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  1. https://www.applitrack.com/tazewell/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Athletics%2fActivities
  2. It was all run plays. I think we were 1 for 3 passing the whole game.
  3. I think the hole they dug was so deep and so fast that it kind of avalanched on them. Then throwing several picks probably made them wary of throwing more.
  4. And, to add, RV adds alot of H-back in their playbook, which is effectively I formation, but with the QB in a better position to be a threat with his feet.
  5. I'm not sure Central has been susceptible to the big play? 🤔 They gave up one play vs Tazewell. One big play was vs JV... What's the other big plays? None vs Ridgeview. None vs Abingdon. Zero vs Gate City.... maybe I have missed some....?
  6. Certainly no easy task that stands in front of Central for sure.
  7. We love the train horn! They just wouldn't blow it when we scored and we couldn't figure out why?😂
  8. There will be two then. We have one of our own. 👊
  9. This is a game that Central cannot look past. It's hard to beat any Union/PV/Appy team twice in the same year. They are aware of this. I'm glad it's at home and not bullit park lol
  10. Honestly how do you not set the edge on that play? Looked like they gave up.
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