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  1. Home school gets 100% of the gate, unless other arrangements are made between the schools. When regular season ends and playoffs begin, the regions get 65%, and the VHSL gets 35%, after expenses of course. VHSL takes 100% of state games.
  2. I believe the only way an 8th grader can play varsity in VA is if they turn 15 before August 1st....because they would not be eligible as a senior due to turning 19 before August 1st. Obviously that would be a pretty rare circumstance.
  3. Northwood comeback looked complete when they took the lead 34 33 with under 5 mins or so to go....Holston, who I believe had missed several XPs in the game, drove it down and kicked a 28 yard FG with 35 seconds left in the game. Kickoff out of bounds, so NW got the ball on the 35....got a first down....tried to spike it, but fumbled the snap....then had 2 false starts in a row.....and threw an incomplete pass on last play of the game
  4. From Rural Retreat - Connor Patton UVA Wise
  5. Emory was originally scheduled to play at 12 PM on Saturday, but they got bumped back to 3 PM due to hosting a women's soccer jubilee in Fred Selfe Stadium. (Coach Selfe fully supported all sports, but like most who read this, he too would probably scratch his head in this situation)
  6. If it happens, it is probably still a few years away. Only being 1 year into the new setup, the support to eliminate districts does not currently exist among the membership. The general consensus among many of the larger schools is that they want to continue playing their district schedule during the regular season, against their rivals, and only drive 30-45 minutes.
  7. I like Saturday as well....CW prob rolls whether it's on Friday or Saturday
  8. If it's less than 3.5 hours it is up to host....mutual agreement if they move it to Saturday.
  9. Mapquest says 2 hours 30 mins to Wville in a car
  10. This ^^^^^^^^^^^ PH was either 8-2 or 7-3 against AHS from 90-99....not sure about 91, but they dId lose in 92 and 95....I think maybe the 93 and 94 games were close...but PH won others handily.....
  11. player99 is on the money on the next 3 years for sure - Aug 5th, 4th, and 3rd will be first days of practice for 2013-2015 seasons
  12. offensive linemen can cut anywhere in the box, while the ball is in that area - the box is basically from tackle to tackle, within a yard or two (give or take) of the LOS....you can cut any defender that is in the "box" at the snap of the ball, whether a run or pass...if a LB walks up and shows his blitz, he can be cut - as long as it happens in the "box"
  13. It is possible, and somewhat common, for kids to change schools without moving - the thing that allows them to do so is that the division superintendent can overrule the VHSL transfer rule - all he/she has to do is write a letter saying that the transfer is for "non-athletic" reasons....even though most of the transfers are for athletic reasons, who is going to prove it??? It is very frustrating to say the least. I know of a situation that happened where a student attended what I will call school A as a 9th and 10th grader; started his 11th grade year at school A, playing varsity football through the first 2 games, against opponent 1 and 2...then a week later transferred to school B (in the same school system)....and started on special teams for school B that Friday.....and even ended up playing against opponent 1 and 2 again, as well as playing against school A....all made possible by a superintendent waiver. That is insane and should have never happened in a million years, but it definitely happened.
  14. The VHSL catastrophic insurance will not cover any full pad practices that take place out of season. Helmets are allowed for safety purposes, but no pads.
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