivan South, TN Union Tennessee Penn St. Virginia Tech UNC Tennessee Marshall New England New Orleans Green Bay Denver Richlands 38
  5. dawgs 1st points of the season... snap over the head..14-2 graham
  6. Abingdon Mt. Airy, NC Marion Richlands Graham Princeton Rural Retreat J.I. Burton Honaker Grayson Clintwood Eastside Holston Twin Valley Lee George Wythe Grundy Harlan Co., KY NC State #13 Michigan St. #11 WVU UVA #2 Alabama #16 Virginia Tech (Monday, Sept. 3rd) GotW Winner and points John Battle 27
  7. Virginia High Bassett Chilhowie George Wythe Bland J.I. Burton Haysi Clintwood Sullivan North,Tn Galax Honaker Northwood Ft. Chiswell John Battle Grundy Central Union Bluefield, WV 49 Richlands 48
  8. Yea its not favorable but its not a REALLY bad sign. Thomas doesnt even look run first like previous Tech QB's. My understanding is that when he needs to, pocket collapse, he can usually fall forward and get those extra yards. To me that isnt a bad sign but if he ran all the time it would..
  9. In the NFL yes but in college not so much. Thomas will settle down.. But right now I would go with Tenn overall..
  10. Chilhowie Christiansburg Ft. Chiswell Richlands Blacksburg Bluefield JI Burton Castlewood Honaker Haysi Twin Springs John Battle Hurley Gate City Union Tenn. High Miss. St Alabama Va. Tech South Carolina Michigan Philly Pittsburgh Houston Giants Jets George Wythe 43
  11. Bluefield abingdon mt airy, nc marion richlands graham ji burton honaker grayson co clintwood twin springs twin valley george wythe harlan, ky lebanon vt boise st. Oregon wvu va high 37
  12. Week 1 Va High Bassett Marion George Wythe J.I. Burton Castlewood Clintwood Sullivan North Hurley Honaker Grundy Twin Springs Central Bluefield Union GotW Richlands 32
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