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  2. My understanding of MB is that they have quite a number of injuries, not sure what kind of shape they'll be in this week. They are almost always a very fundamentally sound, well coached football team.
  3. To all the folks who wanted Witt gone.....congratulations! You got exactly what you deserved.(Yes i know Witt left for health reasons, but still) I would love to see Chris take over and see what he can do at the hs level, but I'm really not sure he wants the job. There appears to be some talent at the middle school level(at least at Peterstown, haven't seen Mountain View yet) so in a few years they could be back to being pretty solid. Honestly, watching the games this year, the one thing I notice other than a seeming lack of preparation, is a complete lack of emotion from the coaching staff on down. The impression they give off is that they're there because they have to be. A change needs to be made, either in the current staff and players attitudes, or with a personnel change. That being said, this is not a team with a great amount of talent, but in my opinion(which I'll grant aint worth a lot) it's a much more talented team than they are showing. They will likely finish 2-8 this year, with talent that should be somewhere in the 5-5 to 7-3 range.
  4. Yeah, the HV team this year isn't loaded with atheletes, but they are extremely well coached and fundamentally sound in all aspects.
  5. The River Ridge, outside of Christiansburg is way, way down this year compared to most.
  6. That's true the coach did indicate that in the paper, but I'm pretty sure he's no longer the coach.....so, who knows.
  7. I've got to be honest, when I heard the score, my first thought was that Buster had started "coaching" again. Instead of just sitting quietly and letting Webster and Ellison do it.
  8. My understanding last year was that Scott wasn't playing Bluefield this year because of their new conference alignment, and would be dropping JM after they finished out their contract this year and would be picking up Bluefield again next season......that could've changed though.
  9. Wow, that is kind of shocking, but not like they can't change back if it doesn't work out. Just gives them more offensive weapons all the way around if it does.
  10. Pirate1


    I'm not going to comment on Marrs coaching ability, haven't seen enough Graham games since he took over to make an intelligent judgement. But if he actually made the decision to give away a gate as AD to see his son play(and I honestly wouldn't care if said son was starting, much less 3rd string) then he really does need to be removed immediately.
  11. Thanks Gman, appreciate it.
  12. Is the Princeton/Capital game still being played on Friday night, or has it been moved? Thanks.
  13. Is Bluefield still running that 3-3-5 look where they blitz from anywhere and everywhere? If they are I would expect that to confuse the inexperienced o-line from Princeton quite a bit. They'll probably still get some big gainers simply by Blfd guessing wrong on the blitz, but I would imagine that first contact on the Princeton backs will be behind the line quite a bit.
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