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  1. I believe he said: “Thomas Walker will play anyone.”
  2. Rachael is way too nice to say those things. She 100% supports him wherever their path goes to next.
  3. But what if said QB wasn’t at the school anymore?
  4. There’s definitely a certain school that would love them that’s not Richlands.
  5. But are they nothing more than rumors? 🤔
  6. The best part is, it’s not even about Tazewell. 😂
  7. Wrong school’s boosters 😂😂
  8. Yeah losing is one thing. Losing by 4+ goals a game is something else entirely. Unless they just lost all of the talent that was there, seems more like a coaching/tactics issue from the outside.
  9. Never, ever, trust MaxPreps. 😂
  10. The one I’ve always heard is that they were playing a team on TN or NC and needed another game and our area was on the way for them and they called and we agreed. But like you — I’ve never heard anything confirmed.
  11. It’s that time!!! Get in before Tuesday!! Get in the action now: https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2022/en/group?redirect=tcmen%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2FshowGroup%3FgroupID%3D4452534&ex_cid=tcmen2022_email&groupID=4452534&groupp=YmFuaGFtbWVy&inviteuser=ezg3RDM4ODRGLUVDNjQtNDhDMS1CNkNGLUVDNDM2QjAwOUJGM30%3D&invitesource=email Group: 2022 SWVA Sports Bracket Password: banhammer
  12. It holds 5,700 for sporting events. 7,000 for concerts.
  13. Beavers can come on back home to Richlands if he wants. 😎
  14. I think he just means the way the sports as a whole have a hard time getting support from the school system itself. Could be wrong. But I’ve seen many a Marion fan comment about those kinds of issues.
  15. To be fair — I did see several posters say the M7 would go 3-1 and even saw someone who said they wouldn’t be surprised if Battle upset Graham.
  16. It’s the middle of the off-season. At least the thread has derailed onto an adjacent track and isn’t heading towards a building or something. 😂
  17. Richlands also uses Richardson. If you use a capital letter in Richardson, it fills in the letter instead of just the outline.
  18. Yes, Battle stole Richlands’ font for some reason. As did Rural Retreat.
  19. It wouldn’t look bad on a white lid.
  20. And you don’t like matte helmets?!?!? …sad. Lol
  21. Hey now! What’s wrong with Carolina’s logo?!?
  22. Correct. Friday and Saturday at the Salem Civic Center. First round at 10am Friday. It’ll go all the way until around 9pm that night. Then on Saturday, Semifinals begin at 10am and continue all day. Finals will start at 5 for all 3 classifications. Usually ends around 8 or so. But yeah, two full days. Hate I’m gonna miss it this year. I’ll be on a plane to Daytona for the 500 on Saturday.
  23. I was. Good day of wrestling. Union & Battle tied and are Co-Region Champs. Richlands in 3rd with only 9 wrestlers participating.
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