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    Honest Answers

    You should try being the one who has to write the stories for the news every single day.... As much as y’all are tired of hearing it — it’s literally what we HAVE to see at work. We don’t escape it. Ever. We are all burnt out and we are just in the infancy of this virus.
  2. Ryan4VT

    Honest Answers

    Yes. Badly. i miss my NASCAR races. I miss March Madness. I was supposed to be in Charlotte this coming weekend for a Hornets game. No Masters. No Indy 500. No Bristol. No NBA playoffs. No watching Richlands softball repeat. I’m not a big baseball guy, so that’s not much of a loss to me. But if this stretches into football season with no sports then I’m not sure what to do at that point.
  3. I said last month that I think we will still be social distancing and have something similar to what we’re currently in as we head into 2021. Until they find a viable vaccine that can be mass produced — this isn’t going to get better. And I don’t think they will have one until this time next year at the earliest. Hot spots will continue to pop up. We’re staring down the very real position that hundreds of thousands of Americans don’t live through this.
  4. Ryan4VT

    Mance news

    Brandon Compton is one. They played together at Richlands. He’s been Thad’s DC almost every where he’s went I believe.
  5. This. It sucks. Badly. But we CANNOT screw this up. One slip and we go back to square one. We have to take this seriously.
  6. She’s a senior. Along with 6 others who have started every game since they were freshmen.
  7. I hate it as much as anyone. Richlands was the favorite to go back to back in softball. And that won’t happen, sadly. I just don’t see a way this magically goes away in the next few weeks to allow games. The season should have already started. I’ve also heard rumblings about what sixcat has heard, too. They may not be going back in 2020 period.
  8. Kids aren’t gonna go back to school until the fall at least. That’s my guess.
  9. I guess we are The co-champions 😂😂
  10. If we did that, it would only be me and BoDickey lol. We were the only two who signed up before it was cancelled.
  11. If you go look at the official record page for the tournament, you’ll see that Covid-19 has been declared the champion. 😂😂😂
  12. Here is the link! Sign up!! ESPN.com. Get in the action now: http://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2020/en/group?redirect=tcmen%3A%2F%2Fx-callback-url%2FshowGroup%3FgroupID%3D3660066&ex_cid=tcmen2020_email&groupID=3660066&groupp=SGFtbWVy&inviteuser=e0M0RThBOTRBLTAwMTctNDI4NS04QUZFLTRDNUU0MTdFOEFFQX0%3D&invitesource=email Group: 2020 SWVA March Madness Password: Hammer
  13. I think he’s talking about girls in Class 2.
  14. Ryan4VT

    Mance news

    Former Richalnds QB. Then became the OC at Richlands. Left to be the OC at Virginia High and his two seasons there they were really good. Then went to a private school in SC for a couple years. Left there and became the HC at Blacksburg. Won a state title there and should have had a second one as well. Then took the HC job at Mooresville High in NC.
  15. Ryan4VT

    Mance news

    Also held several yesterday (Wednesday), too. We should know something sooner rather than later.
  16. I like it. I just hope the NFL doesn't try to copycat. I like that they are the same game, but both have their key differences.
  17. When was the last time either Central or Ridgeview didn't make the state tournament?? Feels like one of them has always been in it since they were created.
  18. Grundy fields a Girls team in Region D. They'll play in Class 2 since there is no Class 1 in girls soccer.
  19. Richlands @ Honaker on 3/7 I believe.
  20. Richlands beat Lebanon. So Richlands to Central and Lebanon to GC.
  21. Missed a layup at the buzzer. Highlights are on WCYB.
  22. It’s a cobra for sure. But I wasn’t about to dig for a neon green rattlesnake that looked scary haha.
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