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  1. Congratulations G-Men. They were clearly the better team. To echo the reviews about the QB and Bradshaw, I was very impressed. Richlands will be fine; however, as I said in a previous post, Graham has been a sleeping giant. They have always had the talent in the immediate area (including West Virginia), and I noticed another Isabel on the roster in addition to Bradshaw. They now have a coaching staff to match. The addition of Dennis Palmer and Ronnie Davis add to the mix. I recognize that Palmer defense anywhere. No butt hurt here. Realistically, I understand the situation and am disappointed by the loss. Next week's match up between Region D's primary programs will be exciting.
  2. Overtime win vs Clintwood in 1999 or 2000. Comeback win in semifinals vs Sussex Central.
  3. Who has won the most? Is that a stat that Bluefield researcher or anyone else has? I would guess with GC in the 70s, Tazewell in the 80s, and Richlands/Graham having the most since 1990 the following order: 1. Graham 2. Richlands 3. Tazewell 4. Grundy.
  4. That's right. I was referring to the teams at each level with a total of 12-15. Are the other communities stand-alone or do they combine like how Grundy, Honaker, Hurley, Lebanon, and Twin Valley had participated in Richlands? Does Graham, Tazewell, or other areas mostly maintain their single "town/school" leagues?
  5. Good question. My guess is purely numbers, based upon me asking the question myself. Evidenced by the number of teams (2), compared to my past experiences 5 and 4 with Baptist Valley, Raven, and Cedar Bluff no longer active. I assume soccer is mostly to blame, but again, that's why I asked. I thought other SWVA communities were in the same boat prior to the responses in this thread.
  6. So, how many teams and kids roughly in the BSG system? Do they have much competition with other sports?
  7. Which community would be the blueprint for reference? Since I have been away from it for several years, I couldn't say what the issue is, although at the time fall soccer seemed to be attracting more kids away from football. Are there any fall flag football leagues for those who have been deterred by concussion concerns? It's an interesting topic that I hadn't given much thought, and assumed the problems were everywhere.
  8. It is obviously worse than I was aware or expected.
  9. I didn't realize that Tazewell County was that far behind the other local counties. I know we have been largely spoiled due to the Mance and Vaught eras. How long is the talent drop-off expected to last?
  10. Not sure if it justifies a new topic and specifically considering this job, what is most important to lure or attract a quality head coach?
  11. I believe that is true to a degree, but the teams that do it well do so because of their execution. I believe that they keep it simple and can do it without much thought. I would love to see how Union teaches the T, or the various wing teams teach their offense. The contrast in styles is what makes football so interesting.
  12. I started a thread a few years ago about building a successful program and received several responses. With that in mind, here is the reality... I am a Richlands fan through and through, but my passion does not cloud my reasoning. From roughly 2004-2017, we have been very blessed, and spoiled by success, that our expectations have become unrealistic. The biggest factor has been renewed enthusiasm and those expectations (culture) built by Greg Mance and his assistant coaches, including Dennis Palmer and Ronnie Davis. We were blessed by a good run of athletes as well. We still have a great group of kids and coaches; however, economy and demographics are not ideal for the state or region championship every year. Graham on the other hand has been a sleeping giant with the same resources and demographics, but now leadership. The culture by Palmer and company also brings the return of transfers to fill in the gaps, just as Richlands enjoyed. Good luck to the G-Men going forward. I hope that Richlands returns to dominance, and I will support our kids. Time will tell how successful our leadership becomes. For now, Graham has that ingredient to go with talent.
  13. It's just a tough break and a tough season. I am disappointed for Richlands; however, I understand the reasoning based on head to head results. Control what you can control on the field. Tazewell County is fortunate to have 3 solid football teams. I hope in the near future, that Graham doesn't maintain their recent dominance, but that greater parity and success of each of the county teams leads to better overall games on the field. I am happy to wish the G-Men and Bulldogs the best of luck going forward. If the journey ends soon, I will support the Warriors and Bears.
  14. I wish Tazewell the best. I, for one root for them 8-9 games during the season. Unfortunately, that seems to be the difference between building a solid program and having a good core group. At Richlands, we have been blessed with solid coaching, which has lead to good numbers and depth. I pray those young men recover quickly and hope eventually the Bulldogs will return to being consistently successful.
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