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  1. ghs84

    Graham G-Men

    Haven't been Abel to keep up for a while just wandering how they are expected to do for the upcoming season? How have they performed in scrimmages and are they a young team or all DRs? Info please
  2. Graham will win,but not as big as they did earlier. G-Men 28 Tazewell 13
  3. Salem 24 @ Christiansburg 21 Graham14 @ Richlands 28 Marion 21 @ Tazewell 12 Radford 35 @ Glenvar 21 Haysi 21 @ Hurley 12 Abingdon 14 @ Virginia 28 Thomas Walker 14 @ JI Burton 31 Game of the Week George Wythe 14 @ Holston 7
  4. wats cc record? who have they played and scores? anyone?
  5. ive lived in bluefield va my whole life except for a few years in nashville tn i have a daughter who is a soph at Graham,but i try and follow both teams during football season.im not into b-ball all that much nor baseball.but its a plus to have two local high school teams playing on the same field,it gives us more chances to go watch football.and if both teams have good seasons then we get to watch more playoff games without having to travel a lot.so we are lucky to be in the situation were in.im still waiting on Graham having that 14-0 season,but its not looking good.it would be nice to see both teams win state in the same season.i believe it will happen one day i just dont know if i will get to see it or not.
  6. James Monroe 14 @ Greenbrier East 13 Bluefield 21 @ Scott 14 (Laidley Field - Charleston) Westside 28 @ Wyoming East 7 Lebanon 17 @ Richlands 19 Grundy 21 @ Abingdon 20 Castlewood 12 @ Ervinton 6 Powell Valley 24 @ J.J. Kelly 28 GAME OF THE WEEK Tazewell 28 @ Graham 27
  7. Mount View 6 @ Bluefield 55 Princeton 7 @ Nitro 20 Galax 13 @ Grayson 24 Lee 14 @ JJ Kelly 28 Blacksburg 21 @ Hidden Valley 22 Carroll 28 @ Abingdon 14 Honaker 12 @ Tazewell 32 Game of the Week Eastern Montgomery 14 @ Radford 21
  8. how bad is grundy gonna beat Graham? heres my prediction Graham 14 Grundy 42
  9. sounds to me hes marrs sr. and full of pop tarts.lmao
  10. Graham is not ever going to win another game with marrs coaching thats a fact.the only reason he won any games in 05,06,07,08 is because they were from the carlock era.now that these are all from the marrs era look at whats happening.loss,loss,loss,loss,loss.and there are going to be a big pile of those Losses as long as hes there.i was listening to his pre game interview on the radio before the cave spring game and when asked what he planned to do differently against cave spring after watching them on film he said nothing were not going to change anything,were gonna line up and go straight at them.i said to myself that this has to be one of the most ignorant human beings out there.i truly believe that the man doesnt give a rats ass whether his team wins or not.i think its time for a change at Graham High School in the athletic department,and i mean that whole coaching staff besides coach litz needs to pack up and be sent down the damn road.im sure it would put a smile on coach carlocks face.it took marrs less than 32 min to destroy what it took coach carlock 32 years of hard work to build at GHS.we all knew that Graham was the team to beat in the SWD year in and year out.but now Graham has replaced john battle as the team everyone knows they are gonna get a win against.marrs discusses me he has no idea how to be not only a coach but a mentor to these young men in which carlock did know how to teach them character,and to believe in yourself.marrs will never get the respect carlock got.never.he needs to man up and get out.cause everyone in this town wants his resignation like 4 years ago.
  11. they shouldve at least interviewed a few before handing it to him.Graham got the shaft when this clown was put at the helm.0-10 yep its coming.sad sad sad
  12. George Wythe 24 @ Fort Chiswell 12 Marion 21 @ Grundy 17 Richlands 28 @ Tazewell 21 Graham 7 @ Princeton 35 Virginia 42 @ Chilhowie 21 Haysi 26 @ Thomas Walker 16 Northwood 14 @ Bland County 21 Game of the Week Bluefield 14 @ Gate City 21 Tie Breaker Game: Appalachia 34
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