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  1. Historically track cross country and softball
  2. Union has looked good on D vs the run all season and RV has been able to put up BIG rushing numbers vs everyone one the schedule so far. IMHO the key to this game will be the Union offence vs the RV D the team that fars best on that side of the showdown will likely win the ballgame. If Lomax is out who is his backup going into the ball game?
  3. Not sure there schedule is a problem they are ahead of all 2 loss teams and within 1 point of the other 3 1 team if central can finish 8 2 on the year they will host a playoff game
  4. I think that would be a solid plan
  5. I think that would be a solid plan
  6. At that point in his freshman season he was splitting time at rb with sproles he did have a few highlights that game (trucking Mitchell on a run stands out in my mind) of course if union sells out to stop adkins then rv then rv would be silly not to take advantage of it
  7. Honestly the noise is not that big a deal for the offense if there are no audibles being called and honestly that is not the case 95% of the time. It can be a hindrance to hearing the play blown dead by an official which could lead to some late hits not sure if officials take that into account when throwing the flag in that situation or not
  8. Every region is different and will have there own issues but for our region I always liked the idea of 6 teams in with the top 2 getting a bye for the opening round
  9. Cell service has not been an issue this year
  10. I came away from the Central game more impressed with Central than I feel comfortable admitting LOL There Young skill players are more than just good athletes they are good football players and kept fighting when they went down by 3 TDs 2 different times (alot of experienced teams allow that kind of thing to snowball) I am not sure how the Central D will do vs a team that wants to go right at them like Union or possable GC but VHS does not bring that type of game to the table. I look for Central to win this one easily
  11. IDK about that Adkins is special but RV was 10-12 passing for over 100 yards in the 1st game of the season and have had several drops the last 2 games that will without question have to get better If a Team loads the box RV is more than capable of putting the ball in the air. Now if i am a opposing coach I am still loading the box and trying to take away Adkins and try to make someone else beat me On top of that while Adkins is without question the main cog of the RV running it is easy to forget that RV had around 75 additional yards rushing on 8 or 9 carries from the rest of the team.
  12. Only 1 played on offence and so far his replacement looks as good as any other starter RV went into the season with ALOT of depth on the line. I think that tonight's gameplan for central is to not give up the 20+ yard TD runs and make RV put together a 10 to 15 play drive to score. On the other side of the ball RV will try to set the edges and make Central move the ball between the tackles
  13. No clue how Lee is looking I think Burton will be a good team this season but they seem to run out of steam in the 2nd qtr in there 1st 2 games this season if Burton can get an answer for that issue then they should roll
  14. SV busted a big run in the 1st qtr (70ist yards) and put together another good drive later in the 1st half past that i cant think of them picking up more than 3 or 4 first downs until late in the 3rd qtr That being said if i were Central seeing those numbers put up by am opponent would make me feel good given the success that they have had on the ground so far this season
  15. Not sure that Central will be able to keep it on the ground. Central has ran sparingly between the tackles with a huge majorty of both carrys and yards are from sweeps (IMHO RV is to quick to aloww them to get outside if there is no inside run threat. I think Central will have to air it out to stay in the game.
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