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  1. as for the trash talking goes.......what goes around comes around....... just remember this....it's ALL southwest district...not TAZEWELL southwest district you guys need to know this- "all that money might buy you that big nice field....but it wont buy you class, the one thing your team lacks"
  2. Graham we're confined to pavement and gyms for now. lol
  3. Someone should have been with them and if they were than they shouldn't have let that happen. Plus, it shouldn't have happened in the first place. It's called control and respect. What happened to it?
  4. id say that our team will be inside for a while, considering we dont have a field yet.......
  5. Henderson is a great wrestler and is a great person as well. i hope both of them do very well at state. i really do.
  6. i agree. He is a beast. but he is a class act beast. thats great to see!
  7. I know it may be a wrestling "thing" but i don't think it's right to trash someone elses stuff. i agree with you bluefieldrocks, and it was graham's stuff. I know our assistant principal very well, and he treats everyone fairly and with respect. He did nothing to bring about everything.
  8. I dont think that our school has suffered much loss of practice time, but it is hard on the players as far as transportation, homework and for the some that have jobs.
  9. Ok, I know that people get angry when they lose, but, I am from Graham and the damage inflicted by angry wrestlers after their matches, was unacceptable. Our locker rooms were trashed, lockers dented and vents kicked and punched in. I don't know why this was necesary to ruin OUR facilities. I was dissipointed in the behavior of those wrestlers. any thoughts anyone?
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