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  1. Council High School isn't closed. The school still exists. They just don't participate in football. Although, they did have football teams from the 1992 thru 1995 seasons. Going 0-40 during that span the boys gave it their all. Article from BHC, History with Hayes. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/council-the-team-that-never-won/article_55e55002-6e27-11e5-8e60-93d036be2d97.html They've had some really good basketball teams in the past. Won a state championship in 2001 with Brad Nuckles who ended up with a good basketball career at East Tennessee State University. I think they also won the very first softball state championship for the SwVA area back in 1982. Won it again in 1984.
  2. I see everyone pretty much talking about the no call on the holding. I was sitting on the top row of the home side about midfield. It's a great view of the entire field. Not only was there the no call on the holding of Union's # 82, but also two no calls on two blocks in the back during special teams. These three no calls were right smack dab in front of the back judge. All three were on separate occasions which highly contributed to Appos three TD's in the first half. He also did not call a push off from an Appo WR on Unions # 10 DB at Unions goal line. The back judge was just horrible. The ref was also very confused. Very unsure of himself. He needs to be re-educated on what an illegal shift is and what's not. I've seen several articles in regards to this game stating that special teams made the difference for Appo. Well, I guess I would have to agree with that since special teams is where the no calls took place. Union was a two TD better team than Appo. It's just that they had to play the officials the first half.
  3. Not trying to change anybody's mind Milo. If it be an entire page or just a couple of instances. Would just like to see the kid be more humble that's all. I believe less arrogancy on the court would do wonders for him. I'm afraid his ego might get the best of him. It happens you know. I've never seen the Ball kid play basketball, but I did get to see him play football. Outstanding athlete and I hear a lot of good things about him.
  4. Yes, only named one. Didn't want to fill up an entire page. Named the one game just to make a point that it's been the same attitude since the first of the season. Also, no question about that particular game and what happened. Nobody under the rim for him to swing out to avoid landing on, and the kid that was pushed did nothing to be pushed. He just happened to be in the general area of the floor. Yes, I agree you need to believe in yourself. But the approach in how you do that is what matters and what people will remember. The kid is pretty good and I love his game, but nobody likes the attitude that comes with it. Just play the game that people love to see, as you mentioned, and leave the attitude people hates at home.
  5. I've seen him too Milo. I guess it's an individual perception. I don't think it's jealousy as most will try to claim here. The Arby's knew of McClung before the tournament started. If you want to claim a so-called "promotional" thing, he along with Ervin would have been two of the players being promoted. They were on the Arby's players to watch list. They knew of them both through their summer play. You spoke of proof. When GC played at Daniel Boone early in the season, maybe first or second game for GC, Mac's attitude was horrible. Right off the bat it was there. Got a technical called on him for hanging on the rim and swinging out to land on the floor and pushing an opposing player before heading back to the other end. Why? Why does a kid need to do that? Cocky attitude. Nothing to do with confidence. There's a highly touted D1 football prospect in SWVA. While this kid has been getting a lot of attention over the last month or two with several more offers. Mac sends out a tweet saying, I'm a D1 recruit too. What's the need in doing that? Other than wanting to try and shift the attention...... He also tweets things like "check out my highlight". Why the boasting? Do you consider "check out my highlight" confidence?
  6. The kid is pretty good. I've seen him, but not even close to Calvin Talford. Not even close. The thing that hurts him is his attitude. Very cocky and arrogant. I didn't get to catch any of the Arby's Classic this year. Although, I spoke to one of the Arby's Classic organizers, a friend of mine, and he said that out of his 20 plus years being involved with the Arby's, McClung is the one kid that he was most disgusted with. He has talent, but he really couldn't stand to watch him in the Arby's because of the attitude. Some may not mind it, but personally I believe he needs to work on that and he will be fine. CT was a much more humble player and had great character on the court.
  7. Yeah, I saw that last week. MaxPreps had him as a 4*, #241 overall.
  8. Let's not forget the late great Stonega Stallion - Edd Clark at Appalachia in the late 60's. He was the uncle of Thomas and Julius Jones.
  9. Not been able to make any scrimmages. Would like to see Union. So the O-line didn't impress you much? Heard that all of the O-line was returning, but one due to graduation. I'm assuming it was one of the starting O-lineman from last year that was placed on defense. Did they have him as a DL or DE in the scrimmage? Just curious.
  10. http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/the-vhsl-realignment-shuffle-continues/article_8a648322-5aba-11e6-98b3-7bc25e51d29b.html
  11. http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/coalfield-cavalier-thomas-jones-was-tops-for-uva-cavaliers/article_b69dd152-5932-11e6-a994-7f6a710b67fc.html http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/big-stone-jones-southwest-virginia-native-piled-up-the-yards/article_13544bd6-59e9-11e6-8860-338b2d76a00c.html
  12. I'm right there with you. It's flawed. Remington Stanley had a great season last year, but even better this year. He's a first teamer. As hokiebird7 said, what can you do?
  13. That list is incorrect along with the other lists you may have seen. He was WR. Jake Barnett was the starting TE at 6'4" 240 and played TE throughout the entire game and did throughout the season. Barnett also played DE on defense. Occasionally you would see Mitchell line up in a two TE set, but that was very rare. PA announcer when announcing the starting line up at Union games in Big Stone Gap would always call out "at WR James Mitchell", "at TE Jake Barnett". Those were the positions they played. Any lists you have seen showing otherwise are misleading.
  14. Makes sense. Yes Spears was definitely deserving and will definitely be missed. Looking forward to seeing Rasnic next year.
  15. James Mitchell did not play TE for Union this season. He did last year. He played at the WR position this season along with Noaks at the other. Jake Barnett was Union's TE through the entire season. Something is wrong here. Was there some room made for one or two??? It's things like this that sort of makes you wonder about the process.
  16. Akshun, Daryl Manns is a great running back! Got to see him play this year. Like you said this list doesn't make them or break them.
  17. Congrats to all that made these lists. All great football players. Although, some did not have nowhere near the season they had last season, but yet they made these lists frankly just because they were there last year. Just saying. There are a couple of athletes that come to my mind, as we all have those thoughts and opinions, that should have gotten way more recognition. The one athlete I would like to mention that really really stands out to me that did not get the recognition deserved was the QB from Union, Bryce Spears. The kid has 2600 all purpose yards at the QB position with 34 passing TD's, 7 rushing TD's and a completion percentage rating of 70% and 5 int's. Only 2 int's going into the 2A semifinal game against Clarke County. Thought he would at least be 2nd team behind Asbury. No doubt Asbury is the top 2A QB. Spears was also a great DB, that he got some recognition for on the all conference 40 and all 2A West teams. Several interceptions with great returns, some for TD's. Maybe could have gotten more of an honor on the defensive side of the ball if he wasn't taken out of the defensive line up a couple of games. That could have been because the coach wanted to save his energy for the QB position in some key matchups....., don't know. Again all great ball players on these lists and 2A was definitely loaded with talent this year, no doubt. But, I do believe some were definitely left out because the selection has become more of a "okay guys this kid was on the list last year, can't leave him off this year" type of thing. That type of attitude leaves well deserving athletes off the list. What a shame. Who stood out to you this season that had an ALL STATE type of season, yet did not receive any or much recognition?
  18. The old former District 8 and the Lonesome Pine District had great coaches. Some of the best. Schools listed is where they spent most of their career. 1. Ralph Cummins, Clintwood 2. Phil Robbins, Powell Valley 3. Tom Turner, Appalachia 4. Harry Fry, Gate City T5. Jim Riggs, Appalachia Nick Colobro, Gate City Cummins, Fry, and Riggs all spent time in that old classic District 8. All powerhouse programs.
  19. August 14: Union at Tennessee High
  20. Edd "The Stonega Stallion" Clark from Appalachia High School. Played in the late 60's. The best of all time hands down. He never played complete games other than against Gate City. Most games he only played a half, maybe 3qtrs. Hard telling what his stats would have been. He was Thomas and Julius Jones' uncle. Thomas was or still is in top 25 of the NFL's all time leading rusher category. Not bad for a SwVa boy and considering the total number of RB's to come through the league. There's been alot. Anyway Edd was the best.
  21. Okay, thanks mrb and redtiger. I appreciate it.
  22. Can someone direct me to the video that's being viewed from the Union/Lee game? The one provided to WCYB in Bristol, Va is very distorted. The sports anchor said the ball can be seen next to the receiver. But, when viewing that particular video what is being called the ball looks white to me. If you take notice on that video the receivers towel when he went up for the ball his towel was hanging straight down, but as he came down his towel drifted over to his right side as he fell all the way to the ground. With the towel being white it's somewhat convincing that this is possibly the towel, not the ball. When the receiver got up his towel was also laying over his right hip. The defender, #10, did not cheer or celebrate nor did the Lee High fans up in the stands next to the play. With them having a more clear view of the play from that side of the field, yet not cheering or celebrating it's somewhat of a good and possible indication it was their reaction to a completed pass. You can see no celebration from the fans in the stands in the video. Yes, a couple of Lee players on the field, ran to the official signaling incomplete. Maybe trying to influence the call....... Also, one Lee player coming in at the end of the play with a hit on the receiver was maybe trying to knock the ball loose after a possible reception......... With the video I've seen, it's not clear to me. Can someone direct me to the video that's being viewed? Is there a better one than WCYB's? If so, I'd like to see it. If WCYB's is the one everyone is looking at, maybe it's just my phone and PC. Thanks!!!
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