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  1. Well Ryan, it appears he was there at least half a season. Next time you throw a sarcasm grenade, pull the pin. From what I saw, he was pretty damn good.
  2. Also, the second inside linebacker for Graham should be on the list. They were a hell of a pair.
  3. Ethan Phipps from Richlands should be in there somewhere. I really dislike the way these post-season all district/all region teams are put together.
  4. Chilhowie can't get Riverheads off of the field. This will take it's toll in the 4th.
  5. Well said by the Goochland coach, very respectful and very complimentary. You can tell he is confident in his team and their style of football. Message to the G-Men!!!! Do not take this team lightly!!!!!!!!!
  6. Goochland traditionally runs double tight/double wing and is very, very physical. They have added some wing action out of the shotgun recently. I have talked with a Goochland alum that I know, during the season, and he expected to be in the finals and told me they are very good. Like someone posted earlier, not many weaknesses. If Graham get off to a fast start and can score quick....look out. However, if Goochland slows the pace, Graham may get a bloody nose. Regardless, these are the two best 2A teams in the state and the game will be a tremendous state final. Good luck G-Men, represent Tazewell County well.
  7. With the game moved to Northwood, may not be a live broadcast......hope there is.
  8. Last I saw Chilhowie was up a touchdown
  9. The game broadcast is apparently delayed on the NFHS network. Not cool!
  10. McCommons was a Sophomore, the team finished 7-3 and had some great seniors like Chris Harrison, Brad Davis and Adam Yost. Would have had a good run in the playoffs. Lost to Lebanon, Powell Valley and Christiansburg.
  11. old_school_blue


    IMO, a lifetime ban from coaching and unable to attend any games for a year.
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