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  1. Good stuff here Jeff! I kinda went into hiding after basketball season ended and then when I got word about the WVP site being shut down I figured it was a sign to step away from the message board scene. Then I got bored and tried converting BR's old basketball board into a message board to where everyone could start over at but no one has showed up. So I decided to venture out to see where everyone else has landed and it seems like everyone is splitting there post between here, TGC's message board, and BGN's boards. It's really a shame with what Swann allowed to happen over there. His words are "he wasn't working for Rivals no more" so basically he had no use for the board no more, which I think is totally unfair to all the folks who posted over there. Especially for it to shut down without warning to anyone so some kinda changes could be made in preparation for the shut down. Either way, rumor is Swann has plans on doing something else in the future, I hope no one goes to whatever he plans on doing. I'll do my best to help post here and spread the word about SWVAsports and get some more WV flow through here. Thanks for your efforts my friend.
  2. Bluefield Bridgeport (1-0) Spring Valley Lincoln Williamstown (1-0) St. Marys Oak Hill Meadow Bridge Westside Hannan Just a side note for those who don't know. Westside has dominated the football series with Wyoming East for several seasons now. The closest Wyoming East came to beating Westside in football was last season, but Westside pulled out a 2 pt victory in the last seconds. Westside looks to be a little bit better this season as compared to last season when they met East (which was in the 2nd game as well) last season Westside lost by 1pt to Liberty ® going into their match with East, this season Westside doubled up on Liberty ® I think the Renegades should take care of business as usual against East come Friday.
  3. I dont remember the exact final but it was by 30 or more?....I wanna say Bluefield 64 - Westside 32 or something to that? Just a game pretty well dominated by Bluefield after the first qt, in the first qt. Westside played well and had the lead even for awhile, but as the game went on, Bluefield just got better, the scary thing is, I dont think Bluefield even reached their full potential though. Westside's youth and inexperience shine through once again tonight, it's gonna be a rough and long season, but a learning process. I was a bit disappointed that no more Bluefield fans was at the game than what was, Bluefield is scary good, I think them and Wyoming East/Oak Hill will be the main 3 in our region battling to come out, who the main two will be? well that will be a toss up for sure! I also wanna make this observance for some of the players and a few of the fans, it's easy to beat a tradition team that is down in the talent pool, but when you win, win with class and leave it at that. The way a few of the players and a couple fans was reacting woulda made ya believe they just won the 2A title or something? anyways just wanted to get that off my chest, best of luck the rest of season Bluefield, you guys truly got a talented team!
  4. a very young and very inexperienced Renegade squad wins it's season opener against Independence. not for sure on stats, but i think the final was like 71-59. Renegades had their lead as high as 14 points at one time! It's certain that this season is gonna be a interesting one at Westside, with all the underclassmen that make up this Renegade squad, but the future is nothing but short of bright in my opinion. I think we could have some surprise wins this year. The schedule isnt as tough as in times past, so they'll probably get more wins than usual or more than the last few years anyways. still dunno if I'd say I'm ready to put them up there with the big dawgs of our region (Oak Hill, Wyoming East, Bluefield, Pikeview) but we're on our way. long way til March, so it will be interesting to see what comes about. in other news Wyoming East won their season opener against Matewan in Charleston at the Hoops Classic by a very convincing margin of 73-38 Pikeview also beat a team worthy of keeping an eye on in AA this season, as they beat Scott @ Scott by a final of 58-44....which surprises me some, i think both of these squads will be good in AA this season, just though Scott would do better at home against Pikeview, guess they (Pikeview) are better than I expected!
  5. that is a very sweet photo there buzzsaw!! that should become your sig. photo on WVP!
  6. I get what you are saying, but end of an era i doubt. Bluefield will be back next year. Just as big and bad as ever, being a favorite to win the title and backing up the hype with incredible playing on the field. Bluefield is just that good. but still i get what your saying about Lilly and Patterson. but you guys are like USC in college football (up til this year anyway) or UNC in basketball, you guys dont have down seasons you all stinking reload!!...lol congratz to the beaver nation in southern WV on you 10th title. well done to the coaching staff for making your players prepared and to the players for exicuting the plays well! two loses on the season yes, but undefeated with you in-state play! heck of a season fellas! kudos!
  7. in what should be a classic matchup! Both have been battled tested for sure! Good luck to the Beavers in bring home another title for southern WV
  8. if Wayne just runs the ball and is able to move well, they could just run time out and win. Of course another score wouldnt be a bad thing i dont guess, lol. here's hoping Wayne dont turn it over these last few mins.
  9. that missed extra point might be interesting IF Frankfort can get back in this game and actually score.
  10. Oh My Word.....a tale of two halfs indeed.....this one went from interesting to really interesting now that score is all knotted up. Just might get to see that Wayne-Bluefield title match up once again after all... you guys and Wayne has almost became as popular as you all and Poca back in the day!
  11. maybe a tell of two halfs? Wayne has put the ball in the end zone finally making it a 21-7 game, down by 14 still but if the D will get strong and hold, it could become more interesting. I must say for me, this is a surprise. I considered Frankfort a good team, but thought Wayne was among the top 3 in AA all season. Frankfort is doing well though, here's to seeing if they are able to finish it off.
  12. cant tell ya much about Chapmanville, I'm sure they bring back some talent from last season, not even sure what there record was last year? It seems like I remember them make some noise here or there last year? I just know any team with Harry Kirk as coach will be a good rounded team. Kirk is one of the legendary coaches in this state IMO. I think the idea of him vs Mark Hatcher in coaching will be very interesting, Hatch has all the talent in the world on Logan's team to dribble anyone this year, but wouldnt be shocked if this game is closer than the experts would think. I'll look/ask around and see what I can find out for you though. I've been told Westside scrimmages this, so if I can find out when/where and have the time, I might try and check it out and give ya my opinions on it. I tend to agree with you statement here. I was wondering about the coaching thing too at Bluefield, but still really believe they'll be a good team, I might be wrong, but eh wouldnt be the first time, lol. as for Wyoming East being second, I dont know yet, I sorta got mixed emotions here. As I said They have a butt load of talent, but the experience level is about half and half. Add that with the new coach and how the kids will adapt to his coaching and all. Now dont misunderstand me here, I think East will be a top 5, if not top 3 team this year and for a few more years to come, but just seeing how the kids that have been under Lester will do under Chapman, plus I wonder how the respect factor will play in? Seems when kids are playing for someone close to their age or who doesnt have much coaching experience they dont really listen well and treat the coach as "one of the guys" it will be interesting to see what comes out from New Richmond for sure! I think Ravenswoods will really be right in the mix of things, possibly taking over that no. 2 position from Wyoming East, but ultimately I agree Oak Hill will be the team to beat, just hope Fred can do better with them this year, which I think he will, while I lay a lot of fault on him from last season, equally I think inexperience had something to play in there as well. Like I said, a very interesting AA field this year for sure, look forward to seeing what happens. I think you could take all the teams I've mentioned and the others that's been mentioned toss'em in a bad and shake it up and have just as much luck with picking who will be in Charleston this year! ****on a personal note**** I know and I'm grateful and appreciative for that G-man. and will prolly be taking you up on that, seems as if I'm as popular as you these days among the Oceana/Wyoming Co ppl. I've even got my own impostors on that "site" I told you about. they have my sign in name from WVPreps on that "site" and me supposedly talking smack about Westside and a couple of the senior boys who didnt try out. Thus provoking emails and sorts to be sent to me asking me what my problem is, I told some of the people it's not me, but just don think anyone believes me. I told this one person I'd not been to "that site" since your problems I informed you about and they was like well you get what you deserve, said I spent wayyyyy to much time on WVP, made myself and more so Westside look bad and if there's one last thing I wanna do is bring a reproach on Westside and make it look bad, let alone myself, so I'm gonna back away from there for a few. during basketball season I'm gonna put my time and efforts into this site and BR's old site. as I think I'll do the Fan Poll over there again this season, depending on how many posters we have over there this year. and I've been spreading the word about your board for basketball season. not sure who, if any will show up, but I'm trying for ya man.
  13. So I recently got told I talk too much on the WVP board and was a bad example to the name Westside and all and spent wayyyyyy to much time over there, so I figured I'd take a break from there and come over here for a spell. so how does everyone feel AA basketball will be this season? I know, I know some of you will say it's football still yet and you are correct, but I'm a big basketball fan. I think the two 5 or 6 in AA could really make a run at the title, those being 1. Oak Hill 2. Wyoming East 3. Ravenswood 4. Bluefield 5. Tug Valley 6. Magnolia 7. Weir the other teams that could be surprise teams is Pikeview, Chapmanville with the addition of former Harts HC Harry Kirk, among a few others. I really like the trio Oak Hill has coming back these days, but really wonder how Fred will use them? I like Fred, but ultimately think it was his decisions that cost them last year. Wyoming East has a host of talent, so experienced, so not so experienced, the interesting thing at WE is the new head coach they have gotten. Lester is out, so the experience of HC is gone. I think ultimately WE and OH are the two favorite from our region with Bluefield standing a good chance of playing spoiler. Ravenswood returns a good amount of talent from last years championship team, not to mention arguably the best coach in AA. which makes them that dangerous, arguably could be considered the no. 1 team in preseason. you all know about Bluefield, so I dont have to brag about them much. Ponder is arguably one of the best basketball players in the state this year. so that alone makes them dangerous. I put Tug Valley in my top 5 but have a big question mark on them, they remind me of a lot of the Mount View teams in the past that had talent but let emotions get in the way. the talent is there, a good coach is finally there, but just not sure, they did make the playoffs last year, so it'll be interesting to see what this year holds for them. I think by seasons end Magnolia and Weir will be right in the mix of things, but not both will be able to make it, add to the mix that some of the northern posters think Oak Glen will have a good team. so add these three with Ravenswood in the same region, could be interesting up there. some teams I do think will be interesting to keep an eye on this year will be Scott, Pikeview, and as I said Chapmanville with the add of Harry Kirk as HC. should be an interesting year, I look forward to it and think AA will be very competitive and fun for sure!
  14. go read any of my post on WVpreps if you look over there any, you wont see me one time boosting Whitten to be nothing more than a good running back. I never said he was the best. I never said Westside was the best. I have tried to defend and stick up for my comrades who G-man has talked badly to, but it's not to say they didnt deserve it. this goes to show, as the old saying is, "one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch" well one bad poster can give the rest of the posters a bad rep as well.
  15. frig almighty G-man are you so blinded by your pompous arrogant ways that you cant see I'm freaking agreeing with you? God you really are a stupid duche! I know it's an expression. Frig man any poster that is a realist fan knows we dont face the type of competition that Bluefield does, I mean what else to do you wanna hear a Westside fan say? "I guess when you're not intelligent enough to understand a figure of speech, things like this happen" ya know, I can gurantee you are older than me, maybe?...but either way you are acting like a teenage know it all punk. again i dont know what you want from the Westside folks? i said i see your annoyance with Khandfe, and i can even see your war of words with coach skip, and i get this kinda response? what the hell dude?
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