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  1. Awesome video!! Prayers for Coach Smith. Seems like a wonderful man!!! Appomattox is blessed to have him!!
  2. mv91

    Ronnie Davis

    The following quote surprised me: “I am not coaching football at Richlands simply because I do not agree with [Wells’] philosophy as a football coach,” Davis said.
  3. I was planning to sign up. So I should at least get a considering to participate trophy!!!
  4. mv91

    Mance news

    Best of luck to Coach Mance. Very interested to see who takes over.
  5. The two games I gave her stats, they beat JI Burton 63-36 and Twin Valley 55-35. I loved watching Scottie play as well. I am a little biased, he is family lol
  6. Yes, Denissa Ball is Scotties sister. In Richlands first two games, she had 15 pts and 9 rebounds and 20 pts and 10 rebounds.
  7. Appos visitors side does have accessible seating from my trip up there in 2015!! Trust me, I would know because I require wheelchair seating lol
  8. 52 yd td to Webb from Simmons Levi xp. 31-7
  9. 24-0 Richlands. Steele 2 yd td. 9:00 left in 2nd
  10. Watch out, they are now over 426,000 votes lol
  11. My post on there was deleted and I was very nice. Lol
  12. It is rather hilarious. On the El Paso High School Alumni page on FB they just can't believe they are behind by so much. By the way, you can make comments. I did lol
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