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    My son is playing tomorrow and of course, I do not want to miss my son playing. I anticipate a huge crowd for tomorrow's game. I know the doors open at 3:00. What time do you think I should try to be there? I do not care to wait in line. Thanks!
  2. Has the games for the Virginia High tournament been posted for the girls or the boys? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  3. I agree! She is very impressive to watch.
  4. The Big ballers are very small. LaMelo is probably the tallest on that team.
  5. My son is in Vegas playing ball as well and we checked out LaMelo Ball yesterday. I was not impressed with him and I definitely would not call him a 5 star player. He's good, don't get me wrong but not 5*. My husband watched the Zion and LaMelo game. He said that it was not a good game. Zion would dunk and LaMelo would shoot 3s. The place was extremely crowded. They would not allow anyone in the doors :30 before the game. The police were there. We had to pick up my husband from the Cashman Center and they almost would not allow me to go in the parking lot. They said I was not allowed to attend the game. We did watch Mac play. He played well. It's quite a sight to see him play in this type of competition.
  6. Awesome articles!! I am so proud of our Blues!!!!
  7. I have a Nikon D3000....which lens is best to use for football and soccer shots? I LOVE taking pictures (for personal use only) but feel that my pics sometimes looks good and other times looks bad! When I use the action button, I feel they look worse. I think the "children" feature makes the action shots look better. Also, should I get an extra flash b/c I usually have to adjust the exposure of my pictures when I get home. I hope you don't mind me asking questions, I paid good money for my camera....would like to be able to use correctly. Thanks in advance!
  8. Awesome shots! I like how you have it play by play....its like watching it in slow motion :)
  9. My nephew are in several of these pictures, do you mind if I save and share these pictures? I am a very proud aunt :)
  10. Awesome pictures!! Thanks for posting!!!!
  11. I haven't seen a roster, are these boys on the D line or O line???
  12. Thank you! Good Luck to you as well!!!!! You must have been sitting on the opposite side of the stadium from us.....the band side was loud!!!!! I know me and 2 other people in my group woke up with no voices yesterday :)
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