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  1. You just hate to see the Richlands meltdown after all that home cooking tonight. One questionable penalty and in the blink of an eye Bluefield has rolled up 600+ yards of total offense, hung 50, and are leading by 28 before the dogs are called off. Hopefully the Blues can bounce back from this and salvage their season.
  2. What Devon and the Marshall offense is doing this year is amazing. They are rushing for 291.7 YPG and passing for 302.8 YPG. It doesn't get much more balanced than that, especially 6 games into the season. Through 6 games, Johnson is averaging 17 carries, 136 yards and 1.8 TD's a game. At this pace, through 14 games (assuming a CUSA title game appearance and bowl appearance), Devon will rush for 1,904 yards, breaking the MU single season rushing record by 71 yards. At his current pace, he will also only have the 10th most carries in a season in MU history too. Right now his TD total projection is 22.5, meaning he would finish this season at 6th on the all-time TD list. (Totals: Randy Moss [29], Jackie Hunt [27], Moss [25], and Chris Parker [24] 2x). He could easily shatter these records and rush for 2,000+ yards if he played more than a half and the Marshall offense wasn't so balanced. MU has already had 4 different backs run for 100+ yards in a game this season.
  3. Again, if your coach is dense enough to seriously say this in a newspaper last season he probably deserved everything he got tonight... Graham head coach Mike Williams said, “We’re going to take the weekend off, the players are and we’ll study the film, come in here Monday, lift the weights, hit practice, learn from it and move on. If you would have told me we’d score 38 (points) and lose, I’d be shocked.â€
  4. ...and leaving your starters in last year until the final whistle, putting up 24 of your 38 up on 9th graders and then acting surprised that you lost is probably why there isn't a whole lot of love lost tonight either.
  5. This is the most exciting Bluefield basketball team I've watched in years.
  6. What happened to Hill in the first place?
  7. Probably. Right or wrong this one time, Williams has still said a lot of stupid stuff this year.
  8. Aren't you the one who predicted Graham to go 9-1 or 10-0 this season?
  9. Not so fast. This weekend's article in the BDT says Collier is still at Bluefield. He visited the prep school but hasn't enrolled yet. It looks like his attorney is asking for one more reconsideration hearing. Also of note, Martinsburg's QB mentioned earlier in this thread, who was initially declared ineligible by the same SSAC rule, was just declared eligible this morning using the "Hamilton Case" that is mentioned in the latest Collier article. Maybe that will at least set some sort of precedent for Lykel's argument. http://bdtonline.com/localsports/x2112900699/Collier-s-quest-to-play-ball-continues P.S. Hey bhs7695 clean your PMs out or something. It won't let me send you one.
  10. I'd bet money the call came from somewhere deep in Wyoming County.
  11. Just thinking out loud here... Since basketball isn't the same as football and each game doesn't count towards postseason ratings, playoff appearances, etc. what is the huge risk in forfeiting a few wins before sectional and/or regional play? So long as the final decision, court ordered or not, was rendered before sectional play it shouldn't mean a lot. If there is solid evidence of the SSAC ruling the exact opposite in the 2007 Wyoming East case dealing with the same scenario, and keeping an eye on what happens in the other case regarding the Martinsburg QB and the same rule, there could be a decent shot at winning, IMO. Not to mention, the quicker the appeals process is started, the better the shot is at having it all resolved as soon as possible. I don't know, I'd say Collier just wants all this behind him and to get on with playing basketball, whether that's in NC or at Bluefield again. It's just a shame for the SSAC to take someone's senior season away in WV with friends and family close by, all because of a social and academic decision that he had no control over when he was a 13 year old kid. I stand by their opinion when its used to gain an athletic advantage, but when a kid is legally homeless, that's an entirely different situation.
  12. Who is bitching about Garcia after the game? Everyone in this thread questioned it going into the game, not after. No doubt that Garcia quieted all his critics and pitched a great game going toe to toe with Kershaw. It was a risky move by the other Fredi (Gonzalez) to start him, but it paid off. The other risky move in the 8th inning that Fredi gambled with is the one that didn't pay off.
  13. Agreed for the most part, legend, but I think we could trade him for a bag of baseballs maybe. Seriously though, I think we have a small shot at getting rid of him if we eat the majority of his contract like we did with Derek Lowe to Cleveland. If we somehow could get $3-4 million a year and only eat about $8-9 million of his contract then I think we win in the long run. Any little bit of money saved is better used towards anything and its a lot better than it sitting on the bench or playing in Gwinnett like Uggla could conceivably be doing. My off-season thoughts and hopes: Not real reach here, but I'd bet anything we've seen the last of McCann as a Brave as he's off to the AL to get paid and catch/DH for the rest of his career. Enter the Gattis and/or the Bethancourt era with Laird playing spot duty. The money we don't spend on McCann would be better served for extending the younger guys like Heyward, Freeman, Kimbrel, Simmons, etc. I'd love to see us go after a top pitcher to solidify our #1 spot, but this year's FA pitching market sucks and we can't afford (literally and figuratively) to trade for a big arm. I still like the overall rotation we have going for us and we have the possibility of Beachy, Teheran, Medlen, or Minor to step up and develop into top of the league caliber guys, its just a matter of doing it. I'd take someone like Josh Johnson who was a top guy in Miami but got hurt in Toronto. He's a low risk/high reward type veteran that could do a lot for the pitching staff. Same with Tim Hudson. I love him, but he's 39 and his ERA has increased each of the last 4 years. Not sure how much gas he has left in the tank. I know we have problems at 2B but I'm not sure if its worth going deep into our pockets or throwing players at a trade for a huge name there either. A healthy Ramiro Pena, Tommy La Stella being called up, or even a slightly improved Dan Uggla and/or Elliot Johnson should fill the void there. Same with the OF. An average BJ Upton would solve a lot of problems too. I like Chris Johnson and he and Freeman were the only ones on the roster who hit for average, but I'd honestly think about throwing him on the trade block and seeing what we could field this off-season. His trade value right now is probably as high as it'll ever be and we may get some interesting bites. Just a suggestion though.
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