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  1. Graham cant keep Union in a 6 game season as all of Unions games would be District games unless Districts are dissolved for next season
  2. What team/year I am starved for football 😞
  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=tempature+in+dickenson+county+in+febuary&rlz=1C1GCEB_enUS899US899&oq=tempature+in+dickenson+county+in+febuary&aqs=chrome..69i57j33l2.22469j1j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 In Dickenson county at least Avg Feb Temp is between 44 and 27 I know up on the ridge it will be colder I assume Central will be even colder I like the Idea of moving all games to Saturday Day games I hope it is something that those in charge actually plan on doing
  4. Highs in the 40's around 1 What will the temperature be around 6 to 630
  5. No Idea the 1st season is 5 Months away 5 Month ago we were in a pre-quarantine America Not sure anyone could make a reasonable guess at this point in time
  6. I am wondering how well those 25 degree practices will go (I think we are looking at a ton of pulled muscles and some poor conditioned teams in the early part of the season )
  7. However 7 or 7 would be much easier to get rolling
  8. Same here I really thought he was the logical choice after Mullins stepped down I understand wanting to dot the I's and cross the T's but it could have given him a chance to get plan for the team before everything shut down
  9. I was told that a teaching spot is coming open which could be why they delayed posting the job last month
  10. I was told yesterday that the School board vote this evening is only to advertise for the position. Inside or outside hire that was going to happen before anyone is getting the job SO looks like it will be another Month before anyone is chosen for the job. Dont get me wrong I want RV to make a solid choice but I dont want this to drag into the summer either
  11. Looking at the 4 season page the year before tiller took over Fort Chiswell went 7-3 and lost in the 1 round of the playoffs Tiller year 1 went 0-10 if I remember correct (and I may not) Tiller took over last min as the head coach resigned right befor the season started Tiller year 2 went 9-4 losing the region C Championship game to Galax Tiller year 3 went 7-4 In there 1st year as a AA school loseing to Giles in there 1st playoff game 1st year without Tiller 5-6 loseing in the 1st round of the playoffs vs Radford 2nd year without Tiller 4-6 No playoffs Tiller was only 16-18 in his 3 seasons there but was 16-8 when he had an actual off season to prepare No Idea what type of head coach he would/will make but nothing in his time at Fort Chiswell and his 2 years as an assistant at Ridgeview throws up any red flags to me. As to the timeing as I understand it the Schoolboard had to open up the search last month and will vote this month (Thursday I think) I am sure that whoever has gotten the job (Assuming that a choice has been made) knows already
  12. School board meeting in DC is tomorrow so I figure that if the hire has been decided the vote would be then. The guy we are talking about is Jason Edwards right? I think he was a Haysi Grad other than that i really dont know much about him ie how long has he been coaching and where other than Union ect.
  13. So he can run out of the T? (Dont see that transferring would benefit him in any way unless Ridgeview compleatly mishandles there coaching hire I have heard that Central picked up a kid from Burton though any truth to that?
  14. I am sure alot was due to breaking in new starters at all the DB spots but who ever runs the D next season will need to make sure that aspect of the game improves
  15. All those kids are back next season so it could still happen......One thing I will say is that Coach Mullins is without a doubt turning over a team that is set up to be a Region D contender IMHO the bigger issue for next season is retooling the Defense that is losing several key players and was far from solid vs the pass
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