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  1. Man you like a little girl. Commenting a little heart emoji because Hurley lost. No matter where you take your kid he can’t play. Grow the hell up. Grundy can’t beat JI burton , eastside or chilhowie or galax.
  2. hurley11


    I think they have 2 new transfers that are skill kids that will help. Heard they were from NC and are very fast .
  3. I lIke how everyone likes to pick on Hurley's scheduling. Pick one team on Hurley's schedule that has a smaller enrollment than Hurley . Its not easy to get teams to come to Hurley. Nobody said anything when these teams were beating us . We go 10-0 and here comes the talk. Actually I would say the schedule did hurt Hurley in the playoffs because Hurley's players never played past the 2nd quarter. Hurley is the second smallest school in the state. They are actually playing up with anybody they play. Castlewood, Eastside, twin Springs, Holston, Shelby Valley all dropped Hurley for the upcoming cycle. All of these teams Hurley has beat easily the last few years with the exception of 2A Shelby Valley. I dont think you can pick on a teams schedule when every team they played was a larger school. I actually think last years Hurley team was better than this years team and they finished 9-3 and lost to Galax 28-14 in a tight ballgame. Galax went on to win the state. Hurley is playing the teams they suppose to. Did there schedule hurt them this year? Probably. No one metioned there schedule last year when they gave Galax all they could handle. The kids in Hurleys program went 10-0 because they put in the work . Not because of scheduling. Every team on the 2016 schedule was a larger school if you want to check the enrollment numbers.
  4. I agree that Hurley doesn't have the toughest schedule. I'm being real and Hurley is not on the same level ad GW and Galax right now but I think them and Patrick henry would be a game. Shelby Valley KY which is 2A I think is a better team than most of Hurley's schedule. Hurley is second smallest school in the state with a football team. I don't think we can play, Richlands, Abindon, Gate City, Union and those teams. Nobody is proclaiming we have tough schedule but everybody we play is bigger than us. Don't get offensive when we have fans that get on here and "talk" a lot. Its just excitement. Don't blame "Hurley" for scheduling teams they are suppose to play. Once again everbody on their schedule has a bigger enrollment than they do. Hurley has 185 kids 9-12. Hurley still has a long way to go. If they play Galax, GW, or Parry McClure right now I don't think they win. I think Grundy and Honaker will be a dog fight for them. I wish the rebels good luck the rest of the way.
  5. Hurley still needs two games for the next cycle. Eastside, Holston, Castlewood, and Shelby valley all dropped Hurley. They also had to pick up Eastern Montgomery for the next cycle. That is a 3 hour trip at least. I know all these schools do not want to come to Hurley but it makes it hard for a school the size of Hurley with 185 kids 9-12 to play anybody close by with all these schools dropping them.
  6. Please do not associate all Rebel Fans with this guy!!!! Pulling for both tigers
  7. Honaker had a very good game plan and came out on top and that's all that matters. Thad back up QB looked better than the starting QB. People don't get it twisted a lot of Hurley people were there puling for the tigers. I don't know what "Rebel Pride" is smoking but don't get him tangled up with all Hurley people. I think people assume that Radford would beat Honaker because they did not struggle with Hurley and Honaker did for the first half. Its all about match-ups. Honaker showed a lot of character at the end of the game and also showed why they are one of the top teams around. Again, don't get it twisted Hurley is pulling for ya. Good luck next week and keep representing the BDD!!
  8. Because Hurley only has 188 kids in the school is the reason.....28 players for that amount of kids is pretty good!!!!
  9. He has always been the starter at fullback since game one
  10. Too good to join the BDD. They said travel was the reason. All the cumberland teams were on the highway and to travel to all BDD schools would be a rougher drive with the road conditions. All BDD schools are closer!! Still dont make sense to me!! Their consolidating in a couple years with Haysi but yet their too good to play them right now and join the BDD....Plus the competiton level would be a lot tougher than the cumberland.....Honaker, Haysi, Grundy, Hurley year in and year out are most of the time better than all cumbeland teams with the exception of a few years....They would definately get it handed to them in all sports other than football....
  11. He had 1650 yards this season at Hurley to be exact....Berg fits in a system that uses more of a single back. He is not your typical I formation back that is gonna line up and carry it 30 times a game
  12. that would be wells fargo and it will be direct deposit.....lol.....
  13. it dont matter #1 seed or #2 seed hurley will beat twin springs or castlewood by 30.....take that to the bank
  14. Donnt know if they played at grundy but they did play at Hurley. a playoff game at Hurley in 92 and I think in 96. I think 96 it was at PV. So Thomas would have been a freshman in 92
  15. Hurley shut Haysi's passing game down so JI burton should be able to handle it....
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