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  1. GC lost a lot, without much to replace it unless they get some new players out. Unions style will keep them in games they shouldnt be in. Gotta remember before they lost half of their backfield their running game was nearly impossible to stop. Yes Polier was a stud but much of that offense is based on their HBs blocking and they lost both of them last season. Imo the Bears will runn the ball well, and play tough defense. They may surprise some teams, theyre not gonna suprise Paintsville though.
  2. So Dixon can build a program, no doubt, but will his offense work at the 4A level the way he ran it (Single back, multiple TE/Wings, not much passing) or will he adapt with more talent? Dixon also played a TREMENDOUSLY tough schedule at Galax, will he replicate that at the 4A level? Wish him the best, always enjoyed watching Galax play
  3. Imo its a definite possibility. 2 weeks if 2 a days, then start the season. Its not the best idea but it could happen.
  4. Look at just about any game played in the 90s for any team in SWVA and you will see those programs best players. A Golden Age for SWVA football if you will
  5. Thats insane. I know Radford had a much larger enrollment back then but still, thats like big time Texas school numbers
  6. Never did. With PV and GC on the schedule there weren't many years conducive to an undefeated season. It takes a lot of talent and some luck. Undefeated with a State Title is a VERY impressive feat. An undefeated regular season is hard enough.
  7. Haysis enrollment was around 300 when Ervinton closed, those students bumped it up a little in the final years(Ervintons students split between Haysi and Clintwood). Clintwood back in the 70s had more students than RV does now, just Clintwood. A dozen years from now RV may well be a 1A school. The enrollment drop in Dickenson County is staggering, upstaged only by Buchannon County. Grundy had 1,000 students at the start of the 90s and played in Division 4, now theyre under 425, Hurley was D2 into the mid 90s, now theyre under 200, Garden (for a time) was D2 and now Garden and Whitewood (Twin Valley) is under 200. Im not sure on the numbers for D1/D2 but D2 would have had to of been over 300 students.
  8. Over the same period Haysi was .500 vs Powell Valley while only being marginally larger than Appalachia. During the divisional split Haysi was consistently one of the smallest D2 schools in the state.
  9. Pass 🤣🤣🤣
  10. It was Waggle but the QB pulled up behind Left Tackle, they ran the pattern a little different with the TE running a Post to occupy the Safety and the Wing Back running Drag underneath. It really exploited a gap in Haysis Cover 3 scheme. Anyway, when that Wing Back caught the ball he had a 10 yard head start, the Safety was in the middle of the field with the TE, and the playside Corner was occupied with the SE who I think ran a Hitch. It was there all night, but once JJK got up BI got a little conservative and didnt go back to it. Youre right about the onside, it was a bad kick but it worked out for the Tigers. I think after the first run or two that BI thought Haysi would jam the middle and stuff the FB so he ran it wide. Not a bad call, it just didnt work out.
  11. Haysi @ JJK 08. Haysi scored early in the game pretty easily, then JJK found a little weakness in the Haysi coverage(JJK was not a good passing team but they had a play that put Haysi is conflict) and Kelly scored. Kind of a back and forth game where each team has momentum for awhile. Well the 2nd Half Kelly had momentum and was in clear control of the game right up until the end. With time winding down Haysi receives the ball, I cant remember if its a punt or a kickoff. Anyway, Haysi throws a few passes and scores without using any timeouts. JJK get the ball after an onside kick attempt and has to run the ball to run the clock out as Haysi has all 3 timeouts. Kelly runs the ball inside 1-2 times without much success and on the 2nd or 3rd run the RB fumbles and Haysi recovers with ok field position. A couple of passes later and the game is over and Colley adds another win. All of that took place within a minute to a minute and a half. From Kelly up 2 scores to losing. That might not have been the biggest highlight, the first half saw Hobert Newberry boot a 70+ yard punt, im thinking 75-78 with 50 of it being in the air. He could FLAT OUT PUNT a football, most powerful punter ive ever seen. Most of havoks games are on my list too, although id like to ad 03 Honaker @ Haysi. Both teams come in with strong teams and the winner of this game was clearly the BDD Champ and most likely #1 seed for the region. Its a defensive battle with neither team doing much. Late in the game Haysi puts together a little drive and gets inside the 10. On 4th down Jake Colley moves out to WR and Cody Hutchinson goes in as QB and throws a fade pattern to Jake for the TD. O cant remember if Haysi went for 2 or missed the xp but Honaker gets the ball back with under a minute left and being a ground n pound team the game ends as a 6-0 Haysi victory. One of the most tense games I remember watching, 1 missed tackle, 1 slip, 1 mistake and the game was over and thats kinda what happened. Jake went up and the CB had no chance. Galax @ Haysi 14 is one of my favorites. When we scored that last TD I knew without a doubt we were going for 2. Galax had ran the ball all over us in big chunks all afternoon, there was no way we would have been able to stop them in OT. After the TD I closed my eyes and said to myself "I know were going to throw the ball here, and I want to win but if we lose at least we go out like a Haysi team - everything on the line, throwing the ball for the win". That was also the last Haysi game played at Sandlick. Just a great memory. 05 PV @ Haysi was also a good one. I yelled the entire game. Couldnt really talk until Tuesday lol
  12. He checks all the boxes. He could develop into a fine, fine football player
  13. It wasnt the best exit but its hard to blame a guy for going home
  14. Todds a good guy and a very good coach. Great hire for the Wolfpack
  15. A lot of the PH faithful were upset with his hiring but he did a fine job there. Wish him the best going forward, cant fault him for advancing his career. And like Big Ugly Vol said, he may be double dipping and thats a great opportunity
  16. There are definitely some feel good stories coming out of the current situation. Thats a commendable move by Kraft
  17. WWE has been pretty much unwatchable, AEW on the other hand has been pretty good from what ive seen. The in ring action is MUCH better imo
  18. Its funny how peoples perspectives are different in terms of what they like, I would sacrifice the entire sport of basketball for eternity just to have next football season, and I enjoy basketball(HS and NCAA)
  19. I missed the NCAA Tournament but thats it. I dont watch baseball or NASCAR. My interest in any sport outside of NCAA and High School football has been dwindling for the past few years. The National Anthem issues with the NFL were the beginning of it, football was my escape from the real world and that was invaded by bs. I still watch the Cowboys when they're on but other than than I watched parts of maybe 3 NFL games last season and the Superbowl. I did watch a lot of college football and ive been fortunate enough to watch more high school football in the past 3-4 years than I ever have, nothing better than traveling around SWVA eating hotdogs and watching some high school football. I hope something we as a culture take away from this is that we refocus on whats important and find other interests. Ive been sketching, something I haven't done in years, and depending on how things go I may end up reading more.
  20. True. From the outside it just seems like theres a lot to deal with down there. Huge linemen, plenty of FB/TE/DE types, always at least 1 serious RB contender. Seems like a great situation, just a matter of getting it all together
  21. Cant keep and run off are two very different things. That being said, imo their latest hire didnt know exactly what he was getting into.
  22. redtiger

    Mance news

    Unless he wants to be a Running Back id say that would be a bad move lol
  23. I would imagine the Hogo just to keep the districts even (Hogo currently has 5 schools, Cumberland has 6) and they have historical ties to the Hogo but they have played a lot of the teams from both districts regularly.
  24. If the school wasn't going to be in top of a mountain Levisa River is a great name
  25. Dickenson County put together a group of teachers and students to work on the colors and mascot. If I remember correctly they came up with a few different mascots and color schemes and then let the kids decide from those choices. They allowed suggestions for colors and mascots, whatever you wanted to submit. Im sure they had some creative ideas, I know because I entered some myself lol. I do know that when Wolfpack was suggested all other mascots fell to the wayside, same with the electric blue/black/silver color scheme.
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