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  1. Radford's path out of the region is easier this year with Dan River and Martinsville not playing. Radford would probably still win, but that's 2 big obstacles out of the way.
  2. Martinsville is not already defeated because of travel, and who likes to travel 2-3 hours to play instead of playing close to home. Martinsville will lose simply because they are not that good. Should have lost at home to the 9th seed Nelson and got a lucky break and scored at the buzzer to win. Won in ot against 4 seed Chatham who had beat them in the regular season then lost to Floyd. They have no size, dont shoot well, they are quick which is their best attribute. If Union is as good as most of the teams have been from that area over the years they will be able to name the score. This game is over at the half.
  3. Sixcat, Galax will name the score against Martinsville. Not much football talent. The new coach does have good numbers out so far at off seasons workouts. Hopefully it wont be to bad.
  4. Martinsville's biggest asset this year is speed and more speed. They scored very early in most games this year and they do have a never give up attitude. Came back late from 2 goal deficits to tie 6A Franklin Co and GW-Danville. They have a very talented team but are not unbeatable. Richlands I'm sure will be a very good test.
  5. My wife graduated from Elon. It's a very good academic school, beautiful campus and great facilities. Brand new convocation center for basketball opened this year ( seats between 4-5 thousand). In the CAA which is a very competitive conference, and right off I-40 between Greensboro and Burlington. Should see alot of playing time early in his career. Alot of boxes checked.
  6. Martinsville led by 2 entering the 4th and then couldn't get anything to fall. Ervin took over in the 4th like D1 player should and put the Devils on his back to the finish. The Dogs cut it to 2 with 24 seconds to go but could get no closer as Ervin hit 4 fts to close it out. Good luck to GC Tuesday, going to be alot of talent on the floor.
  7. The Dogs have done well to do the things they have done this year. They only play 6 kids, only 1 who played any significant minutes last year. They play very hard, are very coachable. Coach Adkins has said on multiple occasions this year that this has been his favorite team to coach. They have been alot of fun to watch this year, but I'm afraid it comes to an end this Friday. They'll give it their best shot but just dont think they have enough for Gate City.
  8. If the Lady Dogs beat Floyd Co tomorrow night then they would play Ridgeview at Magna Vista on Friday so it is what it is. Martinsville will not bring many fans whether they play at Wise or Bristol, maybe would have been a few more if they played at the same site but not enough that you would have noticed. The Dogs fans dont travel like they used to.
  9. Region C takes all 13 teams to the regionals. What kind of sense does that make. 0-22 team could make the postseason, absolutely ridiculous.
  10. Bob it must be a Southside thing. The Piedmont with the ref association they use is a " no blood, no foul" district. Martinsville-GW or Halifax games are like watching Wrestlemania.
  11. Northside was missing a couple of starters when they played GC in that "tourney". One was the starting point guard who was the starting QB for the Vikings. He just committed to UVA-W for football. This coming from a relative of a Northside player who has ties to Martinsville. Also I saw East Rock play a week or so ago against Floyd Co. They are legit and the freshman, who is 6'6" and a hold back, and also another 6'6" sr are both very good and they shoot the ball very good. I know you cant compare scores but they beat RE Lee by about 25 both times they played. Mavahi only beat Lee by 5. They will be a tough out.
  12. The Dogs have a bunch of kids who have bought into the system offensively and on defense. They play hard, last night Liberty just had a hard time with the zone. But when they got it to #1 he was going to score or get fouled. He really schooled our big man, who is only a soph. The Dogs will find out what they have in the next 3 games, Halifax at home then GW-Danville and Northside on the road. Look forward to Liberty coming to Martinsville in better basketball shape. #1 & 2 must have been beasts on the football field.
  13. Georgetown is getting ready to play Loyola-Marymount on the CBSSports network in just a few minutes from Jamaica
  14. Got confused, Glenvar played at Bogle not LB.
  15. LB played this weeks game at Bogle Stadium( Cave Spring HS field) which is a turf field, so if the weather is bad they'll probably move it again.
  16. pdfan

    3A Playoffs

    Who does the Falcons play if they beat HV? LB or Northside? Either one will be a tough matchup for anybody else in the region.
  17. Martinsville is ranked way to high. Most of their talent is very young and they are probably 1-2 years away from competing on a state level again. Also their schedule does them no favors this year with a young team, EC Glass, Liberty-Bedford, Northside, RE Lee, GW-Danville, and others makes for a very tough year. I look for the Dogs to have a losing record going into the playoffs. Also Gate City at 8 is a joke, they are much better than that, and DR at 2? Martinsville beat them in the playoffs last year and the Dogs couldn't score 60 points in a game last year if they were on the court with no opponent to play against.
  18. pdfan

    Abingdon 3A

    Actually Martinsville is in a district with 3 3A, 2 4A, 1 5A & 1 6A. They have a hard time competing in most sports except boys and girls basketball. But they line up and do the best they can. All the complaining in the world can't change it.
  19. They played some both ways but not too many. But of course this could have been because who they were playing. I was impressed with Byrd as far as how hard they played and how focused they were. Just kind of a taking care of business attitude. Not going to wow you with athletes but are just hard nose football players. If Richlands can control the line of scrimmage on both sides, they will win.
  20. Saw them against Martinsville last week. I'm sure they didn't show much against the Dogs since they are not very good this year. Everything for them on offense runs thru the QB. He's not big but is a very tough runner. Also have a fullback who is very physical and also a load at lb. Their line is very good, not overly big but very strong. Didn't throw much because they didn't have to, but the qb had a pretty good arm. Numbers are down at Byrd this year, didn't dress but about 38 kids and they don't have a jv team. Talking to some of the kids on the sidelines, they sure respect the heck out of Richlands and are looking for a very tough test Friday. Oh by the way, a couple of kids told me Basham was at Va. Western Comm. College and wasn't highly thought of as a teammate, just what they said for what it's worth. Beat the Dogs 41-6, coulda been alot worse if they had wanted it to be. Very well coached and were very disciplined
  21. One of my son's best friends is on staff at SR. From what I've been told there is more to the story than what is being reported and there is blame to be shared all around. When they came to Martinsville for a scrimmage with us and Gretna they had between 55- 60 kids dressed out for the varsity and some of the coaches were talking about how many new helmets they had to buy because the numbers were so good on the jv and varsity teams. From what I understand they've had 25-26 kids quit in the last week or so. Are parents a problem, sure they are, but with that many kids quitting there must be other problems also. Just stating what was told me coming from someone inside the program.
  22. pdfan


    Martinsville is really struggling with numbers. Only dressed 18 varsity players for their scrimmage and benefit game. Looked better because they dressed out over half of their jv team to give them 30 players. Hope we have an injury free game tonite because the Dogs have William Byrd and GW- Danville coming up and they definitely will feel the effects of a small roster those nights. Good luck to all the teams in the SWVA tonight and hopefully everybody stays safe.
  23. I believe the 6'8" guy they have back, Vaughn is committed to ODU. They'll be tough inside but I believe this is GC's year. The Devils in a 8-10 point win.
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