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  1. So he can run out of the T? (Dont see that transferring would benefit him in any way unless Ridgeview compleatly mishandles there coaching hire I have heard that Central picked up a kid from Burton though any truth to that?
  2. I am sure alot was due to breaking in new starters at all the DB spots but who ever runs the D next season will need to make sure that aspect of the game improves
  3. All those kids are back next season so it could still happen......One thing I will say is that Coach Mullins is without a doubt turning over a team that is set up to be a Region D contender IMHO the bigger issue for next season is retooling the Defense that is losing several key players and was far from solid vs the pass
  4. Honestly both philosophies have mart (We will work on what we do well and leave it to you to stop it, or take what the Defense gives you even if it is not what you want to be doing. The one thing i would have liked to see RV do better this season is get the QB more involved in the running game Would like to have seen Lewis in the game with Adkins a bit more as well I think that kid may have a big season next year
  5. Where is Rob Colley currently at?
  6. Assuming that RV gets there new HC from inside the existing staff I think the top 3 choices would be Tiller, Edwards or Grant I know that Tiller and I think Edwards both have Head Coaching experience and Grant has been one of the best assistant coaches in the area for years. Whoever gets the job will be getting an offence loaded with returning skill players and should be able to put alot of points on the board
  7. At this point I think everyone will agree that WINs > preseason goals
  8. Honestly probably not much neither team really opens up the passing game that mcht and the game is on Turf so no mud or footing issues. Guess it could effect the kicking game but not sure that hurts or benefits anyone
  9. No I think Central, Union, (I cant remember exactly when the starters were pulled from the Pikeville game) are the only games that he played the full 4 qtrs most games the starters are in 1 or 2 series into the 3rd vs Marion he had 296 yards in the 1st half on I think 12 carries.
  10. I remember when the paper would have the top 5 or 10 in each district in each category hard to believe that they don.t keep up with that stuff anymore
  11. If I remember correctly Central stacked the box in the 1st game. It was also the game that Hess pulled a hamstring in and was hobbled for most of the game add to that the emergence of Hill and Beavers at WR and IMHO RV is a much bigger passing threat than they were early in the season
  12. I dont think there will be alot of mud but wet grass defiantly plays different/slower than turf. On a side not union could just move the game to Riggs and play in the rocks/stinging neddles which would make the mud a sweet re-leaf LOL
  13. Now if Burton and Eastside ever consolidate and join we can rename it Lonesome Mountain :)
  14. Centrals passing game is predominately play action if the RV DBs bite to hard on the run Central has the speed to get behind the D but there best hope is to get to the edge and away from RVs size advantage. For central to win they need to continue doing what has worked for them all season utilize there team speed and try to wear down the Bigger front 7 of RV making them chase plays east and west (RV starters have not played many games for 4 qtrs I think a quick Central team could be a problem late in the game BTW I personally think RVs Pass D has looked alot better the 2nd half of the season (with the notable exception of the Pikeville game) getting #2 back healthy in the secondary is big and I have to think that as the season winds down Adkins will start getting more time in the secondary where he has been outstanding in limited snaps.
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