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  1. I dont understand how these decisions are being made. I guess the "within 6' for 15 minutes" guideline means absolutely nothing
  2. A lot of 2 back Shotgun offenses really run Wishbone plays
  3. Personally I think those big horns are pretty awesome when the team is coming out, going in at half, etc but using them between plays or as the opponent lines up is ridiculous imo.
  4. Of the teams remaining in AA most if not all of the run heavy teams do run some spread concepts(they will all need it at some point) but they base out of the following: Central - Wing-T Union - T Appomattox- Split Veer Glenvar- Spread Stuart's Draft - Pistol Double Wing Strasburg - T Poquoson- Wing-T Amelia - Spread As these offenses become more popular again they lost some of their intrinsic advantage but right now they're not that popular and are having some success.
  5. Ill have to watch the GC highlights. Absolutely almost impossible for them to replicate, like I said I think where defenses see the spread more often they're well practiced against it. Run based teams are "contrarian" in these times. They gain an advantage just by being different.
  6. Its a different style of football for sure. In terms of preparation its pretty much impossible for a scout team to replicate the speed of Centrals offense, or the physicality of Unions. Wise Central is Wing T and Union is Straight T (they do motion the Half Backs around some) their plays aren't the same and what they're trying to do isn't the same. Scout teams cant replicate it in practice, because 7 game scout of 10 a scout team player is playing Slot WR who catches passes and runs Jet, well Union week hes asked to lead block on Belly or Dive off tackle. He's not going to be able to do that, as where the other 7 weeks he can play Slot WR like he would rather do and is comfortable doing. At the same time Corners and Safeties want to cover in space, Union and Central force to to become box defenders. That was very evident in the Union/Graham game, none of Grahams DBs wanted to come up and put a shoulder in any of Unions RBs or their QB(when running from the gun). Its hard to go from covering speed like Tazewell and Graham have in the open field to tackling bruising RBs like Union has. @Mountain Football I like the games that pit two run based teams against each other because with that grinding approach 1 big play can be the difference, as where with spread pass happy teams it seems like there are a bunch of big plays. In movie terms its the difference between a thriller and a horror movie. The horror movie has a higher kill count but the thriller is more intense.
  7. Thats a legit factor. The SWD has Spread Gun teams at the top, the M7 has Under Center run based teams with the 2A teams being 3 back, RV being the only strong Gun team in the M7 (GC actually throws the ball well but struggles in other areas). If you're not used to playing physical football in tight spaces it's very different. A decade and a half ago the Spread was the new thing: coaches didn't know how to defend it, players weren't comfortable defending it. Now that script has flipped and 3 back offenses with a TE or two are abnormal and have an advantage. Look at the difference in Lebanon when they started mixing in/basing out of the Power-I. All of a sudden they're competitive. There are other contributing factors but offensive style is absolutely part of it.
  8. Haysi would have beaten the Vikings twice in 91, but PV didn't make it to the rematch game
  9. I watched it, they represented their program, families, and community very well
  10. I watched a LB game earlier in the season; speed, talent, and size everywhere
  11. Under Center Split Backs Veer with some Shotgun 4 wide mixed in
  12. Concussion. Not sure what was with the backboard and precautions
  13. Wells sacrificed his reputation for the good of Blue Tornado football. No one wants to follow a legend, well he did and then bailed. Now the next guy can be the coach that followed the jacksss. Much easier to succeed under those circumstances. Im not saying that's what I believe(I don't really care) or that's what's happened, but its one way to look at it. He obviously wanted to move on all along so why come back home just to become a villian? Basically the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. Thad Wells is Batman
  14. I thought the Pioneer JV looked good against Ridgeview. QB was very impressive
  15. It looked to me like Lebanon let off once they got up. VA High was CONSIDERABLY faster than Battle and that gave the Trojans a lot of problems both Offensively (no outside run game and pass game gampered) and Defensively (can't tackle what you can't catch).
  16. Yes, but not by enough. Western Ridge due to the proximity to Pine Mountain, the western edge if Virginia in the county and Pinnacle due to the schools position on top of the ridge were 2 names that were thrown out that really stuck out to me.
  17. Navy and Orange Bears, just like Chicago, Bland County and Grainger County (ok, they're the Grizzlies). Not real unique. Centrals colors were cool, basically keeping the schemes from P/JJK but name and mascot leave a lot to be desired. Eastside is generic, as is mascot and color scheme. Michigan State ripoff. Ridgeview has a really cool color scheme and mascot but name is generic.
  18. @stu_bean Ridgeview is actually very balanced offensively this season. They really spread the ball around, it's not a 1 man show like last season.
  19. ABSOLUTELY!!! All of SWVA would be there
  20. 500 is absolutely asinine. Tickets should be based on a % of stadium capacity imo, thats at least based on logic and not some random number
  21. 500 I believe. No clue how the tickets are being handed out. I still wont be eligible for one so...
  22. Super Power, Criss Cross, Trap, Power and a handful of other plays are the basis of their offense. They don't run any option that I've ever seen, been following them since they beat Eastern Montgomery for state some years back. Love their style of play. Veer - give to a dive back, keep by the QB, or lateral to a pitch back. Battle has ran Veer for several years now, split backs Veer this season and Pistol flex one Veer previous seasons. Veer is more like a basketball 2 on 3 fast break, undefeated man gets the ball, some teams break it down to Dive and then Keep/Pitch or Dive/Keep with no pitch option (Haysi actually ran those a lot). Usually paired with a FB Dive, a Lead play, and some sort of Counter. Riverheads wants to beat defenses with brute force(more blockers at the point of attack that defenders) and the occasional slight of hand play. Central wants to out flank defenses and uses more slight of hand and passing. Riverheads and Central are similar, but in the same way Tazewell, Graham, and Richlands are similar.
  23. Not seen any veer concepts from Riverheads before...
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