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  1. thank goodness it finally got here i was beginning to think it was a bunch of bunk. if this is global warming i'm all for it
  2. sounds like swva sports version of the fairness doctrine. the only way to squelch free thought is to mute free speech. if the authority doesnt like the descent they just pull your license to speak. socialism is near , totalitarianism is on the way.
  3. very tragic news, our thoughts and prayers are with the family r.i.p. TJ
  4. congrats ethan a deserved win for a deserving young man. also a good example of not giving up on a dream. it would have been easy to lose hope after the first couple of rounds w / epperly(a very good wrestler) but proof that hard work and determination pay off. also congrats to grundy on a great year I for one hope you guys take one more AA title before dropping to A unless by some divine entervention richlands is in the hunt !!
  5. congats to amber smith of richlands. she competed in and won her division at the va. womens state wrestling tournament this past weekend .this win comes on the heels of her first place win at the southwest va. middle school tourney. congrats amber and keep up the good work!!
  6. thanks to coach B and crew for what must have been a very organized and well put together tourney this past weekend. congrats to the richlands middle school team and coach maggard for a great showing. richlands had the following place winners. Ethan Smith 1st, Carlos Sanchez 1st, Amber Smith 1st, Steve Owens 3rd, Brandon Boyd 3rd, Nick Cordle 3rd. this was the first time most of the richlands team had ever competed in live competition. keep up the good work kids the best is yet to come for team tornado!
  7. sounds to me like cburg is going to be king of the hill again this year. they must have been totally dominate at hopewell. any news on how the wave did today?
  8. abingdon going to have anything this year cox wilson or holman or hay coming back?
  9. congrats to both teams on what must have been a great game. good luck next week blues you have made this town proud again!
  10. i have to agree with you observer. the "illeagals" arent taking jobs americians want by inlarge they are fiilling positions americians wont do. think of it this way, if someone made 20$ hourly to harvest crops it would cost the farmer nearly twice that (after payroll taxes, compensation, and or benifits ) to harvest. how much would your taters and onions cost then? i perfer to have them documented as guest workers and pay them 20 bucks a day and have cheap veggies
  11. congrats on an impressive win. i'm sure if you guys do that 10-0 thing you can borrow our field if you need one (it'll need somepost season action)
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