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  1. William Jeff. Willie for short.
  2. We want them both back. I have known both for 35 years and both are highly respected here still. #bring back the raven connection.
  3. Wells needs to utilize the kids on the field. He has a 6’6” quarterback go under center on 4th and 1. That’s what cost him the ballgame.
  4. The white hat in the Richlands game is pitiful. He can't walk and stands 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The game is constantly held up on change of possession to wait for him.
  5. Great Job Zeus!! Had to stop for victory Tacos.
  6. He had 3 FG tonight 59,54, and 25 yds.
  7. if you are going to make the comparison then you have to say that Ball was the best receiver because he was on the field at the end of the season and did not let childish emotions cost him his shot to try to make a play. That being said Ball was a clutch receiver Howie was fast but unreliable as a receiver because he dropped as many as he caught. Not knocking the kid just an honest observation.
  8. Don't get me wrong he is probably a great kid but when you don't show up for all of the 7 on 7 and 6 takes over and makes strides then it leaves the rest of the team with out a leader and gives them no hope of having one.
  9. Early in his career it would not have, but heard he may be gone after this year so let the Browns have the glory of the worst QB since Todd Heldreth.
  10. Gotta go with 2 since Grandpa is the Superintendent and Daddy is principal. I heard that when he got pulled in a game earlier in the year they were at the field house waiting for the coaching staff the next morning. I have been saying 6 should be QB since the first scrimmage this year
  11. Trey didn't set his feet and threw a bunch of in completions.
  12. Leaving for Stuarts Draft. Everyone be safe and the last one out of town stop by my mom's and tell her I love her. SEE YOU AT THE DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Also,Tom Goforth, who got his coaching start at Richlands (I remember when he was at RHS) previously coached at SD in 1995. I spoke with Tom at Wilson Memorial 2 years ago he was coaching at Waynesboro. I would bet a pink flamingo that he will be at this game as well.
  14. Exit 150 Dodges fried chicken get a bucket to go and then drive forever LOL
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