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  1. Graham up 30-13 in 3rd quarter.
  2. Can somebody please post venues and times for friday and saturdays games.
  3. If they hadnt missed 10 free throws in regulation, they would have won that game. #0 put the Oak Hill team on his back down the stretch, hr was the best player on the court, other than that, Graham matched up very well.
  4. Cant argue with that one. A football coach, coaching baseball inspired me to quit playing baseball.
  5. After this game......Im going to McDonalds !!
  6. Where are all the Union fans??? Their side is over half empty.
  7. 1. Chilhowie 2. Bluefield 3. Pulaski 4. Graham 5. PH 6. Abingdon 7. Ridgeviee 8. Union 9. Galax 10. Grayson
  8. I'm surprised G Man allows you to ruin this site the way you have. I know of 3 or 4 people who no longer post on here directly because of you. Go ahead and insult me if it makes you feel better about yourself... but before I go, know this..... I will never use "bag balm" that somebody else used as chapstick...Goodbye A Hole. Swvasports just lost another poster.
  9. No I'm not a fan of what you say. Most of what you say is pompous and self serving. And I will not be told by somebody as arrogant as yourself what to do. See you at the games, oops forgot, you don't actually attend the games. You just talk smack Didn't know I did a jackass imitation so we'll.
  10. Go be in love with yourself somewhere else. I'm tired of the PDA. Being in love with yourself is a wasted exercise that bears no fruit.
  11. Whatever. Some of us just like to have a little faith. Any num nut can pick the heavy favorite
  12. Thank you and I would appreciate if you were more specific with your posts in the future. Duke is overrated.
  13. I was just responding because you said no one in SWVA could play with them. Didn't know you only meant 1A. Also, Floyd has an enrollment of about 600. What is the enrollment of PM? Just curious, I know it has to be below 450.
  14. Are the schools within the same County?/ Division? If so, perfectly legal. As long as the kid moved within the attendance zone.
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