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  1. I remember a tremendous defensive lineman for Liberty. I think he eventually landed at VT.
  2. My bad, you are right. I had Liberty on my mind for some reason.
  3. I both agree and disagree. I feel Richlands was a better team than Poquoson, actually, I feel they were better than every team they played in the state finals, with the exception of Monticello. They were a phenomenal team that had a super high school coach (Brud Bicknell.) In talking specifically about Poquoson, I think Richlands was beat before they got on the field. IMO, they overlooked their opponent after taking Liberty to the woodshed in the semis (44-7.) Poquoson set the tempo early and ran the ball through out the game. All of their RB's ran like they were playing for a state title. There were too many people (some coaches too I think) telling them how great they were after Liberty and that the semi-final was the de facto state title game. The shame is that the 2010 rivaled the 2006 team in almost every aspect and were very comparable to that team. I was at that game, there may have been some bad calls, but some of the calls, specifically in the fourth quarter, were good calls. Interesting thought regarding Mance's legacy if he lost the 2006 game. I didn't agree with him or his philosophy most of the time, but, I do wish him success at Loris. I feel I need to clarify that first. That being said, the 2006 team was at least 30 points better than Rockbridge County. The decision to "contain" their QB, a kid named Mayo, almost bit Richlands in the ass. Mayo was able to short scramble until receivers became open and hit them for big gains. IMO, they played that game "not to loose" which is what I saw year after year. The dramatic loss to Appomattox (3rd round in 2015) that spring boarded the Raiders program to multiple state championships was Mance's real last chance to win a title. Appo was behind 21-7 with around 6 minutes left, they scored 14 points in regulation to beat Richlands 27-21 in OT. I think that was Dennis Palmer's last year (I think.) Most people in Richlands openly blasted the defense for that loss. However, in my opinion, the defense was not responsible. The offense had the ball on two occasions and could not garner any first downs. They could not run the ball, giving Appo. time and field position. Coach Smith gained the momentum and the rest is history. To me, that loss, (App went on to win the next two games {state semi and state final} by the combined score of 99-12) along with the Poquoson loss in 2010, best represents the Richlands Football program during their impressive run as I feel that no Richlands team actually reached their full potential. The one title Richlands earned, was won late, against an inferior opponent. They did push a great Monticello team, which may have been one of their better state performances. It seemed that Richlands struggled to win outside of our regional area, when they were the favorites. They fared better as underdogs. Just my thoughts.
  4. Honestly, same could be said about Richlands. More than a few playoff games lost due to holding, illegal procedure and personal fouls.
  5. Which brings me back to my point...Richlands kicked Giles' ass that year in a scrimmage. 💥💥
  6. Richlands had several all-state guys left over from the 92 team and some strong underclassmen, including Jeremy McCommons as a sophmore.
  7. An ass-kickin' is an ass-kickin'.
  8. Disagree on 1993. Richlands scrimmaged @ Giles before the 1993 regular season and physically punished them. Richlands finished 7-3 on the season and was ineligible for the playoffs, would have made a deep, deep run. That being said, on my point about state titles, if Richlands had competed in Division 2 in 1993 (assuming eligibility) and 2005, the count would be Richlands 4 titles, Giles 2. BTW, I believe Thad Wells was the QB on the 2005 team.
  9. I would wager given the level of competition in which Giles' initial titles were won, if Richlands was then in the same classification, Giles would not have 4 titles and Richlands would have more than 2. Seems like you may want to lay off the sauce for a while...anyone on this site that reads my posts knows very well that I have never worshiped Greg Mance. That is laughable and shows that you have no damn idea what you are talking about. And trust me when I tell you...no one in Richlands is sad that you are no longer a Richlands fan. Don't go away mad...just go away.
  10. If my memory is correct, he made the appropriate changes on special teams and began keeping his best players on the field, which led to a state title. I think he will do just fine here. Changes have been needed at Richlands for a couple of years, I am glad Thad is home and hope he stays a while. I hope he catches fire and eventually runs into Giles in the playoffs, should have a little different result than that quagmire a couple of years ago.
  11. Has the time/date been announced yet?
  12. Excellent post! I was thinking along the same lines with other coaches you mentioned. Hard to muster the effort to respond to other posters when you know you can't change their minds. People have their opinions, which they are certainly entitled to. Vaught obviously wasn't perfect, but, he would rather eat shoe leather than lose. I can personally say that I never heard any racial slurs from Vaught. But I have seen him melt players and coaches down. A couple of years ago, I recall seeing an article about Harry Fry. Fry was pictured on the sideline during a game while smoking. I thought, boy..how times have changed. One thing about Vaught...he was a winner. He took Lexington and Richlands to state titles when neither school had won a championship.
  13. At least you spelled his name right. Other than your trash comment, you didn't argue with his football knowledge. I would dare to say from Lexington to PH-Roanoke to Tazewell to Richlands, 99% of the players that played for him would fight you, at the drop of the hat over him. He didn't care what your last name was or how much money your family had, the best played. I count myself lucky that I had the opportunity to be around him.
  14. At least spell his name right. He's forgotten more football than most know.
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